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Correcting the Co-Eds 1950s Spanking Books Coming Soon

What an exciting day! I'm finally able to announce a fun boxed set from Cara Bristol, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose and me that will be available August 18.

Correcting the Co-eds is a collection of four stories all set at colleges in the 1950s.

My book is called Back To Her Future. To keep peace with her roommate, Astrid agrees to try her time travel app, never imagining that this would be the one time Margo invented something that worked. 

In an instant, Astrid is transported to 1956 and the dorm room of Richard "Dick" Johnson---Eagle Scout, straight arrow, spanker. 

Dick Johnson has never met a girl like Astrid. Just because she says she's an exchange student from Canada doesn't mean she can flaunt the rules of proper ladylike behavior and he intends to help her understand American ways, even if the lessons are taught across his lap. 

Astrid is charmed, and turned on, by Richard's old-fashioned ways, but she knows he'll never understand if she tells him the truth. 

When the time comes for Astrid to return to 2016, will she be able to go Back To Her Future? 

This book contains spanking, hip 50s slang, and some mocking of Canada. If such things offend you, please do not buy this book, eh?

Here's an excerpt. Hope you enjoy it! 
Astrid laughed as well. Richard was fun to be with and easy to talk to. For all the strangeness of having been transported sixty years into the past, she felt happy and content strolling down the street with Richard. Her trip to 1956 might be much more interesting than she’d expected. She stole a sideways glance at him and wondered what it might be like to kiss him and she got a warm feeling low in her belly thinking about it.

They arrived at a crosswalk and just before they stepped into the street, a car stopped right in front of them, splashing water on Astrid’s skirt.

In an instant, she transformed from sweet, 1956 Astrid, to street-smart 2016 Astrid.  She slammed her hands on the trunk of the car making a loud thud. “Hey, asshole,” she shouted, “you’re in the crosswalk.”

The driver, an older gentleman in a hat, turned and stared at her, horrified. He looked from Astrid to Richard and back again, then put the car in gear and drove off.

“What a jerk,” Astrid said, turning to Richard, expecting his agreement.

The dark look on his face was her first hint that he was not impressed. “That was quite a show,” he said, his voice low. He grasped her elbow and marched her across the street in the now car-free crosswalk. They entered the campus and he continued to hold her firmly. He steered her to a bench beneath some trees near the library where he sat down and pulled her across his lap.

“What are you doing?” Astrid’s hands touched the ground and she pushed against the earth to raise herself up.

“Hold still,” Richard said, placing a hand between her shoulder blades to keep her in place. His other hand swatted her skirt covered backside several times. Hard. “I don’t know how people act in Canada, but here in the United States we treat people with respect, particularly our elders. And we most certainly don’t go around calling people a-s-s holes.”

Although the swats stung, Astrid had to smile at the way he spelled out ‘bad’ words. “I’m sorry,” she said, remembering the shocked look on the driver’s face. He reminded her of her grandfather, except that in 1956 her grandfather was a young man. She shook her head. Everything was topsy-turvy, including her placement over Richard’s hard lap.

She wiggled a bit closer to his body and detected a bit of arousal inside his pants. She smiled to herself and wiggled closer. The swats continued. The bountiful fabric of her skirt softened most of the blows, but Richard certainly knew what he was doing. “Did you earn a spanking badge in the Boy Scouts?”

“Do you really want to add being a smart aleck to your list of infractions? You’re lucky we aren’t closer to my dorm or I’d go in and get some soap to wash out your dirty mouth. No girl of mine is going to act like that.”

“Girl of yours?” Astrid grabbed hold of the bench with one hand and leveraged herself as best she could to at least look into his face. “What do you think you’re talking about? I am not your girl. I’m not anybody’s girl.”

Richard smiled at her and tapped her on the nose. “Face the ground, Astrid. Your punishment is not over.”

“You can’t just go around spanking people.” She continued to stare at him. “This is ridiculous.”

“I’m not going around spanking people randomly. That would be ridiculous.” He put his hand gently on the back of her head and repeated his instruction that she face the ground. “What kind of man would I be if I let my girl go around insulting people and using potty language?”

Astrid complied and stared at the ground. She caught a glimpse of herself reflected in the high gloss shine of Richard’s shoes. Her eyes were bright and even though she felt certain she was angry, she was actually smiling. How was that possible?

She took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, determined not to smile or say anything. The silent treatment had always worked very effectively for her and she intended to pull out all her best ammunition in this little battle of the wills.

The swats to her backside echoed back from the stone walls of the library. Although she had decided not to talk, Richard had plenty to say. “You know, Astrid, I realize that life here is very different from what you are used to in Canada, and you might think our ways our strange, but it’s very important to me that you learn how to get along here in the United States. I would hate for you to offend someone else. You can’t honestly say that pounding on someone’s car, particularly if that someone is an elderly gentleman, and then calling him vulgar names is considered polite behavior in Canada, can you?”

Astrid was embarrassed by her behavior and the fact that it had spoiled their nice evening made her angry. However, that still did not mean that she agreed that he could just spank her whenever he felt it was necessary and she planned to freeze him out until he got the message.

A hard swat landed in the middle of her butt. “I asked you a question, Astrid.”

Astrid sure had plenty she wanted to say to one Richard Johnson, but she was determined to give him the cold shoulder.

“If you’re giving me the cold shoulder, Astrid, it’s rather silly to do if you aren’t going to tell me why you aren’t talking. For all I know, you’re being quiet because you are enjoying getting your butt swatted and you think that it will spoil your pleasure if you say something.”

“Oh, you are so wrong,” she said, hurriedly clamping her hand over her mouth once she realized she’d spoken. How long had her silent treatment lasted? Thirty seconds? Pitiful.

He chuckled. “I guess I am, because now you’re chattering away like a canary.”

Determined to renew her efforts to ignore him, Astrid kept her hand clamped around her mouth, even though that left her with just her left hand to try to balance herself across Richard’s knee or to attempt, yet again, to free herself from his lap.

“Take your hand away from your mouth and talk to me, Astrid.”

She shook her head no.

“It looks like this punishment isn’t having the desired effect.” Richard stopped spanking her.

She’d won. Astrid took her hand away from her mouth and smiled broadly at her easy victory. What a pushover Richard was.

Using both hands, she pressed against the ground and attempted to return to standing, but her plans were thwarted when Richard pulled her closer and tossed the layers of her skirt up until they piled on her lower back. The same cool breeze that had inspired Richard to drape his jacket over her shoulders blew across her buttocks and her flesh quivered, whether from the temperature or anticipation, Astrid dared not say.

“What the—”

In a flash, Astrid’s skirts were brushed back into place and she found herself standing next to Richard, her head spinning a bit from the sudden shift in position and Richard’s change of plans. She studied his face, wondering what caused him to alter his plans.

Richard gently took her elbow and they walked silently to the front of the library. “It would be only proper for me to walk you to your dormitory, but I know you said your roommate would be jealous so I will leave you here, if that is okay with you.”

“Um, yes,” Astrid licked her lips, anticipating a good night kiss. “That is very thoughtful of you, Richard.” She slipped his jacket off her shoulders and leaned close to hand it to him, certain that the move would inspire him to kiss her.

He took the jacket in his left hand. With his right, the hand that had been spanking her bottom just a moment before, he shook her hand. “Thank you for a very pleasant evening, Astrid,” he said, stiffly before walking away.

A handshake? Astrid stared at her hand and then at Richard’s back as he walked down the sidewalk. A handshake? She’d never felt so completely dissed in her entire life. He had a lot of nerve, spanking her ass and then giving her a handshake like she was his maiden aunt.

Well, she wasn’t going to put up with that. She ran down the sidewalk and grabbed him by the shoulder. “Just what was that about? You spank me and then dump me off at the library with a handshake? I thought you were a nice guy, but you’re just a big jerk like all the others. Like men have been through all phases of time.”

Richard’s face turned beet red. “A-astrid,” he said, obviously straining to maintain eye contact with her, “I hope that before we see each other again you will go shopping for a proper pair of” He whispered the last word while staring at the ground. The tops of his ears were crimson.

Oh. My. God. Astrid could not bear the idea of stealing underwear from the girls at the gym that morning. Poor, sweet, innocent Richard had expected to see a modest pair of granny panties when he lifted her skirts and instead he was treated to her bare cheeks exposed by a thong.

Much as she wanted to laugh and laugh hard, she knew that doing so, particularly while he was so utterly embarrassed, would be incredibly rude. Astrid stifled her giggles and replied. “Yes, Richard, I will most certainly do that. I apologize if my foreign Canadian ways offended you.”

She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek before turning and heading for the library.

To find out more, you'll have to buy the book on August 18! 

Now, visit the other hip chicks who took a trip back to the 50s to bring you some groovy spanking stories. 

Cara Bristol

Sue Lyndon

Renee Rose

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Lord Barrington's Minx by Alyssa Bailey

Greetings! I'd like to introduce you all to a brand new author, Alyssa Bailey, and her first book, Lord Barrington's Minx. 

Lady Amelia Blackwell embarks upon her first London season where she is presented to the Queen and the rest of proper society. Everyone, including Amelia herself, expects that she will find a husband amongst the new, eligible gentlemen that she meets during the whirl of social activities.
Lord Morgan Barrington has known Amelia her entire life. No longer the high spirited little girl whom he had to rescue from various scrapes, Amelia is now the beautiful, enchanting woman he has waited for her to become.
Will Amelia be willing to give up her freedom for the strict rules and expectations of Lord Barrington? Will he be able to convince her that true freedom comes from submission?


“Bloody hell!” exclaimed a familiar voice.

Hooves thundered past Amelia and she felt the wind of the great beast and rider as they
skirted by, barely missing her. Fright and disbelief as to what had just happened, or nearly happened, stilled Amelia for a few more moments and then she felt her ire rise, with accompanying heat infusing her face.

“What are you doing galloping through the formal frontage where people walk?”

Amelia began as she turned to where she knew the rider to be. She was stopped from further tirade when she looked up into the smoky gray eyes of Lord Barrington, now dark and full of tumultuous emotion.

Barrington, just as angry for the sudden shock to his mount, began to repeat his expletive, “Bloody h—Amelia! What are you doing out here?”

Then, immediately his tone changed, and he was off his horse and to Amelia’s side
quickly. “Are you hurt? Let me see you.”

Barrington began to gently caress her arms and body, reaching for her face and then
pulling her to him for a tight hug of relief when he found nothing broken. Then, just as quickly, he pushed her away and began yelling again.

“I could have killed you!”

He immediately turned her away from him and tossed up her dress, leaned her forward on his left arm, and began to pound her rounded bottom without thought or restraint.

“My lord, please, you are hurting me. Please stop, Barrington, please, stop.”

“I will stop.” Swat. When I am ready to stop.” Swat. Swat. Swat. “You frightened me,”
Swat, Swat, “and do not have regard,” Swat, Swat, “for your own safety.” Swat. Swat. Swat.

“Lord Barrington, I am sorry. You are right. I am sorry. Please stop.”

Amelia eyes were aching with the tears about to break forth as Barrington continued to
punish her bottom and she did not want to cry in front of him. Her face, as well as her now throbbing derriere, radiated quite a noticeable amount of heat. Amelia knew they were both gaining an unbecoming shade of red. This was the Barrington she had adored the whole of her life without exception. He was the one who took her in hand when no one else would. He showed her how to behave, enforcing his demands quite physically if he were inclined. He was her comfort and her security. Now, in a short period of time, all of that would be taken away. All that she knew would be gone. It was that reality that hurt more than any whipping he would ever give her.

Get your copy now!

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His Captive Bride by April Vine

Hi Everyone! I have a special treat for you today...a new book by my dear friend, April Vine. April has been writing sexy BDSM erotica for several years, but has now published her first spanking fiction book, His Captive Bride.

Thank you, Celeste, for having me on your blog today. I’m so excited about my first foray into the world of spanking with my book His Captive Bride from Stormy Night Publications. My sexy Indian billionaire has a firm hand and my feisty American heroine gives him enough practice!
When twenty-two-year-old Haley Kent’s best friend decides to elope with the man she loves and avoid a marriage her parents have arranged for her, Hayley agrees to help. She travels to India and presents herself in disguise to Rajeev Yuvaraj, the handsome thirty-two-year-old billionaire her friend was supposed to marry. But when he discovers their ruse, the plan goes badly awry and Hayley quickly ends up as not only Rajeev’s wife but his prisoner as well.

Rajeev is no heartless tyrant, but when his new bride bites him, swears at him, and treats him with general disrespect, he decides that it is time to take her in hand. Soon enough, Hayley finds herself over her firm-handed husband’s knee for a hard spanking on her bare bottom, with more to come if her behavior makes it necessary. Yet despite his archaic views on how a wife should be kept in line, Hayley cannot resist the powerful need his dominance awakens within her. But if the opportunity to return home presents itself, will she cast aside her growing love for him, or is she truly ready to spend her life with the man who took her as his captive bride?

Publisher’s Note: His Captive Bride is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

“I won’t allow this,” she screamed, yanking her hand out of his grasp and failing.
“Ah, Haley, you do try my patience.”
He moved with the speed and agility of a big wildcat and tossed her over his shoulder. He strode to the divan, sat, and swiveled her around so she lay flat on her stomach over his thighs, her ass presented to him like a cookie on a platter.
Oh, God.
“Do you wish to tell me anything before I begin?”
“Yes. You’re an arrogant monster, a bully, a horrible, horrible—” The leather of his belt met her behind and every nerve and cell in her body froze. She had still believed he was trying to shock her into telling him Anjali’s whereabouts. That he spanked her, actually took his belt to her, stunned her.
“Ouch!” she cried, lost for how else to respond, struggling to get up from his lap. He held her down way too easily.
“I barely touched you. What is it you Americans would say? Ah. You’re being a drama-queen.”
“Okay, look—” He cut her off again this time with a searing spank, making her eyes sting. Once he’d flipped his shirt away from her backside, her thong did nothing to curb the smart and neither did the satin of the nightie. He struck her again, his belt catching the fleshy center of her butt. Again and
“Perhaps a total of ten will be sufficient to teach you a lesson.”
“I don’t need a lesson. You can’t do this to me. Goddamn you!”
“But you do. And I can.”
“A gentleman would never stoop so low as to hit a girl because she bit him.”
“True, but I am not dispensing this punishment because you bit me. I’m belting your lovely ass because the next time you want to bite me, you need to ask my permission first.”

Buy Links

Author Bio
APRIL VINE is a night-time erotic romance writer and a daytime professional dreamer. She adores books, chocolates and shoes, and is happiest doing all three at the same time.
She lives in a house with boys and a few four-legged furry things and has come to accept both species for the strange creatures they are.

Author Sites

Website –

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#SpankAtoZ V is for


Very is one of those words that a writer should search for in their manuscript and attempt to eliminate as much as possible.

Why? Because usually if you are using very to describe something, chances are there is a better, more descriptive and more interesting word.

Very hot---scalding, boiling, scorching

Very tired---fatigued, exhausted, worn-out

Very rich---wealthy, loaded

Get the idea?

This is a tip I need to remember for myself too.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

#SpankAtoZ U is for

Underwear Probation

Underwear Probation is my first self-published book. I got the idea from a post on Twitter where a woman said that she was driving to work without undies because her mistress had ordered her to do so.

That got me to thinking about going to work without proper undergarments and voila, a masterpiece (okay, that might be stretching it a bit) was born.

When Daisy has trouble remembering the rules, her husband declares a day of Underwear Probation---no underwear for an entire day. Will Daisy be able to follow the rules---and learn to trust her husband's leadership? 

"If I'd been paying attention, I would have known I was breaking the rules and none of this would have happened. I really thought I was doing better.” 
“Maybe we need to up the ante a little bit so that your attention doesn’t wander.” 
Alarm thundered through Daisy. “Up the ante?” 
“Ah, my pet,” Reece slanted his eyes at his wife. “Tomorrow you will be on underwear probation.” 
“No underwear.” 
“No, Reece, please.” 
“You said yourself that if you’d been paying attention, you would have behaved better. I want the feel of your clothes on your bare ass to remind you all day long that I expect you to live up to my expectations of you and to behave like a lady.” 
Daisy grabbed the edge of the dresser and bent herself over. “Just go ahead and spank me now. You can even use a spatula or wooden spoon. Just get it over with.” 
The sly smile that crossed Reece's face made Daisy's stomach do strange things. “Oh no.” He said. “I'm starting to like this idea.” 

You can get your copy on Amazon.