Monday, April 30, 2012

I Have A New Story on Discipline and Desire

Hi Everyone!

I have a new story, Branches of the Family Tree, which is available this week at Discipline and Desire. In order to read the story in its entirety, you must be a subscriber. Subscribers receive access to new stories each week as well as access to some of the archived stories. Even if you aren't a subscriber, there are some free sample stories available too. I hope you'll check the site out.

Here's the teaser for Branches of the Family Tree: 
“Have I ever told you how sexy I think you look in a suit?” Ann said, attempting to loosen his tie.

“You’re looking pretty sexy yourself,” he replied, and ran a finger down the deep plunge at the front of her dress. “Not everyone can make a matron of honor gown look hot.”

Ann wiggled her firm rear end in her husband’s lap. “I guess all those exercise classes have paid off.”

Tony slid his hand down to his wife’s bottom and gave a squeeze. “Yes, this is much firmer down here,” he said. “I suppose that might make my task a bit more challenging this afternoon, but I think I’m up for it. How about you?”

Suddenly the warm glow that had been forming low in Ann’s stomach turned cold. “What do you mean?”

What could a maid of honor possibly have done to warrant a spanking in the middle of a wedding reception? There's only one way to find out!