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Book Recommendation: The Spanking Detective By Alice Dark

Have you heard? I'm having a Book Party October 7-10 where I'll be asking readers to post the blurbs of books (one each, sorry) they'd like to read and I'll be drawing for one (or more) $5 Amazon gift cards. In case you are completely caught up on your reading list and you are looking for some books to consider, I'm going to be offering some suggestions. 

Today I'd like to recommend The Spanking Detective by Alice Dark.    

Blurb: Diana Street is a no nonsense private detective who spanks her way through a high profile murder case, while making love to the women she meets along the way. Wayward females learn that Diana has little patience with those who break the rules; and men in need of an “attitude adjustment,” fall into step when Diana snaps her fingers. Along the way, Diana solves a murder and delivers sweet spankings to everyone who needs them. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes among multiple partners, BDSM, spanking, anal play and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

Spanking Detective Excerpt

“What’s this?” Miyu grinned and picked a paddle that was displayed on the uppermost shelf of my bookcase.

“It’s a reminder from my college days. My sorority initiation paddle.”

Miyu hefted it in both hands and glanced at up at me. “It must really sting,” she said in a low voice. Her black hair dropped over her face, but I knew she was smiling.

I nodded. “Yes, it does. I reddened many a cute freshman’s bottom with that paddle.”

Miyu brushed her hair out of her eyes, and we stared at each other in silence for a long moment. Without thinking, I leaped out of my chair and crossed the room in just two strides. Miyu backed away from me, her dark almond-shaped eyes glittering. I didn’t let her get away. Pinning Miyu against the wall, I kissed her, probing her mouth deeply with my tongue. She moaned and arched her body against mine. Miyu was naked under her simple dress, and I felt the heat of her desire throbbing in every curve of Miyu’s sweet flesh. She wanted this: my lips on hers, and my paddle across her ass, impacting the stripes she’d received the day before. I was more than happy to oblige.

Our clothes seemed to melt away; her fingers
flickered like butterflies, pulling off my t-shirt and dragging the zipper on my black jeans to its base. I wriggled out of my pants as Miyu’s hands fluttered over my body. Her dress came off easily, and Miyu kicked away her shoes to stand barefoot and naked in my office.

Grabbing a handful of Miyu’s hair, I turned her around and threw face down onto the futon that I keep in my office for just such occasions. She moaned as she hit the fabric, and I had a good view of the livid red marks Daniel left on her ass with the previous day’s switching. Naked, I knelt beside her and examined each weal, tracing them with my fingertips and my lips, reading her whippings like Braille. Miyu’s flesh was a maze of bruises: some fresh and some fading. Her backside was a rainbow of blue hues – from dark purple to light blue. Miyu had been spanked, whipped and paddled. And judging from her tormented flesh, the young woman had absorbed massive amounts of punishment over the last several weeks.

Miyu moaned again and raised her ass to meet my hand. One of my fingers slid down the cleft of her behind. I probed her butthole with the tip of my finger. She giggled and pressed back against my digit. “Oh, yes.” It was a whisper. Not at all the confident voice I’d heard at the police station. This whisper was growly and low, and she tried to get more of my finger into her ass. “I’ve been a bad girl,” she said lowly.

My thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes, it's F/f, which isn't my usual. Make of that what you will. :) 

The book is written in first person and has a total detective/film noir sort of feel to it. 

Diana Street is a no-nonsense detective who doesn't take any crap, from men or women. The men get their asses kicked and the women get theirs spanked. 

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#SatSpanks I Need Your Help

Happy Saturday everyone!

The following is from a Work In Progress tentatively titled “Becoming A Proper Lady: The Diary of Miss Sarah McLean”. It is written in first person, diary format, which is a bit different from me.

I’d like your help.

There’s a particular line in this snippet that when I wrote it, I laughed out loud at my own cleverness. However, I’m not sure if it works or is just confusing. At the end of my excerpt, I’ll have a couple questions for you.

Set up: Previously Sarah spit on the shoe of Lord Amherst. Here they encounter each other again.

     “Well, hello Yankee girl, have you spit on anyone yet?”

     I turned, determined not to rise to the bait, but when I looked into the face of Lord Amherst and saw the smug expression there, my determination disappeared. “Not yet, but that could change at any moment.”

     “I would expectorate no less from you, little Yankee girl,” he replied.

     I opened my mouth to reply, then closed it. Had this man actually bested me in a war of words? Perhaps I had misheard him and he had simply said expect not expectorate, because who could really be that clever?

     “Have I stunned you with my word play, Miss McLean?” he said, a satisfied smile on his lips, which I had noticed were quite luscious and surrounded even white teeth which I imagined nipping at various parts of my body.

Should I:   A. Leave it as is.
                 B. Leave it as is, but take out the explanation in the following paragraph. 
                 C. Take out 'expectorate' and quit trying to be so clever. 
                 D. Other

Thanks! I appreciate the input. 

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Spanking Stories Book Club---Getting Caught Up

No book discussion today so this is a great opportunity for you to read some of the books that are scheduled for the next few weeks. Here's what's coming up:

October 4--- Surrender Your Grace by Maddie Taylor

     He's a second son. She's a second daughter. A cruel twist of fate brings this unlikely pair together in an impromptu marriage. Without a proper courtship, the pair must learn to live as husband and wife while facing challenges and dangerous threats that could destroy their marriage. 

Andrew is a dominant young Lord who has very strong ideas on how his wife should behave. Cici is an innocent young Lady: sheltered, well-educated and well-bred. She is the image of feminine refinement and gentility that society expects. But if she is such a docile bride, why does she keep finding herself over her husband's knee for much needed correction? Will she learn to be the submissive wife he demands? And can Andrew exert his dominance without breaking her spirit?

Author Maddie Taylor brings her style of romance, combined with elements of humor and intrigue, to this Victorian Era romp. Included are scenes of consensual and non-consensual spanking where the feisty heroine spends an inordinate amount of time over her husband's knee, desk or settee. 

When will he learn that she isn't a child to be spanked and made to stand in the corner? Never we hope.

October 11----Spanking the Naughty Bride by Leena Darling with guest discussion leader Cara Bristol

        Spanking the Naughty Bride features all the short stories in the Naughty Bride series:

Wedding Night Spanking (Naughty Bride #1) - Rick has always told Sara she would be a spanked wife once they got married. She never expected he would actually spank her for disobedience, but she soon finds out he's a man of his word. On their wedding night, no less!

Honeymoon Spanking (Naughty Bride #2) - Rick and Sara are a week into their honeymoon. She's still a little shocked (and sore!) from the spanking he gave her on their wedding night. She's vowed to love, honor, and obey, last one is giving her some trouble. It isn't long before she's back over her husband's knee. Rick is determined to start their marriage off right, even if it means using a wooden spoon on his wife's naughty bottom.

Newlywed Spanking (Naughty Bride #3) - Rick takes his job as head of household seriously. When his new bride, Sara, is in need of correction, he responds by giving her a good spanking. So when she disobeys him a week after they return from their honeymoon, he takes her over his knee for a hard, bare bottom spanking and anal punishment. Will Sara finally learn her lesson?

Anniversary Spanking (Naughty Bride #4) - Sara ends up in hot water with Rick while on a vacation in celebration of their one year anniversary. Not only does she fail to pack her oak hairbrush – on purpose! – but she lies about it too. And that’s not all she’s in trouble for. Rick metes out a punishment more severe than any he’s given her before, complete with figging and another taste of that dreaded wooden spoon.

Note: This book contains the spanking of adult women, figging, and other erotic content.

October 18 ---- Harder Choices with guest discussion leader, Sue Lyndon

 Patty Devlin returns in a sequel to Tough Choice (formerly Choices). 

In Harder Choices, (Choices Book 2) Jessie is settling into her DD marriage. Things should be easier but Jessie is still struggling with making the right choices. It seems she has harder choices now such as when to use her free spanking pass, or if she rather him use the belt or the dreaded bath brush.

For those customers who have been asking for more "pure" DD stories, this series is for you.

This story contains both consensual and non-consensual spankings, including domestic discipline in a contemporary setting. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book!

October 25----Spank Or Treat! 

Stay tuned for the November schedule coming soon. If you would like to host a discussion of a book that you enjoyed, please email me or leave a note in the comments w/your email address. 

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I'm Having A Party And You're Invited!

I'm having a Party and you're invited! Yes, even you! 

It's a book party and here's how it works. October 7-10, this will be the place to be to find out about great books. How? From everyone else.

From October 7-10 you can post (just one each) the blurb from a book you would like to read. Just copy and paste the blurb (from Amazon or any book source or the author's blog) in the comments. No, you cannot post your own books. 

Books from any genre are welcome. It can be a book that is now available or coming out soon. 

At the end of the party, I'll randomly draw one (maybe more) commenters to win a $5 Amazon gift card to buy the book they'd like to read. 

How much fun is that? 

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Take The Real Writer Quiz

The Real Writer Quiz

I’ve been thinking lately about what it takes to be a “real” professional writer.  Of course you need the basic skills of being able to tell a decent story and use there/their/they’re correctly. Typing is also key (look, a pun!). These are some of the additional skills that I have observed in writers that I believe take their craft and their business seriously. What do you think?
Give yourself one point for each yes answer.

1.      Do you have your books read by writers whose opinion you respect and not friends or family members who might not want to hurt your feelings? 

2.      Do your books have professional looking covers? 

3.     Are you willing to consider the vague and far out possibility that some changes might need to be made to your manuscript before it is ready for publication? 

4. Do you buy and read books in your genre? 

5. Do you know which books are selling best in your genre? 

6. Can you explain the difference between an Amazon ranking of 1500, 15,000 and 150,000? 

7.  Do you spend at least some time each week learning about the craft of writing, whether by visiting blogs on that topic, taking a class or workshop, or reading books on the topic? 

8. Do you network with other writers on social media? 

9. Do you support other writers by offering encouragement, support and promoting their books? 

10. Do you think and talk about writing---almost too much? (gasp!)

11. Do you consider yourself a professional and work hard to maintain a good reputation with readers, other writers, and publishers? 

12. Are you constantly, whether intentionally or not, thinking of new story ideas or ways to promote your books, your blog or others? 

13. Are you welcoming and encouraging to new writers and make a point of reaching out to them to offer support and answer questions? 

14 Are you humbled and grateful for every sale and every good review? 

15. Although you are serious about improving and doing well, do you try not to take yourself too seriously? 

Post your score in the comments. Are there any qualities of a real writer that I left out?

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Saturday Spankings

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Saturday on.

BTW---feel free to comment on my blog hop link above to be entered into my drawing for a $5 Amazon gift card and if you comment on this Sat Spanks post, you'll be entered twice. I can hardly believe how generous I am!

Here is a little teaser from Lady Katherine's Conundrum, the sequel to Lady Katherine's Comeuppance, which should be available in late November.

This is from the draft that I just submitted, so it might not be as polished as it will be in a few weeks, but I hope you enjoy it.

Set up: Thomas, ever the thoughtful husband, is assisting his wife with her bath but soon abandons the sponge and any pretense at cleanliness.

She clasped his fingers to her core with her own hands urging him deeper. “Oh Thomas,” she breathed,  “It feels so good.”

She clutched his wrists and pressed back against the fingers that filled her so thoroughly. Her hips rocked back and forth, nearly upsetting the wooden stool which Thomas placed beneath her with the intent to support her bottom.

Just when she thought she might explode in climax he lifted her from the tub and carried her in his arms toward the bed. “Thomas!” she said, “I am soaking wet. You cannot put me on the bed.”

“Where is your sense of adventure?” he chuckled, though he did stop short of dropping her onto the bed and stood her next to a post at the foot of the mattress. He placed her hands around the post saying, “You had better hold on, my lady, because you are about to be good and truly fucked.”
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Spanking Stories Book Club--Marked By The Alpha

Note: If you are here for the Indulgent Blog Hop click here, though you should feel free to participate in the discussion below too.
Marked by the Alpha

Welcome to the Spanking Stories Book Club. I’m your guest host, Kate Richards, and our book today is Marked by the Alpha by Adaline Raine. It can be purchased here.

 If this is your first visit, we meet here at Celeste Jones’ blog every Friday to talk about selected spanking stories.

I very much enjoyed Marked by the Alpha, a spanking-themed tale with a paranormal twist. A shifter pack has a little different dynamic than the average family…

Here’s the blurb:

Dani had always been a lone wolf and she had no desire to join a pack, but that didn’t matter to a true alpha wolf like Mason Daniels. When he finds out that human hunters have been threatening Dani, he puts his mark on her.

Unfortunately, the hunters are foolish enough to disregard his mark, and Dani is captured. After Mason and his pack rescue her from certain death, Dani is given no choice about joining Mason’s pack for her own protection. She soon learns that Mason is fully prepared to spank her bare bottom as often as is necessary to teach her to respect and obey him.

With more hunters closing in and the pack under threat, Mason begins to realize that he must claim Dani as his mate for life—whether she likes it or not—before his need for her drives him mad. At the same time, she is forced to learn her role in the pack and come to terms with her instinctual need to submit to Mason as her alpha and her mate.


A Few Questions

I was particularly struck by Dani’s isolation at the start of the story. Do you find her avoidance of anyone like her a strength or a weakness?

What do you think about her somewhat forceful introduction to the pack?

While Mason felt his choice to mark her was the only logical one, he made a big decision for Dani without her permission. I was a little upset by it at first…what would your reaction have been?

Mason and Dani have quite a discussion about respect…Mason wanted it and Dani informed him it must be earned. Did he earn it? And how did that sexy spanking contribute to her respect for the new wolf in her life?



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Regency 101 Why Do We Love Historical Romances?

I just submitted Lady Katherine's Conundrum, the sequel to Lady Katherine's Comeuppance. Whew!

Whether spanking, erotic or even just a sweet romance, historical romance has always been popular. And, as an author who is soon to have her second historical romance on sale, I say Hooray! But, it still makes me wonder, why do we, as readers, tend to love historical romances?

Even within historical romances, we can divide into sub-genres like Regency, Victorian, American West or Medieval, but let's just talk generally about the whole category, whether spanking or not.

Maybe I shouldn't burst anyone's bubble, but as a practical matter, life in any of those times was rough.

Yet we still enjoy going off to those far away times when we read.


Is it because if you read for escape, then going to a completely different time in history adds to the escape aspects?

Is it the romanticized idea of wearing all those gowns and having servants to care for your needs?

Is it the language?

Is it the more traditional male/female roles and we are more accepting of them in the historical context than we are in a contemporary context?

What do you think? Are there other aspects that appeal to you? I'd love to hear what you think.

Friday, September 13, 2013


It's got a new name and a new cover and I think it is finally out of the Amazon dungeon, so let's celebrate with a spanking scene from Her Birthday Spanking (fka The Birthday Wish/Wishing For A Spanking).
“I forgot one of the rules of corner time.” Paolo slid his hands inside the slit of her dress, hooked his thumbs into her panties and gave them a quick yank down to her knees.
Like pulling the cork on fine wine, aroma filled the room. She heard him inhale deeply and say, “Ah, my Mimi, you are all woman.”
Mimi bit her lips to squelch a moan, but a tiny sound came from deep in her throat.
Two quick swats stung her backside. “Corner time is quiet time; there will be time for your moans…later.” His arms encircled her waist from behind and he leaned into her so that his stiffness pressed between her cheeks. “Feel what you do to me---that is all for you, my Mimi.”  
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Spanking Stories Book Club : The Grass Could Be Greener

A big thank you to Cara Bristol for hosting this week's discussion!

What treat to emcee Spanking Stories Book Club! Thank you, Celeste for allowing me to host. My selection is The Grass Could Be Greener by Constance Masters. First, the blurb:

Jeremy and Jamie are a young married couple that live together but live separate lives. Jamie is a busy professional journalist, obsessed with giving their two little girls everything... except for her time.

Sarah and Joe are a happily-married couple that have four children. Sarah is a stay at home mother who home-schools her brood. She and Joe are living in a domestic discipline relationship.

When Jamie finds out that Joe spanks his wife she sets out to expose him as the abusive husband she believes that he is, and what better way to do it than to participate in a "Spouse Swap" program. It doesn't take long for her to end up over her fake husband's knee getting a first hand account of what it's like to be a spanked wife.

As soon as I heard about The Grass Could be Greener, my fingers couldn’t click, “Buy Now” fast enough.   You may know that I write and read spanking romance. What you may not know is that my secret vice is watching (un) reality TV. I love them: Survivor, Real Housewives, Amazing Race, Sister Wives, Millionaire Matchmaker, etc.
“Wife Swap,” upon which The Grass Could be Greener is based, is one of the shows I watch. The producers always pair up two totally opposite families, which Masters followed when she sent a career woman who rides roughshod over her milquetoast husband to a home in which the housewife is in a DD marriage and is spanked by her husband.

Here are some warm up questions:

Do you think that the host husband of the Grass Could Be Greener should have spanked the visiting wife when she misbehaved? Why or why not?

Most spanking romances contain quite a bit of sex. But The Grass Could be Greener was quite tame. How much sex do you prefer in your spanking romances? Are you okay if a book doesn’t have it?

The Grass was very family-oriented and much was centered on the family dynamics. Do you like having children involved in a spanking romance or do you prefer stories strictly about adults?

If you were going to write novel about an existing reality TV show but give it a spanking twist, which one would show would it be and why?

Thank you for joining the discussion.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Author Interview Dinah McLeod, Spanking Writer and Koala Lover

Celeste Jones: Welcome Dinah! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Dinah McLeod: Hi, and thank you for having me, Celeste! Well, I have been married to my husband, Jim, for nearly nine years now—whew!—and have two precious little girls. I have been writing spanking fiction now for about four and a half months.

 Celeste Jones:  What is your writing day like? Do you have a set schedule?

Dinah McLeod: I tried to follow one, in the beginning, but honestly I am not that organized. I know, I know, I need to work on it! I try to get to it first thing in the morning, and now that my oldest is in school it’s easier to get some work done. We initially tried for me to have certain nights that I would work and my husband would take care of the girls, but as the demand at his job has increased that has fallen by the way side for the moment. 

Celeste Jones: Your latest book is Mona’s Second Chance. Can you tell us more about this book?

Dinah McLeod: Mona has been divorced for a year, and yet, she still finds herself unable to think of any man but her ex, Colby.  With all the time that’s passed she can’t seem to remember the reasons they got divorced in the first place, or at least, they don’t seem important anymore. When we meet her in the book, she is trying to move on with her life, and get back in the dating scene. Some car trouble brings Colby to her rescue, and back into her life. He’s not the same man she knew, and she has some adjustments to make if she wants things to work this time around. Can she makes those changes, and get a second chance?

Celeste Jones: What are some of the challenges of writing spanking fiction?

Dinah McLeod: I think the challenge of spanking fiction is the same as regular fiction: to come up with something new and innovative. It’s the same, but different, because I find myself thinking sometimes that eventually I am going to run out of stories to tell about women getting spanked! I certainly hope not, but it could happen!  

Celeste Jones: How “out” are you about your writing? Who in your real life knows and what was their reaction?
Dinah McLeod: Oh, gosh. Very few. My husband and I just had this conversation yesterday. While I have always wanted to be a writer, and used to take classes for it, none of my writing friends knows I do this. A big part of me wants to tell them, but then again, they know the old adage as well as I do: “you write what you know.” So, put simply, to out myself with my writing is to also tell everyone about my DD lifestyle. My husband and I are careful about that, because of how people tend to react. Now, take my mother for instance. In a moment of bursting pride, I told her about the book, and now she brings up spanking every chance she gets! Yep, won’t be doing that again for awhile. I learned my lesson.

Celeste Jones: Are you working on a book now?
Dinah McLeod: Always! Actually, I am working on two right now, but I will just give you details on one. It’s currently untitled right now, but the story is about Gia Marrow, who thinks she is living a domestic discipline lifestyle but is really being abused. The story is about her trying to get out of that situation, and how she pieces herself back together afterward. Or can she? Obviously, that situation makes it difficult to trust men, which is something she doesn’t intend to do ever again. Can her friend, Luca, who has been there for her since childhood change her mind? She’s never seen him as anything more than a brother—what will she do when he confesses his feelings?

Celeste Jones: Anything else you’d like to share?

Dinah McLeod: I love Koalas. And, you know, I don’t think they get enough attention from us, so while I have this platform, I’d just like to give a shout-out to the Koalas. You guys are so cute, and sweet…and deadly.

Sorry, I think I’m funny. J But seriously, I’d just like to thank everyone for their support, for reading, for leaving reviews, for reading my Saturday Spanks. And speaking of, if you’re interested in learning more about Mona and Colby, catch a glimpse of them this Saturday on my blog!

Thanks for having me, Celeste! It was a blast!

Blurb: They had grown up together. Childhood friends, one-time sweethearts, buddies, then eventually they grew apart. When they met again later, it was love, followed by marriage... followed by divorce. But somehow, even a year after the divorce, Colby was always the first person she called when she needed help. Colby was her one true love... how was she going to get through life without him?

Then it happened! Colby was willing to give them a second chance... but only if she submitted to him as the head of the household. She wasn't used to being spanked, and worried that there were some things even a spanking couldn't fix. Would they be able to move beyond their past, to build a fresh new future together? Mona loved him so much, and she would do anything for him to save their relationship, but feared that might not be enough. Would she lose him anyway?

Buy Links:
Blushing Books


Twitter: dinahmcleod2

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Regency 101: Careers for Ladies

That title is probably an oxymoron since Regency Ladies did not have careers. They did not toil or soil their hands or clothing. Today, a woman might be admired for her ability to cook a gourmet meal, in Regency times a lady did not cook and probably did not go into the kitchen. The cook would come to her to discuss the menu.

[As an aside, one interesting thing I did learn is that a cook was sort of like an independent contractor and worked out her own deal with the family for whom she was employed. She did not come under the authority of the housekeeper.]

But cooks and housekeepers were not ladies.

In actuality, a lady's primary goal in life was to marry and marry well. That was her career and rather than getting trained in a profession, she learned things like fine embroidery or music which were intended to make her more appealing to a potential husband.

The only acceptable careers for a lady, and this would only be in dire circumstances such as being an old maid or widow or orphan without any resources, were governess or lady's companion. These positions might hold slightly elevated status within the household, but they were still never the social equals of the family for whom they worked.

Another option, which wasn't really a job, would be to care for the children of a family member or be the companion for a widowed relative in exchange for room and board.

In any case, marriage was the best option available. For many women, marriage provided a bit of freedom. They generally had a household to run and a certain amount of pin money which was theirs to use. Rather than being subject to the authority of their parents and possibly older brothers or brothers in law, they were subject only to their husband's authority.

Although I am glad that women today have many more options, as a writer, the urgency of marriage during this period makes for some interesting plots. If a woman was unhappy or abused at home, it is not as though she could pack her bags, rent an apartment and seek her fortune. She had to find a man.

Today, if a woman found herself without money to support herself, she might go and find whatever work she could and people would admire her tenacity. In Regency times, going out and taking any job she could find would send a lady to the depths of the social dungeon and she would never recover.

Today, women often want to work in order to have security in case their marriage ends. During the Regency, women needed a marriage to secure their future.

Friday, September 6, 2013

#SatSpanks from Underwear Probation

Underwear Probation came out about a year ago and was my first self-published book. The same characters, Daisy and Reece were also featured in my story in Coming To Terms.

Underwear Probation has recently gotten a new cover and a new, lower price (a mere 99 cents).
A shout out to Anthony Walsh at The Cover Artisan for the fabulous cover. If you need covers or other artwork, check out his site. Click on the pink "Looking for the Perfect Cover" button on the sidebar.
Okay, now on to the spanking.

“I'm sorry, Reece, really I am.” Daisy pleaded with her husband. Unfortunately for her, he couldn’t see the desperation in her eyes because she was ass over tea kettle across his lap receiving a spanking and the only thing she could see were the dust bunnies under the bed.
The warmth in her rear end spread across both her cheeks. Reece was busy administering his head of household duties.
“Sometimes I wonder if you’re sorry about your behavior, or just sorry that you got caught.”
Since getting caught is what caused her to be over her husband’s knee, Daisy wisely chose not to answer that question and swiftly moved to more pleading.

#Spanking Stories Book Club: Acting Lessons by Kathryn R. Blake

Welcome back! How did it get to be Friday again?

This week's book is Acting Lessons by Kathryn R. Blake.

Blurb: He was a strict and demanding college professor, turned professional director, who excelled at giving acting lessons. She was his shy and uncertain former student who became a professional actress under his tutelage. They fell in love, married, and won two Tony Awards before tragedy struck and a simple kiss ripped them apart.

After a six month separation, Peter Thorton decides to take matters into his own hands by making his famous wife, Kate, an offer she wouldn't refuse. Plainly put, he wants her back and he intends to do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal, even if it means giving his stubborn, willful leading lady a daily reminder over his knee that she promised to obey him.

This book follows the production of  Kiss Me Kate for a college summer stock and it was fun to learn so much about the inner workings of a theatrical production. I'm guessing that Kathryn R. Blake has some experience in that regard and she used it well.

Here are some questions, but as always, feel free to jump in with your own thoughts.

1. Kate suffered a miscarriage before their separation. After they got back together, she used contraceptives but didn't tell Peter. She had been so devastated by losing a baby that she did not want to risk conception again. When Peter found out, he was pretty mad.
Was his anger justified? Or was Kate a bit at fault for not talking to him about it in the first place?

2. During their separations, Kate spent a fair amount of time with a man named Thomas. I thought he was pretty high handed when he called the police and had Peter arrested, but otherwise, I liked him. Was anyone else just a little sorry that Kate didn't choose him?

3. Did anyone else have a sudden urge to go see a play after reading this? It sure made the theater sound exciting.

4. Peter admitted that he didn't tell Kate about the spanking scene in the play before she agreed to do the show because he was afraid she wouldn't agree. Was Kate's anger justified or should she have read the script before she agreed to do the show?

5. I bet many of you were in a play in high school or college or even your first grade class production of something. Care to share what you remember about it?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mary Wehr is Here to Talk About Her Heart's Desire

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Let's give a big warm spanking welcome to Mary Wehr who is here to talk about her latest book, Her Heart's Desire.

Celeste Jones: Welcome Mary! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Mary Wehr:  Thank you so much for hosting me, Celeste.
There really isn’t much to tell. I’m an avid animal lover and I love reading romance stories with stern sexy heroes and sassy heroines.  I also like to hop on Facebook and share a chuckle or two J
Celeste Jones:  What is your writing day like? Do you have a set schedule?

Mary Wehr: I can’t really say that I follow a schedule. During the warmer months I like to spend as much time outside as I can so not a lot of writing gets done. When I’m doing yard work I think about my works in progress and different story lines. Then, during the Winter, especially after the holidays are over I start writing. I do make notes from time to time when I think of something mostly because if I don’t I’ll forgetJ

Celeste Jones: Your latest book is a ménage book involving two brothers. Can you tell us more about this book?

Mary Wehr: Sure. My heroine, Sara had a tough time growing up without a mother. Her father drank and the only two people she had been able to depend on were her neighbors, Cade and Reese Dalton. Her aunt had helped raise her but the nasty old woman also filled her head with sordid tales about her mother leaving her behind so she could live and have sex with two men. Cade and Reese protected her as much as they could from the gossip but their life hadn’t been easy either. They couldn’t take their father’s verbal abuse any longer so after they had finished school they moved away. Sara missed them, especially Cade, but when he finally came back home she was shocked to find out that he and Reese shared women. It took a lot for Cade to convince her that he would do anything, even give up his lifestyle, to be with her. Sara had given him a rough time before she agreed to marry him. Not long after their marriage she finds herself fantasizing about Reese and that poses a problem. How can she tell her husband she wants his brother after all she had put him through?

Celeste Jones: What are some of the challenges of writing spanking fiction?

Mary Wehr: As with any genre an author needs to ‘show’ the reader what’s going on and not just tell the story. Sometimes I’m not so sure I have that mastered yet L I mean, I know what’s happening, but the reader doesn’t so I need to put myself in the readers head and make it real.

Celeste Jones: How “out” are you about your writing? Who in your real life knows and what was their reaction?
Mary Wehr: I’m proud to be a published author. My entire family knows I write erotic, spanking stories and are cool with itJ  My sister-in-law is my biggest fan. 

Celeste Jones: Are you working on a book now?

Mary Wehr: Yes. As a matter of fact I have three that are outlined. The characters are all in place. ‘Callie’s Reckoning’ is a short story involving Domestic Discipline. Rebel Ink published that one for me so I’m hoping they take my next one involving Callie and Brandon as they continue into this lifestyle after getting married. LOL. Brandon still has his hands full with his feisty lady.

 ‘A Heart’s Endeavor’ was my first book with Beachwalk Press. ‘Her Heart’s Desire’ is my second with this fantastic publisher and includes a scene with Jack and Melanie who are the main characters in my first book. These two books have the same three female characters but can be read as standalones. Stacy’s story is next. I also have another HOH story that I’m working on but I hope to achieve a bigger goal with that oneJ 

Celeste Jones: Anything else you’d like to share?

Mary Wehr:  Oh yes, I’d like to share a group hug to all the readers out there who purchased my books. Because of you, ‘Her Heart’s Desire’ received a nice shiny silver star on the Allromance web-site and is on the best sellers list for Beachwalk PressJ


Will the shame of her mother’s betrayal prevent Sara from having her heart’s desire?

Sara Martin spent her life longing for two things—less responsibility and the boy next door. When Cade Dalton finally noticed her, she was thrilled. But when he suggested a threesome with his brother, she knew the rumors she’d heard were true—Cade and Reese Dalton shared women, something Sara despised. Her mother had chosen a life of sordid sex with two men over her marriage, leaving a broken ten-year-old girl behind. No way was Sara going down that road. She was happy to comply with Cade’s dominant tendencies, but she would not stand for any “sharing” in the relationship.

To her surprise, Cade agreed to give up his lifestyle in order to be with her. He swore to never again bring up the idea of a threesome, insisting that having Sara as his wife—and the Head of Household arrangement they’d come to—was more than enough to make him happy. 

But six months into the marriage Sara’s brother-in-law was beginning to look mighty fine. She regretted passing on the chance to be between the two sexy Dalton brothers, but after her violent reaction to Cade’s suggestion she was too ashamed to admit she had changed her mind. And too ashamed to admit she wanted the same sordid lifestyle her mother had chosen.  

Content Warning: strong language, spanking, and graphic sex, including anal sex




Monday, September 2, 2013

Hoops and Bustles and Corsets, Oh My! Part 2

I’m back... Celeste, are you ready for more Victorian fashion?
Previously we discussed the very socially strict Victorian society.  Women were considered Angels of the house and expected to dress appropriately.  This unfortunately led to the dreaded hoop skirt.  This following is a cartoonist’s exaggeration, but it makes one wonder.  However did they waltz in those things?

In my novel, Surrender Your Grace, my heroine had to deal with these bothersome cages early on, but not quite to this extent.  As intended, the hero had a difficult time getting to her naughty bottom, but good things come to those who wait.
How about another little snippet before we get to Celeste’s required reading?  You’ve heard of bodice rippers?  My naughty mind likes drawer rippers.   Bear in mind this is an abridged snippet.  There are more yummy bits between the paragraphs.  I can’t give it all away just yet, can I?   Let’s title the snippet – The Riding Lesson…

As he cuddled her close, his hands began to wander, caressing and teasing her until one found its way under her skirts.  Kissing her to distraction, he lifted the hem of her riding skirt and single petticoat. When he felt the drawers that started with a gathering just below her knee, he prayed that she wore the old fashioned kind that remained open at the juncture of the thighs.  He smiled against her throat as his fingers sought out and gratefully found the open seam.

He then shifted his hands under her skirt and a loud ripping sound was heard as he eliminated her already shredded drawers, the only barrier between his hands and her glorious backside. Gripping her full cheeks firmly, he squeezed as he pulled her down, sheathing himself in her incredibly moist heat.  “Now I want you to ride me,” he whispered hoarsely, his desire for her written clearly across his face.  His experienced hands quickly taught her the rhythm as they both took their pleasure.

As promised, back to the history of Victorian fashion…
By the later 1860’s, thankfully the style had  progressed, the skirts were pulled back to reveal an underskirt and was followed by the bustle, which was introduced in 1869 and credited to designer Charles Worth from the House of Worth.
To me, these gowns are lovely, stylish and so much less cumbersome than the full hoops of just 10 years prior.  The fabrics are beautiful and with the corset, the waistlines are tiny.  It’s no wonder our heroines are always breathless, gasping and swooning.  A lady would always need to carry vinaigrette in her reticule in case of a swoon or a case of the vapors.  


That brings us to the Victorian undergarments including the lovely corset.  In this era, women were definitely considered delicate creatures and thought of as the weaker sex, with weak minds and bodies.  Unbelievably, the corset was deemed medically necessary and a tight lacing healthful and supportive of the woman’s weak constitution.  As a moral issue, a loose corset was the sign of loose woman. 

Women of the day purposefully dressed in layers upon layers of clothing that was difficult to get out of, and into, as a protective measure against the “lustful nature” of men.  Oh those poor misguided Victorians, but I do love them so.  Unfortunately, the outsmarted themselves, the women finding that it was so difficult to get out of the blasted things.  So, they altered their undergarments for ease and comfort.  Imagine a trip to the ladies retiring room without split seamed drawers.  Back in the day, they would hike up their skirts and straddle the pot or the privy or the rare commode of the day.  Since mine I deal in romantic fantasy, rest at ease, you will not find Her Grace hiking up her skirts to straddle anything but Andrew. 

With the invention of these drawers, the gentlemen of course got plenty of other ideas.  Skirts started flipping over heads and drawers untied to bare those naughty backsides for all the Victorian spanking implements, the birch rod, the cane, and as in the picture, the martinet (this is actually a French implement, but the drawers are perfect and I thought it a lovely, and quite titillating pic.)



I’ll end with a few words about Queen Victoria:

What I find truly amusing is that despite the moral code of the era, Victoria and her husband Prince Albert were very much in love and had nine children.  Remember this was an outwardly strict moral code for what should be seen and heard in public.  The queen was actually a very sensual and romantic woman in private, not to mention busy.  One can’t be a prude to beget nine children. 

Victoria was also an artist, and was known to have drawn several male nudes, one of which she gave to her husband as a gift.  The love that she had for her husband was so strong that after his sudden death in 1861, she went into 4 years of heavy mourning and structured the elaborate and severe rituals of the era.

Thank you so much, Celeste for inviting me to share.  The Victorian era is filled with many more fascinating cultural and social activities.   So, if you ever want to hear about slang, rhyming, the language of the fan and flowers, I’d be happy to return.  Or check out the links below.

For more information about the Victorian Era and fashion read “Surrender Your Grace”, although fiction, I have included historical facts from the era.  Available now from   or on Amazon @

Or visit some of these Victorian websites which were used for research in this article: