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Spanking Stories Book Club---Mated To The Vikens by Grace Goodwin

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Welcome to a special edition of Spanking Stories Book Club. Today we're discussing Grace Goodwin's Mated to the Vikens (Interstellar Brides Book Eight).  This is a book that has not one hunky hero. Not two sexy leading men...but three, count 'em three, sexy Vikens who are devoted to their human mate.

Blurb: As an art dealer in New York, Sophia Antonelli's worked hard to build her business, but fate forces her to make a deal with organized crime. When things go wrong, she takes the fall and is offered a choice: twenty-five years in jail or the Interstellar Bride Program. The choice is easy and Sophia is shocked to learn she's mated to not one, but three Viken warriors.

After ten years fighting the Hive, Gunnar, Erik and Rolf are now the Kings' guards at Viken United. Bowing to the new Queen's wishes, they agree to share an Interstellar Bride. It should be an easy task since she's matched to three of them, all battle hardened warriors. But none can save her from being kidnapped during transport. 

Accidentally mixed up in an evil organization's plot to assassinate the Viken Queen, Sophia refuses to back down, even with her mates standing protectively in the way. After her experience on Earth, she's not about to let anyone ruin her new life. Sophia will risk everything to expose her enemy, but when it comes to their new bride, her three Viken mates will do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat and keep her...forever. 

Now, onto the thrilling discussion. 

1. Three men and one woman. Could this sort of relationship work in real life? Would you want it to? We have sister wives, can brother husbands work? 

2.  How many men is too many? 

3. I love the arranged marriage and mail order bride tropes. What about you? What's so appealing about them? 

4. If you were scientifically matched to your ideal mate, would you be willing to marry them, sight unseen? 

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Can a spanking romance be funny and sexy?

An interview with Cara Bristol, author of Domestic Discipline
Q: Tell me about Domestic Discipline, the book. Is it a romance, an anthology?
A: Domestic Discipline contains two short spanking romance novellas. One story, Wife on the Lam, is light and humorous, almost a romantic comedy, but sexy. It’s intended to be a bit tongue-and-cheek. Although the DD relationship aspect is true-to-life, the story itself is a lighthearted romp.  When I wrote it, I just wanted to have fun with the story, to play with it, and tease my characters a little. When you ask women what they want in a mate, a sense of humor usually ranks near the top of the list. So why not have humor in a romance?
Rahm’s Way is more intense.  Domestic Discipline offers two different types of spanking romances, but the unifying factor is domestic discipline, and the couples’ attempts to make it work for their respective relationships.
Q: How does your story start where it does?
A: The story opens with heroine Janelle on an airplane headed for a romantic vacation getaway—all by herself. Believing her husband forgot their anniversary, she gets pissed and flies off without him. She doesn’t even tell him she’s going. She leaves a note and casserole. That’s how mad she is.
Q: Is there anything special about the setting?
A: Wife on the Lam is set on a fictitious Caribbean island, called “Isla Island,” and it’s a composite of many places I’ve visited. I drew Janelle’s experiences on the island from my own—I’ve gone on the horseback ride from hell, dealt with the humidity and bugs. I’ve been boating and snorkeling.
Q: What creates conflict between your romance couple ?
A: That Janelle thinks Brent forgot their anniversary and in a fit of pique, she runs away.
Q: Does a character in your story have a secret?
A: Big time. Brent has two secrets. The first is that he didn’t forget their anniversary. He secretly booked the vacation Janelle wanted, intending to surprise her. When she flew the coop, she ruined his big surprise. His other even bigger secret is that he follows her to Isla Island. She has no idea he’s spying on her. He’s giving her just enough rope to hang herself.
Q: Why did you title the book Domestic Discipline?
A: As I said, the book contains two different erotic romances. Wife on the Lam is kind of a romantic comedy, and Rahm’s Way borders on BDSM. Wife on the Lam has a cowboy in it. Rahm’s Way features a military man. It was hard to find a title that captured the lightness of one story and the darkness of the other. So, I thought, why not just call it what it is? Domestic Discipline. Each couple is trying to find happiness within the contest of domestic discipline marriage.
An excerpt from Wife on the Lam, Domestic Discipline
(I said the story is funny, but this is one of the more serious scenes in Wife on the Lam)
Sitting on the bed in his underwear, Brent could hear Janelle singing in the shower. Then the water shut off, the hair dryer ran for a while, and then she pranced out wearing the scandalous suit and a seductive smile.
He twirled his hand. “Let’s see the back.”
She spun around. The thong disappeared in her crack, completely baring her apple-red ass cheeks. She faced him again. “You don’t think it’s too skimpy?”
“Not for what I have in mind,” he said.
The curve of her lips widened.
“Let me clean up.” He headed into the bath before her come-hither look could work on him.
When he emerged from the shower, he found Janelle readying for an afternoon swim. She had towels rolled and had gathered up her e-reader and his, sunblock, the camera, and a couple bottles of water. Her poor ass glowed red. “Do you prefer the beach or the pool?” She faced him.
“Neither. At least not right now.” He hitched his towel more firmly around his waist and padded to the bed. He sat on the mattress, and patted his knee. “Over here, sweetheart.”
She widened her eyes before her face crumpled with dismay. “B-But, I thought…I figured when we got home…” she trailed off.
He shook his head. He’d always meted out discipline as soon as possible, believing in the importance of prompt punishment. “We need to put this matter behind us. You won’t enjoy yourself if you spend the entire vacation worrying about being spanked.”
“Then don’t spank me.” Her eyes held a plea. “I learned my lesson.”
“As uncomfortable as the horseback ride may have been, having a bad time doesn’t count as discipline. You ignored my feelings by taking off without any explanation. We’re partners, Janelle. I don’t check out of our marriage when I don’t get what I want.”
Her lower lip quivered, and she hung her head. “I’m really sorry.”
“I know you are.” He patted his lap again. “Let’s get this over with.”
Domestic Discipline Blurb:
Love, desire, domination, and submission. Two domestic discipline romances by USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol in one volume.
Wife on the Lam
Janelle wants to take a luxury vacation for her wedding anniversary. Despite numerous hints, husband Brent misses all the clues and plans a business trip! Miffed, she flies off alone to a luxury resort. She’s going to celebrate—with or without him.
Brent didn’t have to work. He’d planned a second honeymoon to the luxury Cabana Resort. Janelle might have ruined his surprise, but he’s not going to let her ruin their anniversary, too. He has a little trick up his sleeve to take his errant wife in hand and get their marriage back on track.
Rahm’s Way
Before her military husband left for his tour of duty, Cadence Simmons relied on Rahm’s love, direction, and protection. His absence forced her to become more independent and make decisions for herself. After serving his country, he’s home for good and eager to resume their marriage as it was before. Only Cadence isn’t quite sure she wants things exactly as they were. Can domestic discipline guide this couple through some major changes?
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Author Bio
USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes “nice and naughty” stories of love, romance, and humor featuring strong alpha heroes. She is a no. 1 bestseller in BDSM erotica, science fiction romance, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She is best known for her Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series and her Breeder D/s sci-fi romance series. She lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.
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Spanking Stories Book Club: Lord Winthorpe's Virgin Bride

Happy Summer! Looking for a sexy summer read? How about a naughty historical romance by Amelia Wren: Lord Winthorpe's Virgin Bride

Blurb: Jacinta Buchanan never particularly wanted to be married, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She needs a plan to ensure her future before her horrid uncle completely depletes the fortune her late father worked so hard to build. Hearing that a new, eligible bachelor has recently returned home to the manor just outside the village, she is quick to hatch a plan she believes will benefit them both.

Lord Theodore Winthorpe might have recently inherited a title and a large manor house, but unfortunately, he didn't inherit the means required to provide for its upkeep. When a young woman appears on his doorstep to offer herself in marriage under a definite set of terms, his interest is certainly piqued. After taking the little minx across his knees and ensuring there is a spark that has the possibility of growing into an inferno between them, he agrees to marry her.

Jacinta soon discovers that even the best laid plans can go awry. Things are not quite as simple as she'd planned, especially when she learns first hand that Theodore has some rather firm notions of what he expects from his new bride. His requirements have her struggling with her need to remain independent and her growing desire to submit to a man she barely knows.

What’s more, Uncle Cameron doesn’t intend to release control of his late brother’s fortune without a fight, and he fights dirty. Marriage was the only option Jacinta had for safeguarding her legacy—but what options does she have for safeguarding her heart?

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and other explicit themes, including anal play. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Jacinta is in a bit of a bind. Unless she puts a stop to it, her evil uncle will deplete her father’s fortune, thus destroying the legacy he devoted his entire life to building. Her only hope is to marry a man she’s only just met. Would you marry a stranger if that was the only way to preserve your dearly departed father’s legacy?

2. Once a spectacular home, Theodore’s manor house is now falling apart, and the two remaining servants are too feeble to be of much help. Unfortunately, the money they counted on to repair the manor house is tied up in the courts. If you were in Jacinta and Theodore’s shoes would you 1) sell all the valuables and use the money to move somewhere more affordable 2) throw on an apron/roll up your sleeves and get to work on fixing up the old place 3) try to be Zen about it—so what if the place is covered with dust, infested with mice and that the windows are broken or missing and the walls are cracking?

3.  At one point, the threat of being thrown into a mental hospital (or as they called it back then, the insane asylum) is a very real possibility for Jacinta. As you probably know, mental wards were horrifying places in Victorian England. What lengths would you go to in an effort to escape such a terrible fate?

4. Jacinta and Theodore adopt a couple of kittens they call Spring and Dash. The idea was for the kittens to wipe out the mouse infestation, but Jacinta and Theodore soon grow attached to the cuddly creatures. Animals as pets aren’t all that common in historical fiction, but can you think of any memorable pets from stories that take place in the past?

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Back To Her Future Now Available

Back To Her Future, my 50's time travel story, is now available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

Blurb: To keep peace with her roommate, Astrid agrees to try her time travel app, never imagining that this would be the one time Margo invented something that worked. 

In an instant, Astrid is transported to 1956 and the dorm room of Richard "Dick" Johnson---Eagle Scout, straight arrow, spanker. 

Dick Johnson has never met a girl like Astrid. Just because she says she's an exchange student from Canada doesn't mean she can flaunt the rules of proper ladylike behavior and he intends to help her understand American ways, even if the lessons are taught across his lap. 

Astrid is charmed, and turned on, by Richard's old-fashioned ways, but she knows he'll never understand if she tells him the truth. 

When the time comes for Astrid to return to 2016, will she be able to go Back To Her Future? 

This book contains spanking, hip 50s slang, and some mocking of Canada. If such things offend you, please do not buy this book, eh?


What. The. Frizzle.
Astrid shook her head and stared at her surroundings.
The dormitory room was the same, but the furnishings were completely different and Margo was nowhere in sight. Astrid found herself sprawled across the only bed in the room, which was covered with a plaid blanket.
Opposite the bed, framed photos and documents covered the wall. Gingerly she stepped down from the bed, half-expecting the floor to vanish from beneath her feet. Surely this was some sort of optical illusion created by Margo to simulate a 1956 dorm room. Wasn’t it?
Her feet landed upon a solid floor, though her legs trembled as she walked closer to the framed documents.
A newspaper clipping with a picture of a smiling teen included the headline “Local Boy Earns Eagle Scout Award.” It was dated April 14, 1952.
Holy shit.
She covered her mouth with her hand, blood pounding in her ears, and scanned the other items on the wall. They included a photo of proud parents and their son at his high school graduation, a photo of the Wilkins College football team, and several certificates for academic achievement.
She studied the photos and determined that number fifty-two on the football team was an older version of the young man in the graduation photo and the newspaper clipping.
“Okay, Margo. Very funny. Your attention to detail is outstanding. Really, you have outdone yourself this time. Now, please turn this off and let me get back to my homework.”
Her words echoed around the room. She held her breath, yearning to hear Margo’s laugh or to see her smiling face.
No. It wasn’t possible.
Was it?
She examined the frames on the wall again. Richard “Dick” Johnson. Dick Johnson? No way. This had to be part of Margo’s prank.
Speaking more loudly than before, she called out, “You win, Margo. This is your best yet. Now, quit fooling around. I’m hungry.”
The door knob rattled and Astrid swiveled toward it, bracing for Margo’s triumphant entrance. She really had done an impressive job and deserved to be proud. Astrid smiled, happy for her friend’s success.
Rather than her bespectacled roommate, none other than Dick Johnson, in the flesh, entered the room and stopped short. His eyes grew large and a flush crept up his neck and over his entire face.
Astrid’s vision blurred and a cold sweat broke out on her forehead.
And then she fainted.

* * *

Astrid blinked as her eyes adjusted to the darkness.
Phew. It was only a dream.
She sat up in bed, intending to get some coconut water from the fridge.
“Glad to see you’re feeling better.” A distinctly male voice halted her progress and she froze in place. A desk lamp provided a small amount of light. In the shadows she made out the face of Dick Johnson. Tentatively she touched his arm. He was real.
“Sorry about the dim light,” he said as he sat on the bed next to her, “but girls aren’t allowed in our dorm rooms and I didn’t want anyone to see you in here through the window.”
Astrid continued to stare. She was pretty sure her lips moved, but no sounds came out.
“Would you like a glass of water? There’s a drinking fountain down the hall. Stay right here.” He took off before she could stop him. Water did sound nice.
After he left she sat up further in the bed and looked around. This was the real deal. Margo’s app worked. She smiled, imaging her roommate’s elation at realizing the app had, in fact, successfully transported her back to 1956.
Rubbing her hands over her face, she got her bearings. Although this was her first time travel experience, instinctively she knew she ought to have as little contact with Dick Johnson, and any other inhabitants of 1956, as possible. Tip-toeing to the door, she peeked into the hallway. The dorm really hadn’t changed a whole lot in the last sixty years, even if the residents had. Having spent many nights sneaking around to play tricks on her friends, she knew the path well. She crept down the hall to the staircase and slipped out the side door into the night.
She filled her lungs with the cool night air and took stock of her situation.
Assuming the app worked correctly, she had been transported sixty years into the past. Why hadn’t she brought along a sweatshirt? It was cold outside.
Because she never expected the stupid thing to work at all, that’s why. Who would?
Holy crap. This escapade made the drone flying into the library window seem like a picnic.
She sat down on a bench and looked around. In many ways, the campus was the same. The buildings were familiar, but much newer. After a few minutes, she put her finger on the most dramatic difference—it was so quiet. No students were outside. The dorms were mostly dark except for a lamp here and there, but no televisions or music were playing.
The headlights of a single car came down the road in her direction. Campus security. She dove under the bench and held her breath until the car moved on by.
“There you are.” A strong hand clamped around her upper arm and tugged her out from under the bench and into a standing position.
“Let go of me.” Astrid jerked out of his grasp and glared up into the angry face of Dick Johnson.
“I was worried about you,” he said, raking his hand through his very short hair. “Though I don’t know why. You could have gotten me into some real hot water, showing up in my room like that.”
“That’s why I left. I thought you’d be glad I was gone. So, why are you chasing me now?” Tired, frustrated and just plain pissed off, Astrid faced him, hands on hips.
“Because I am a gentleman. And a gentleman always looks out for a lady in distress. And you seem to be in distress.” His tone softened and so did his demeanor.
Astrid lowered her hands from her hips and looked into his face. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ve just had a rather difficult day. Thank you for your concern, but I will be fine.” She turned to walk away.
“Where are you going?” He touched her shoulder. “Do you have a place to stay?”
“Of course I do,” she said, hoping she sounded convincing.
“You don’t look like anyone from around here.”
No, I bet I don’t. Thinking quickly, if not too wisely, Astrid gave the first explanation that came to mind. “I-I’m an exchange student. From Canada...Eh.”
“Oh,” Dick nodded as though it all made perfect sense to him. “Well, can I walk you to your dorm? You really shouldn’t be out alone at night.”
Astrid smiled for the first time since her arrival in this alternate universe. “That’s very sweet of you, but I will be fine. Thank you. And good night.” She turned and resolutely walked away from him.
He didn’t follow. She wondered why that made her sad.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Spanking Stories Book Club---Bound Spanked and Loved

What better way to kick off Valentine's Weekend than with a collection of fourteen (yes, 14) steamin' hot stories all in one fabulous book.

Bound, Spanked and Loved is available now for 99 cents. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, head on over to Amazon right now and we'll wait for you. Click here. 

Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories is the HOTTEST box set of the season, brought to you by fourteen New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance. Lose yourself in a whole lotta naughty with this sexy collection of ALL-NEW, standalone novellas sure to set your e-reader ablaze and leave you breathlessly panting for more.

So, let's talk...


1. This collection of 14 stories is 784 pages for only 99 cents. How much does cost and page count play into your decision to buy a book? 

2. Even within the realm of spanking fiction, there are some taboo subjects included here--- a couple stepbrother stories as well as stories with menage and a foursome (there's probably a word for that...other than HOT). Readers: Since you began reading kinky stories, have you surprised yourself by reading (and enjoying) topics that you might have once believed crossed the line for you? Authors---are there subjects that you never thought you'd write about which are now part of your writing repertoire? 

3. When you buy a collection of stories, do you read from start to finish or do you jump around? 

4. Valentine's Day---a great way to celebrate love and eat chocolate? Or just another way to make us feel inadequate for either being single or not being romantic enough? 

5. If there were kinky candy hearts, what would they say? 

Get your copy now! 

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Spanking Stories Book Club---Her Cowboy by Kate Richards

Look! Another installment of Spanking Stories Book Club! This week we're talking about Kate Richard's latest installment in the Corbin's Bend Series, Her Cowboy.

Felicity Franceaux's new position as head of the Corbin's Bend emergency room meets all her expectations. A professional staff, challenging cases, and a home in a town where spanking is not only accepted but appreciated. But losing her late husband left her so heartbroken, she's afraid to try again. But if she did, the guy next door sure has her attention.

John Estrada, former ranch foreman now successful cowboy novelist also likes what Corbin's Bend has to offer, but he's having a hard time letting go of life on the range for life in the Bend.
He'd like to get to know the pretty neighbor lady who never gives him more than a casual wave.

If only they could find a way to connect.

Questions for Discussion

1. In Her Cowboy, Felicity is a doctor, in fact in charge of the ER at a hospital. A strong woman at the top of her career...but lonely. She's had one great love and fears that's all a person is entitled to in this life. Do you think it's possible to have more than one life-changing romance? In a good way?

2. What do you think a strong woman like Dr. Felicity finds appealing about spanking? The eroticism? The release? Or something else?

3. What makes a cowboy so irresistible? Would you prefer a young, daredevil bull riding type or someone with a little more seasoning? Like...John Estrada.

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