Friday, November 28, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club The Doctor and The Naughty Girl by Trent Evans

Please welcome Natasha Knight for this week's discussion of The Doctor and the Naughty Girl by Trent Evans, which is part of the What The Doctor Ordered Collection. We'll be talking about the books in this hot medical BDSM set for the rest of the year. Yum! 

Hi Celeste, thank you so much for hosting Casey, Trent, Sue, Tara and I in the coming weeks with our book collection, What the Doctor Ordered. I know it's holiday time so it's likely busy for everyone but hey, what better way to take a break from all the stresses than by chatting about naughty things with like-minded friends?? ;) Today I'm hosting a discussion on Trent's book, The Doctor and the Naughty Girl. It's a typical Trent Evans book: hot hot hot spanking/sex scenes, a beautiful (yet troubled) love story to go with it and in this case, some medical play to round things off.

My questions to readers are these:

1. Medical play - what do you think? Is it a new to you? Do you find it hotter than you expected to or less so? What is it about medical that appeals (if it does)? For me, if I had to choose one thing, it would be the humiliation factor. It's there in all spanking romance. I mean, let's face it, spankings as an adult ARE embarrassing but (at least for me) that humiliation also is a big part of what gets me kind of hot and bothered. TMI, apologies, but please feel free to share your own bit of TMI!! I think we all kind of like it.

2. So, Amity…dear, sweet, begging for a spanking Amity. I have to say, I liked her, but wanted to smack her upside the head at times. She seemed set on making poor choices and setting herself up to fail. And Dr. McKendrick, well, what I loved about him
was that he was absolutely uncompromising once he decided how he would deal with his wayward receptionist. How did you feel about their relationship and Dane's discipline of Amity? Do you think it crossed a line because he was her boss?

3. I have this idea that being around someone, you can kind of tell if he/she is kinky or dominant. I’m not sure why I think this but I just do and wonder if it's subconscious (or wishful thinking) on my part. Throughout the story, Amity is unnerved by Nurse Cathy. Do you think she subconsciously knew Cathy was a Domme and was reacting naturally given her submissive nature?

The Doctor and the Naughty Girl by Trent Evans (Blurb)

Dr. Dane McKendrick is tired of his twenty-four-year-old receptionist, Amity Derrington, failing to take her job seriously. Amity is beautiful and smart, but the rich, spoiled girl clearly needs a firm hand, and when she shows up late for work and hung over yet again, Dane lets her know that from now on her behavior will have consequences. It isn’t long before Amity puts Dane’s warning to the test, and she soon ends up over his knee for a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking. Worse still, when Dane learns the extent to which she has neglected her annual check-ups, Amity quickly finds herself receiving the most intimate, embarrassing exam of her life.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club: The Coach's Discipline by Katherine Deane

Thank you to Adaline Raine for hosting this week's discussion. 

Thanks so much to Celeste Jones for letting me host the discussion on today's book, The Coach's Discipline by Katherine Deane!

There were so many amazing scenes to pick questions from so please feel free to ask and share your own.

There is an amazing spot where Nick takes Claire and blindfolds her to go on a sense walk. This is incredibly hot even though there isn't any discipline or sexual adventures it's Claire trusting him enough to keep her safe and let each of her five senses really build. There is a lot of yummy tension but the descriptions drew me in so completely that I felt like I was walking right beside the two of them in the woods.

Have you ever done something similar? It could be sensory type of play like being blind folded and having your partner try different textures on you or it could be to build one of your lesser used senses.

Think back for a moment. What does fresh cut grass remind you of? Could it be when you used to watch someone mow your lawn and remember the freedom of letting the soft strands tickle your bare feet when you ran outside later?  Or maybe you used to play softball and the field always smelled that way.

 Senses are incredible and when each one is tested and flexed like a muscle they get stronger. Our muscle memory is amazing and can bring us back to good memories as well as negative ones. Please share!

One reason I connected so deeply with both characters involved how much Nick built up Claire. There is a powerful scene where he tells her firmly that she is not her mother. Claire is trying to get him to spank her and instead they have a very tender moment. Many stories that I enjoy have the heroine struggling with something from her past. Does this help you relate more to characters or does his/her back story and past matter?

To end on a fun note tell me what type of coach you would love to hold you accountable the way that Nick holds Claire. For me I need a personal trainer/nutritionist. If I had one as dominating yet sweet like Nick I'd be in tip top shape in no time!

Thank you again for letting me come over and gush about Katherine's book. I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two characters as well as with Claire in the team. If you haven't gotten a chance to read this one yet, you should definitely give it a go!

Starting next week we'll be discussing the five books in What The Doctor Ordered a medical BDSM collection by Trent Evans, Tara Finnegan, Natasha Knight, Sue Lyndon and Casey McKay. We'll be bringing in the holdiay season with some naughty doctors and their patients! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club: Warrior By Cara Bristol

Thank you to Sue Lyndon for hosting today's discussion! 

Today we are discussing Warrior, the third book in Cara Bristol’s Breeder series. I was sad to see the series come to an end, but I found the conclusion of Warrior extremely satisfying and I especially liked seeing what the characters from Breeder (book 1) and Terran (book 2) were up to. I enjoyed all the books in this science fiction romance series, thought the world building was incredible, and found the stories and characters very in-depth and well-written. If you haven’t read the Breeder books yet, I highly recommend them!

Warrior blurb:

Between war and duty, they find love…
On a planet where women are chattel, Anika is to be delivered to become the mate of an Alpha Commander. Secretly in love with another, she is unable to accept the arrangement and flees. Bound by his duty, her lover Urazi intends to bring her back to fulfill her function. But war intervenes, and as their planet fights a desperate battle against a villainous despot, Anika and Urazi become united in their determination to save their people. But with their lives on the line, the love they share may become the biggest risk of all.


1. Is science fiction romance a genre you typically read? Or will you only venture into it if an author you like publishes a book in this genre?

2. Anika runs away in the middle of a war and risks her life because she is determined to choose her own fate rather than accept a life as Commander Illian’s breeder, even though she would be much safer with Illian. She doesn’t want to go through life as nothing more than a breeder, and though she knows Commander Illian will protect her from the threats posed by the war, she also doesn’t know what her life with him will be like beyond that. If you were Anika, what would you have done in this situation…run away or take your chances with Commander Illian?

3. Urazi has feelings for Anika and he’s angry that she’s to be given to Commander Illian, but he doesn’t share these thoughts with her because according to Protocol he can’t have her anyway. Only an alpha can, and since Urazi is a beta, he doesn’t see how a future with Anika is remotely possible. Have you ever wanted someone that for one reason or another seemed unattainable at the time? How did it work out?

4. A lot of reviewers have said Warrior is their favorite out of all the Breeder books. If you’ve read all the books in this series, what do you think? Do you have a favorite between Breeder, Terran, and Warrior? Why?

5. Warrior is the last book in Cara Bristol’s Breeder series, but she has hinted about writing a spinoff series with the children of the Breeder characters. I think this is a fantastic idea, don’t you? (LOL sorry this isn’t really a question)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club Given to the Savage

Hi everyone. Having technical difficulties so I am typing on my kindle. The wonderful Katherine Deane is going to post this week's discussion in the comments and we'll carry on from there.

Update: Looks like I have my tech issues mostly worked out, so here's the real post. Thanks Katherine!

This was the darkest story I have read from Natasha Knight, and I was pleasantly surprised – I loved it!  When I heard about the premise – an alien world, where women are second class citizens; only ten percent of them able to procreate; they are treated very  poorly…. I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant to read it.
But… I have always enjoyed Natasha’s books, so I gave it a go. And I am so glad I did. It was such a fantastic story! Feel free to answer any or all of the questions below. J

1.  Have you ever taken a chance on reading a story that sounded out of your comfort zone? What happened? (Good or bad)

2.  This book is categorized as science fiction, which is a genre that may not be as appealing to many readers, but sci-fi truly encompasses much more than alien worlds and tentacles! Were you hesitant to read it based on that if sci-fi is not a genre you normally read? If an author you enjoy writes a book that is in a genre that is not one that appeals to you, do you still buy their book because of the author?

2. Based on reviews, Given to the Savage was a love or hate sort of book. The word uncomfortable was used in more than one review of the work and one reviewer (two stars) went so far as to say the book stayed with her for a ‘LONG time’ after reading. There were quite a few uncomfortable moments in the book for me but I still continued to read.   How do non-consensual scenes make you feel? Do you think these scenes were necessary to tell Rowan and Silas’ story?

3. Silas is considered a ‘savage’ and there are many moments where he’s not a very nice man, but as the story progresses, his reasons are slowly revealed and he is doing the right thing, or trying to, in very difficult circumstances. How did you feel about his character? Did you find his punishments harsh and were any of the sex scenes too far in the non-con realm for you? Again, do you think they were necessary to tell their story?

4. If you were in Rowan’s position, would you have gone as far as she did to prevent pregnancy in her desperation not to have her children torn from her? Would you have decided it were better not to have children at all then?

5.  Does this darker sort of work appeal to you in general within the realm of spanking romance or do you prefer a lighter read?
In the aftermath of a plague which brought civilization to its knees and left most of the world's female population sterile, breeders - the few women who remain fertile -have become a precious commodity. Breeders live in relative comfort, but upon reaching adulthood they are tasked with bearing one child after another to carry on the species. Frequent medical assessments keep the breeders healthy and harsh punishments keep them in line.

As a breeder who has just come of age, Rowan knows she will soon be little more than a slave, but when she dares to resist her fate the penalty is severe. After a shameful, public chastisement and a thorough, humiliating examination to determine her suitability for child-bearing, Rowan is given to a savage from outside the community - a huge brute of a man named Silas - to be bred.

Against all expectations, Rowan finds herself drawn to her new captor. Brave, ruggedly handsome, and even kind at times, Silas is everything the men who enslaved her were not. When the time comes for him to breed her, despite the circumstances something deep inside her begs for him to take her long and hard. But while she soon finds herself longing to be his forever, Rowan knows that eventually those who gave her to him will try to take her back. When that day comes will Silas fight to keep her at his side even if it means risking everything he loves?

Publisher's Note: Given to the Savage is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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