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Spanking Stories Book Club: Marry Me In Montana

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I thought we'd get into the Christmas Spirit on Halloween by discussing Sue Lyndon's Marry Me In Montana---which is FREE today. Cick here to get your copy.

Blurb: Marry Me in Montana is a short story of approximately 8,500 words .Amy and her fiancé, Jake, are on their way to Florida for their destination wedding when a fierce snowstorm leaves them stranded in Montana. Not only will they miss their wedding, but they'll be spending Christmas over two thousand miles from where they're supposed to be spending the holidays. Even worse, Jake won't bend his old-fashioned rules and consummate their marriage before they say their vows, leaving Amy beyond frustrated. Of course, that doesn't mean she won't try to change his mind...even if the attempt gets her in trouble with her firm handed fiancé.

Jake knows Amy is upset that their carefully laid out plans have been ruined, but he's not about to let her spend the whole time pouting. A good spanking--especially a bare bottom one--will help her settle down. He's not happy their wedding is postponed, and it's taking all his strength to resist the naughty little temptation who keeps winding up over his knee. It's too bad they can't just get married in the middle of the snowstorm...or can they?


1. Althought Jake and Amy are not virgins, Jake is determined not to conummate their wedding until they take their vows. Is that a sexy quality in a modern man? 

2. What is more appealing, actually reading a sex scene or the anticipation of "will they or won't they"? Of course we know they will, but is the waiting as much fun as the act? 

3. Would you marry someone without "sampling the goods"? 

4. Weddings---if you had yours to do over again, would you do anything different? 

5. Christmas---the most wonderful time of the year or something you just grit your teeth and hope to get through without hurting anyone?

Did I mention this book is available for FREE today? Click here. 

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Warrior (Breeder 3) by Cara Bristol

Good news! Did you devour Breeder in one sitting? Buy Terran as soon as it was availalbe? Been wondering when the next book in the series would be available?'s the scoop on Warrior, Cara Bristol's third book in the Breeder series. 

Warrior (Breeder 3) blurb
A female fighting for freedom.  A male armed with determination. Can they save their people?
As a despotic Qalin marches through Parseon intent on conquering every province, Commander Marlix pledges his sister to another Alpha to protect her. Desperate to decide her own fate, Anika flees and finds refuge with the guerilla resistance movement against Qalin. Marlix’s aide Urazi hunts her down to bring her home to fulfill her duty. But when love blossoms between them, and provinces fall to Qalin, Anika and Urazi realize home has ceased to exist, and they are all that stand between the people of Parseon and the end of the world.
Warrior is the third and final book of the Breeder science fiction romance series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

Warrior (Breeder 3) excerpt 
“If I had not killed Grogan, he would have beaten and used you.”
Urazi had witnessed Grogan striking her, so the first part came as no surprise, but how could he have known the alpha had intended to avail himself of her?
“Do you think I could not read his behavior? That I did not notice him rubbing himself against you? Do you think I am mentally deficient?” Urazi growled. “If I had not intervened, you would have joined forces against Marlix, Dak, and Ilian without knowing it.”
Anika’s face heated with guilt and shame.
“You are impulsive! Rash,” Urazi continued to rail. “You fled without concern for the consequences.”
“I knew the consequences! Marlix would have sent me to Ilian.”
Urazi looked away. “Commander Ilian would have kept you safe.”
“Maybe safety represents the greatest danger of all.”
“Your words do not make sense.”
“I wish to choose what I do. “
“Protocol makes the choice for you.”
“Protocol. Protocol. Protocol! I am sick of Protocol.” Anika stomped around, too angry to remain still.
“It is the way. Our way.”
Our way allowed Corren, Commander Dak’s beta, to slit my throat and leave me for dead.” Anika traced the fine scar bisecting her neck. “It allowed Qalin’s guards to hunt Tara and me, to kill Tara’s friend Ramon.”
“That is not the fault of Protocol, but of the individuals involved,” Urazi said.
Anika shook her head. “No. It creates the environment that encourages such behavior.”
“That is incor—”
“Protocol allows the male offspring of my sire to send me to whomever he wishes without concern for my desires.” Anika cut him off.
“Ilian is Alpha. He is the best possible choice for you.”
“Qalin is Alpha, too. Would he not be a best possible choice?”
“Now you speak rubbish.” Urazi turned away.
“You know I am right.”
“I know we all have our duty. In obedience, we achieve honor.”
“Easy for you to say. You are male. Your duty affords you some choices.”
“I am beta. Do you not think I wish for more?” Urazi whipped around, his gray eyes ablaze. “But I owe my allegiance to Parseon and to my Alpha! I accept that.”
“Well, I do not!” If she had a hammer she would not be able to pound understanding into his stony male brain. He would never empathize with her position. No male could. Anika clenched her hands into fists. If she were a male, she would have punched him by now. Old and new resentments ballooned. If she could not calm herself, she would explode. She would punch him. Anika stomped toward the forest.
“Come back here!”
She ignored him. He did not get a choice in the matter. Let him see what it was like to have one’s wishes overruled.
“Anika, I warn you….” Urazi’s voice hardened.
She faltered, responding to the command, habit and lifelong training overruling self-determination. But only if she let it. I am more than what I have been taught. Anika whirled around, folded all her fingers except for the middle one, and showed him her hand. Tara had called it flipping the coro and explained it was a very rude, dismissive gesture on Terra. It would be more satisfying if Urazi knew what it meant, but, for now, it was enough that she did. She spun around and marched toward the woods.



Author Links:
Warrior Buy Link – to come

Cara Bristol bio
Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club: Taming Princess Anna by Sue Lyndon

Please welcome Patricia Green who is here to disucss Taming Princess Anna by Sue Lyndon. 

Taming Princess Anna is a short and simple spanking romance novella by Sue Lyndon. As with Sue's other books, it's well-formed and fun to read. It's totally escapist in nature, which makes it ideal for sitting back with a cup of herbal tea and getting away from all the hubbub of daily life. It's a fairy tale with a happy ending.

In the book, Princess Anna has to escape her father's plans for her, and so runs away. She hides in the enclosed town, but those walls are steep and she's not capable of getting away. Instead, she bides her time, waiting for an elusive opportunity to sneak out.

In comes Bronson. She doesn't know what to make of him at first (he's not the boy she remembers), but he soon proves that he can get her out of her mess, and she takes the chance on him rather than be stuck under the thumb of her mean father.

Therein lies the tale. How Anna and Bronson find their way toward their happy ever after is a lovely romp through the roses, thorns and all.

(1)    We all like spanking stories or we wouldn't be here. Under what circumstances do you crave a spanking story that's total escapism versus having prickly reality themes?

(2)    Anna is spoiled but Sue has given her reasons for being not-too-spoiled. When reading about spoiled, willful women, at what point to do you say, "too much brat, not enough depth"? How does this apply to a fairy tale setting?

(3)    In the book, Anna is forced (mostly by circumstances) to marry a commoner (Bronson). We might all remember from recent history, the story of Prince Charles and (his current wife) Camilla – a royal marrying a commoner. If you read the book, do you feel that Anna's concern about losing her royal privilege was justifiable or that she should have given up more easily? Or do you think maybe she gave up too easily, after all? Or maybe her doubts were just right. 

  Get your own copy of Taming Princess Anna. Amazon  Blushing Books 

  Coming up on Spanking Stories Book Club

October 31----The Coach's Discipline by Katherine Deane Discussion by Adaline Raine
November 7---Given To The Savage by Natasha Knight Discussion by Katherine Deane
November 14---Warrior by Cara BristolDiscussion by Sue Lyndon

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Spanking Stories Book Club: Rescued By The Spy By Patricia Green

Imagine being kidnapped, shipped off to another planet and sold into sexual slavery. And imagine further that the only person you recognize is the man you had a fling with six years before and can't get out of your head. Add to that the fact that this man is now right hand man of the sadistic and warped leader of a brutal society that treats women as little more than breeding stock.

If you can't imagine that, don't worry, because Patricia Green has and she's written about it in Rescued By The Spy.

I got a sneak peek at this book and found myself engrossed in the stark and brutal world. I'll admit, some of the scenes were a bit too harsh for me, but knowing the potential risks adds tension to the story because you realize there is no point too low or horrible for the bad guys to stoop to. 

Blurb: Michael O’Malley is a spy working for the Solarian Federation, undercover in a sting operation against Jerold Laricon and his Ligeian settlement on Titan. Laricon is a man with Machiavellian social restructuring schemes and a desire for world domination. It’s a bad time for Nina Stanley, O’Malley’s old flame, to get kidnapped by Laricon.

Muddying the waters is Michael’s need to fit in and partake of the succulent fruits of Laricon’s stratified system—including the sweet, beautiful, and willing Alyssa. Michael wants to help Nina and free Alyssa, but he also wants to crush Laricon’s unscrupulous and vicious rise to power.

Nina is appalled by what she experiences in Ligeia at the hands of the evil Laricon. Her goal is to get out, no matter what it takes. But what if the price is Michael's life? Can she live with herself if that happens?

Nota bene: this book includes polygyny, but is not a ménage story. The story contains dominant males, and some difficult situations. However, it is an erotic romance with a happy ending. If any of these elements offends you, this is not the book for you.

This book is currently available for pre-order and will be delivered to your Kindle for your reading pleasure on November 1. 

Since this book isn't available to read yet, I'll keep my questions more general (and feel slightly superior because I got a chance to read the book. heehee). 


1. What is the appeal of the sexual slavery fantasy? Is it a fantasy that appeals to you? 

2. This book includes polygyny. I looked it up.  It means the state or practice of having more than one wife or female mate at one time. Can you see some advantages to a poly relationship? Would you ever want to be in one on real life? Can three people have a relationship that works for everyone? 

3. On Titan, sex is an open and obvious part of political gatherings. In current times, sex scandals are rampant in politics. Would we be better off if sex wasn't such a big  (sometimes not so well kept) secret? 

4. Would you be a better partner if your man (or woman) also had another partner? Would you work harder to please? 

5. In the worse moment of her life, the only person Nina recognizes is a man she had a one night fling with years before (but hasn't been able to forget). Have you ever run into a former lover (whether one night or many) unexpectedly? Was it a thrill or one of those "what was  thinking?" moments? 

Pre-order your copy now. Amazon  Amazon UK

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Spanking Stories Book Club: Devon's Discipline by Adaline Raine

Let's give a hearty Spanking Stories Book Club welcome to Renee Rose who is here to lead the discussion of Adaline Raine's Devon's Discipline..

Heeere's Renee: 

 I love paranormals, and personally, I think paranormals and BDSM or spanking romance are a perfect fit, since a supernatural hero automatically has extra points toward being an alpha. In Devon's Discipline, the hero is both a professor and a vampire--two checks toward alpha-dom in my book!  

Following the tragic loss of her parents, Devon Dawson has turned to alcohol as a way to cope with the grief and her college grades are dropping fast. Things seem to have hit rock bottom when she is called into the office of Professor Matthews and scolded like a naughty schoolgirl. The handsome professor informs Devon that he’ll be keeping a close eye on her and warns her that if he feels it necessary, he will not hesitate to spank her soundly. 

It isn’t long before Devon ends up over Professor Matthews’ knee for a hard, bare-bottom spanking. But even though he treats her like a wayward child, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. It seems sometimes as if he can read her most intimate thoughts, and there is a mysterious, supernatural power about him which she cannot ignore. 

With the help of his firm hand, Devon begins to put her life back together. By the time she realizes that she is falling in love with him, she is in too deep to turn back. She craves his touch and wants him to take all that she has to offer, but when she discovers the truth about him, she wonders if he will be able to protect her from his own dark desires. 

Publisher’s Note: Devon’s Discipline is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. 


1. In Devon's discipline, Devon's best friend, Lucy doesn't approve of her interest in Professor Matthews. Have you ever had a friend not like your partner/love interest?  How did it effect your friendship or your relationship with your partner?

2.  Devon has been truly struggling since her parent's death and is self-destructing through drinking/ditching classes. Did you ever go through a "rebellious" phase like that? And if so, was it initiated by an emotional wound or a normal part of growing up and separating from outside authority?

3. Several times Devon seems to act out or sass Professor Matthews just to be sure he's paying attention. I thought this was a very accurate depiction of "bratting".  While she isn't purposely trying to get spanked, and she resists the actual spankings, part of her loves the attention. Can you forgive a character for bad behavior when its clear she just needs to be taken in hand?

Buy Devon's Discipline

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#SatSpanks from Becoming Lady Amherst

I thought I'd share something from Becoming Lady Amherst, a Regency Spanking Romace which was published a few months ago. I have recently enrolled the book in KDP Select which means that those of you with Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited Memberships can borrow the book. The rest of you are more than welcome to buy it. Here's the link.  

This week's snippet is one of my favorites from this story. 

Although he exerted himself thoroughly in my punishment, which continued unabated, he spoke as calmly as if he were reading the news.
I am not proud of this, if asked directly to verify its accuracy, I may not be so honest in the future, but I shall confess it here.
While teetering across his knee, I worked up an impressive amount of saliva, which I then projected onto his shoe with both accuracy and delight.

He paused in his efforts to scorch my rump, set me on my feet—my skirts thankfully fell back into place over my throbbing bottom—then stared down at his sputum-adorned shoe.

Blurb: When Miss Sarah McLean causes a scandal in Boston, her father takes her to London in search of a husband.

At her first party, Sarah insults Lord Amherst who takes her over his knee to spank some manners into her. When this spanking comes to light, Sarah's father offers him a choice: Marry Sarah or send her back to America where she has no prospects for a husband.

Intrigued by the spirited Yankee Girl, Lord Amherst proposes.

Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Sarah and Jeffrey form a bond and appear headed for a bright future.

That is, until Sarah pretends to be someone she's not.

Spanking Stories Book Club: Wanting It All by Livia Grant

Wanting it All by Liva Grant is such a significant book that it takes two people to lead this discussion. Thanks to Natasha Knight and Cara Bristol for co-hosting the discussion of Livia Grant’s book, Wanting it All.

Wanting it All Blurb
Brianna Lambert has it all. After escaping an abusive ex-Dom, she has the good fortune to find and marry the love of her life. Markus’ gentle and devoted love has helped her put the pieces of her life back together. There’s only one problem. As the years go by, Brianna finds herself missing the excitement of the BDSM lifestyle. If only she could talk to her gentle husband about her secret desire to be dominated in the bedroom, but as a submissive, she finds she can’t make the words come. 

When her ex-Dom resurfaces in her life, the flames of lost desire are reignited, leading Brianna to make a decision with shattering consequences. 

As Brianna’s best friend, Tiffany O’Sullivan understands and even shares Brianna's hidden desire for a alpha male to protect, cherish and punish her when she's earned it. Still, Tiff is furious when Bri puts her life and marriage at risk for a fling with her abusive ex. 

When Brianna disappears, Tiff tracks her down at a local BDSM club where Markus has sent his wayward wife to atone for her infidelity at the hands of his own best friend - club owner, Master Lukus Mitchell. Tiff may go to The Punishment Pit to rescue her best friend, but quickly finds she may need rescuing herself after encountering the Master’s Master. And when Markus is again ready to confront his wayward wife he, too, must come to terms with a secret past. 

Intro from Natasha
After reading a sample of Livia Grant's Wanting It All, I immediately found myself drawn to the book and one clicked to buy as soon as it was released. I would categorize this book as BDSM and not a spanking romance and would love to hear how others reacted to it.

Into from Cara:
Everyone took risks in this book –Brianna, Markus, Lukus, Tiffany, and author Livia Grant herself. From the very beginning with the opening scene, Livia Grant breaks all the rules. She shows the characters’ ugliness first—and then makes you care for her characters.

Their questions:

1. The book opened with a pretty hard core sex scene between Brianna and her ex-boyfriend. The reader learns very quickly that Brianna is cheating on her husband with Jake, but it's too soon to have an investment in the characters (even as first judgments may play a role as far as the infidelity is concerned). For this question, I'd like to focus more on the actual language/sex/spanking scene that took place rather than with whom it happened although I don't know that we can separate them entirely. This scene absolutely grabbed my attention because it wasn't watered down or softened. Brianna wasn't being made love to and she wasn't taking an OTK hand spanking. There wasn't a lot of tenderness in this scene. In a way, I feel like this book pushed a little bit because of this hardness that was present throughout the story. As a reader, how did you feel about this opening? Did it turn you on or off to the book and why?

2. Lukus ended up being the one to punish Brianna. Markus, her husband, delivered her to The Punishment Pit and left her there. Granted, he knew and trusted Lukus, but for me, Markus got a little checkmark in the negative column for that because I felt he should have been more involved. How did you feel about this aspect? Did you understand Markus's reasons? Could you forgive him? Did you feel Brianna was getting what she deserved or did you want Markus to change his mind and not leave her at TPP?

3. Let’s talk about the issue of consent and Brianna’s reaction to the pain. Brianna is coerced into agreeing to the severe and painful punishments, and Lukus was willing to beat her until she signed divorce papers. Because Brianna is a “pain slut” the punishments didn’t break her. Did fact that she was a pain slut make the violence more acceptable or palatable to you? What if Brianna had just suffered horribly without experiencing that high, would that have changed your feelings toward what happened and toward the characters?

4. The punishments were extreme right from the start and never let up throughout the book. Humiliation played a large role right up until Lukus carried Brianna up to his rooms. The book is an erotic read but instead of titillating, the scenes in Wanting It All had me turning the pages to see what would come next and all along, I wasn't sure what I wanted to come next. What was your reaction to this aspect of the book? 

5. In the book Lukus becomes attracted to Brianna, and then his attentions shift to Jennifer. It's a plot device  (I felt) to show that Brianna wasn't indiscriminately cheating--she had a chance to overcome temptation. But do you think Lukus could have shifted his attentions to someone else that quickly?

6. By the end, did you like Brianna, Lukus, and Markus? Did your feelings toward them change as you read the book?

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