Friday, July 15, 2016

Spanking Stories Book Club: Lord Winthorpe's Virgin Bride

Happy Summer! Looking for a sexy summer read? How about a naughty historical romance by Amelia Wren: Lord Winthorpe's Virgin Bride

Blurb: Jacinta Buchanan never particularly wanted to be married, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She needs a plan to ensure her future before her horrid uncle completely depletes the fortune her late father worked so hard to build. Hearing that a new, eligible bachelor has recently returned home to the manor just outside the village, she is quick to hatch a plan she believes will benefit them both.

Lord Theodore Winthorpe might have recently inherited a title and a large manor house, but unfortunately, he didn't inherit the means required to provide for its upkeep. When a young woman appears on his doorstep to offer herself in marriage under a definite set of terms, his interest is certainly piqued. After taking the little minx across his knees and ensuring there is a spark that has the possibility of growing into an inferno between them, he agrees to marry her.

Jacinta soon discovers that even the best laid plans can go awry. Things are not quite as simple as she'd planned, especially when she learns first hand that Theodore has some rather firm notions of what he expects from his new bride. His requirements have her struggling with her need to remain independent and her growing desire to submit to a man she barely knows.

What’s more, Uncle Cameron doesn’t intend to release control of his late brother’s fortune without a fight, and he fights dirty. Marriage was the only option Jacinta had for safeguarding her legacy—but what options does she have for safeguarding her heart?

Disclaimer: This book contains the spanking of adult women and other explicit themes, including anal play. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Jacinta is in a bit of a bind. Unless she puts a stop to it, her evil uncle will deplete her father’s fortune, thus destroying the legacy he devoted his entire life to building. Her only hope is to marry a man she’s only just met. Would you marry a stranger if that was the only way to preserve your dearly departed father’s legacy?

2. Once a spectacular home, Theodore’s manor house is now falling apart, and the two remaining servants are too feeble to be of much help. Unfortunately, the money they counted on to repair the manor house is tied up in the courts. If you were in Jacinta and Theodore’s shoes would you 1) sell all the valuables and use the money to move somewhere more affordable 2) throw on an apron/roll up your sleeves and get to work on fixing up the old place 3) try to be Zen about it—so what if the place is covered with dust, infested with mice and that the windows are broken or missing and the walls are cracking?

3.  At one point, the threat of being thrown into a mental hospital (or as they called it back then, the insane asylum) is a very real possibility for Jacinta. As you probably know, mental wards were horrifying places in Victorian England. What lengths would you go to in an effort to escape such a terrible fate?

4. Jacinta and Theodore adopt a couple of kittens they call Spring and Dash. The idea was for the kittens to wipe out the mouse infestation, but Jacinta and Theodore soon grow attached to the cuddly creatures. Animals as pets aren’t all that common in historical fiction, but can you think of any memorable pets from stories that take place in the past?

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