Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Writing About Sex...or Not

Christina has a lovely post about the upcoming release of Coming To Terms. Among the kind compliments she gives me is one about how hot my books are. Thanks, Christina!

So, what's the problem? Well, in Reconnecting, my contribution to Coming to Terms, there isn't any sex. I refer to it a couple times like "after a night of hot hotel sex" but the story itself doesn't include any hot sexy scenes.

Reconnecting is  new story about Reece and Daisy, the couple from Underwear Probation and if you read that book, you know it was pretty sexy. When I started this new story, I assumed it would be as sexy if not more so, but then when I got into the story, it just didn't seem to fit.

What? How can sex not fit in a spanking story? Good question. But, in this story Daisy and Reece had some major conflict going on and it just seemed odd to me for them to have unresolved conflict but then rock the sheets with mind boggling sex.

Sex is an important party of a relationship and it can be used for many purposes, but in this story, I just didn't want it to be front and center.

I'm anxious for all of you to read it and let me know what you think of the passing references to sex vs. detailed descriptions.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club: Rules of War Wrap Up

We've made it to the last Friday in April so that means this is our last discussion of Rules of War by Sue Lyndon. 

This was my first post-apocalyptic story (is that even the right word for it?) and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I suppose I should be bothered that the US appears to have lost, but I liked John so it seemed okay. I suppose that's another one of those things I'm willing to put up with in a book but real life might be very different. 

I think the idea that life as Emma knew it was completely changed made the security and comfort that John provided that much more significant. 

What about the rest of you? 

Final thoughts? 

Which scene was your favorite? 

And a reminder---next week we start our discussion of The Devil of Whiskey Row by Renee Rose. We'll go from the future to the past...but regardless of the era, butts will be spanked. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

#SatSpanks More from Reconnecting

Last week I posted a snippet from Reconnecting, my contribution to the spanking anthology Coming to Terms which will be available in May. 

This week, I thought I'd share more from the same scene where Reece is spanking Daisy. Although Daisy does not agree with his decision to punish her, she complies. This scene is from Reece's point of view, and I think it's rather poignant. 

           He continued his duties.  Three quick swats to the same spot on her left cheek, followed by an equal number on the right.
            Daisy neither spoke nor moved.
            By now warmth spread across her buttocks.  His fingers started to sting, but his task had just begun.
            He brought his palm down repeatedly on the same spot on the underside of her cheek, but it brought no response from Daisy.  She did not complain or resist.  Her stoic submission created an ache in his heart.  While he tried to connect with her, she shut him out. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club Announcements

Hi Everyone! 

As usual, The Spanking Stories Book Club will be meeting this Friday. We're discussing Sue Lyndon's Rules of War so come back Friday to join us. 

In May, we will be reading Renee Rose's The Devil of Whiskey Row. I might have announced a different Renee Rose book earlier but I've made a switch for a few reasons. First, it's my book club so I'm allowed to make changes. :) Second, I really liked The Devil of Whiskey Row so I want to talk about it. And third, I'm way behind in my reading and since I've read this book, I'm taking the easy way. 

In June, let's read Coming To Terms the spanking stories anthology that includes 7 stories. I thought we'd do one story per week in the order they are presented in the book. 

How's that sound? 

Friday, April 12, 2013

#SatSpanks from Reconnecting

Coming to Terms, a spanking stories anthology which includes Jade Cary, Cara Bristol, Anastasia Vitsky, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Alta Hensley and Little Ol' Me, will be published in May. I can't wait. This book is going to be one hot and sexy spank-a-palooza. 

My story is called Reconnecting and it's a sequel to Underwear Probation. It was fun to re-visit Daisy and Reece.  

In Reconnecting, Daisy is having trouble monitoring her time on the internet (you know that whole "write what you know thing....") and when Reece suggests that she needs to re-evaluate how she spends her time, Daisy is defiant, disrespectful and...she lies. And you know where that is going to lead. 

This snippet is from Reece's point of view as he prepares to spank his wife. Underwear Probation is a sexy story and I expected that Reconnecting would be too, but it turned into a more emotional story, I think. What do you think? 

            Not only did she spend too much time on the internet, but her vehement defense of her actions indicated an unreasonable and unhealthy attachment to the activity.
            He also knew his wife well enough to realize that at this point, her ears were closed to any lecture he might care to give.
            He hated it when she treated him like an adversary.  He didn’t expect her to clap her hands in glee before being disciplined, but he wasn’t the enemy.
            He rubbed soft circles on her buttocks, then moved on to do the same across her back, and even reached up to her shoulders,  which were probably sore from leaning over a computer screen all day, though she’d never admit it.  He worked on the knots there before making his way back down to his intended target. 

Be sure to visit the other Sat Spankers. 

Spanking Stories Book Club---Rules of War

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Thoughts on Friendship

I recently had a discussion with a friend about the nature of friendship and she asked "What are you looking for in a friend?" 

Seems like a simple question, and maybe it is, but it got me thinking. 

There are some basic qualities that I think would be good: smart, a good sense of humor, thinks I'm fabulous, for starters. 

But then I thought about what an ideal friendship would look like and how it would feel. Let me just add here that I have a wide circle of friends but some are more satisfying than others. Some are disappointing and frustrating. Friendships also seem to ebb and flow with the tides of life. So I thought about those moments and those people where friendship was at its best. 

Here's what I came up with: I want to feel safe to share myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my anxieties with someone who will hear what I say without judgment and maybe without even offering advice (unless I ask for it). And I want to be the sort of friend who does the same for them. 

What's this have to do with spanking? Maybe not much. Sorry. But there are still all those free spanking stories listed above so if that's what you came here for today you can still get your fix. :) 

Or maybe it does have a lot to do with spanking. I like the anonymity of being Celeste Jones and I'm unlikely to share my writing life with any more people in my real life than I have already. But that begs the question---if I were to tell the people in my life, how would they react? 

Admittedly, I am sometimes surprised by people, but overall, I think my friends would fall into one of three different categories. 

1. Enthusiastic and supportive: That's great. What can I do to help? These are those safe people mentioned above. 
2. Not sure how to react or what to think: Hmmm. That's interesting. They may never mention the subject again and might try to pretend they never heard me tell them. Or they might broach it again in the future because they are curious or they've mulled it over a bit and have decided that I am still the same person they knew before. 
3. Horrified, shocked, repulsed.  We can't be friends any more. Whether they come right out and say it or simply fade away from my life, their world has been rocked beyond repair. 

I've decided to spend more time with the people in category 1 and to nurture those relationships. I'll still spend time with folks in category 2 and even the 3s, but even without telling them anything about being a naughty spanking stories writer, I know these friendships just won't be as satisfying because I have to be careful to edit out a significant part of my life---a part of my life that I find very satisfying and engaging. 

What about you? What do you think makes a good friend? 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jake Diggory: The Ultimate Spanking Story Hero

Who is Jake Diggory and why am I so excited about him? 

Jake "Daddy Diggs" Diggory is the hero of Renee Rose's The Devil of Whiskey Row and if you haven't read it yet, then you are missing out. 

I've given some thought to why I particularly liked this hero vs. spanking stories heroes that I've read about and here's what I've come up with. Basically, I think this list creates the ultimate hero for any romance. See if you agree. 

1. He's brave. 
    As the story opens, Jake risks his life and climbs into a burning building to save Cora, despite the fact that they are essentially strangers. There are a couple other examples of his bravery in the book, but I don't want to give too many spoilers. 

Why do we like brave heroes? Because no woman wants to wonder if, when push comes to shove, the man she's with will be hiding under the bed while she's left to fend off attackers, the plague, or pushy neighbors.

2. He's loyal. 
    Since his fiancee's death fifteen years before, Jake has been celibate. This may be taking loyalty to an extreme, but when he finally gives in to his desire for Cora you know it's special. 

Why do we like loyal heroes? Because we'd like to think that he'd be that loyal to us as well. 
Just think, if there were more men who were both brave and loyal, there wouldn't be much to watch on afternoon TV. No more shows devoted to finding out who really is the baby's father or whether her man slept with her sister and her brother. 

3. He knows what's right and does it. 
    Jake doesn't sit around wringing his hands thinking "Gee, someone should do something about that". He jumps in and does the right thing, whether it's to protect his girls or those who can't protect themselves. 

Why do we like a hero who does the right thing? Because a man who knows right from wrong and is willing to stand up for it is sexy. And we know that if he'll stand up for a stranger, he'll skin a tiger to protect us and not even think twice about it. Also---see my afternoon TV/Jerry Springer reference above. 

4. He's willing to discipline but is also compassionate. 
There are a couple of times when Cora crosses the line (imagine that!) and Jake punishes her, but he also changes his plan if need be. Again, don't want to give out too many spoilers. 

Why do we like a compassionate hero? Because we all screw up and we want a man who understands that and even if we deserve to be punished, he's not a jerk about it.  

5. He's not motivated by money. 
Sure, Jake is running a successful brothel, but he treats his employees fairly and pays them well. He doesn't use money to manipulate others and he knows that money can't buy him happiness or peace of mind. 

Why do we like heroes who aren't motivated by money? Because that means he doesn't get his identity from what he makes or owns. He's a man who is secure in his own skin and doesn't need to flaunt his wealth to feel superior to others. 

What about you? Do you agree with these characteristics of a good hero? Any that you'd add? 

Friday, April 5, 2013

#SatSpanks from Legal Briefs

Greetings Sat Spankers!

Today's snippet comes from Legal Briefs: Over The Knee Justice which is composed of two short stories and a novella. This excerpt is from one of the short stories entitled Judge Not: Class Reunion. When Eileen, who is both competitive and a snob, is invited to her class reunion she attempts to make over her regular guy husband, Jimmy for the event. Eventually Jimmy gets fed up.

In this scene, Jimmy has taken Eileen into the janitor's closet at her old school. She thinks it's for some naughty fun, so she's quite surprised when she ends up over Jimmy's knee.

“Are you nuts?”
He ignored her and continued with his corrective measures. “But, I am still the man in this family and I will not tolerate your disrespect.” As he spoke, his confidence grew, along with the red glow of his wife’s behind.
“I put up with your pretentious ways, thinking that it didn’t apply to me,” he said, “but over the last couple of weeks, I can see that this reunion has brought out the worst in you.”
“This one is for calling me ‘James,’” Jimmy said, with a hard whack to the center of her butt.
“And this one,” he added as he continued to redden the sweet spot in the center of her rear, “is for telling me what to wear.”
The list, and the whacks, continued. “Insulting my car. Exaggerating about my job. Not letting me have a beer.”

Spanking Stories Book Club: Rules of War by Sue Lyndon Week One

It's April! Can Spring be far behind? 

This month's book is Sue Lyndon's Rules of War

Can her greatest fear become her sweetest desire?

Emma Conrad's worst nightmare is realized when a bomb strikes her building and she awakens to discover she's been taken captive by a Free Island enemy soldier. Tensions and passions rise as she rebels against the man who has claimed her as his wife, whisking her away to a settlement in the mountains.

Unit Commander John Rousseau insists he's a good man Emma need not fear, but he does promise to spank her if she misbehaves...and he has lots of rules. Will she lose her heart to the stern stranger, or will a ghost from her past take away her last chance at happiness?

This book takes place at some time in the future when Baltimore, MD (and possibly more of the US) is under siege from bands of  Free Island soldiers. 

I'm more likely to pick up a book that takes place in the past than one set in the future, but part of my reason for starting this little book club was to make myself read a bigger variety of books in this genre. I've started this book and I'm already hooked. 

How about you? What era is your favorite? Medieval? Regency? Contemporary? Futuristic? Or something else? 

And, what are your thoughts as we begin reading this book? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paloma Beck's New Release: Hold My Hand

I'm thrilled to have Paloma Beck here for the first stop on her Release Tour for her new Spanking/BDSM-lite novel, Hold My Hand. I've got all the details you need about the book and the tour where you can win a copy of the book at every tour stop. In order to enter the drawing for the free book you must comment with the answer to the question that is listed below. 

Title: Hold My Hand
Author: Paloma Beck
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Elements: BDSM-lite, Consensual Adult Spanking
Release Date: April 1, 2013

Aubrey has been hurt in the past, discouraged and degraded by a heartless father. Still, William sees something in her that won't allow him to walk away. Instantly drawn to her but intuitive enough to take it slowly, he courts her. Then he bargains, persuades and seduces until he ensnares Aubrey with his commanding nature. He’s everything she ever needed but never had the courage to want for. Despite the fight she puts up in accepting William's lifestyle, the bonds he places on Aubrey give her a freedom she desperately needs. Together, they heal old wounds and find their perfect love.


© Hold My Hand, Paloma Beck, 2013
Late for work, I took the corner to the coffee shop at a quick pace, too focused on my phone call with my sister to notice the man walking out of the coffee shop before I ran into him. The coffee he held in his hand spilled down the front of his starched dress shirt but left me completely untouched. I stuttered out an apology, blushing furiously, offering to get him a new coffee, napkins, anything to make this dreadful scene end. You clumsy, stupid girl.

I knew him. He came into the coffee shop –where I made his coffee- nearly every day. This moment though was the first time I’d actually spoken to him beyond the serving basics, but it was so not the first time I’d seen him. I’d noticed him coming in and out of the coffee shop where I worked for months.

Sometimes he’d stay and read, always a classic novel that I too had read in college. Mostly he just ordered his coffee –tall, decaf, black– and be on his way. Even then, though, he watched me pour it, knowing I too was watching him through my downcast eyes. I felt it even then that he was all knowing though we’d never spoken. He’d only nodded his head at me as I handed him his cup each day.

Today was different. His kind eyes held a hint of irritation but also interest. We were going to talk about something other than his coffee. I hoped my voice wouldn’t fail me.

Is there significance in Aubrey knowing how William took his coffee?

About Paloma
Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction... she's a happily married carpooling mom writing erotic romance. It's almost naughty! Paloma writes in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms, journaling the stories her characters tell her, and they are anything but PG. She dabbles in vampires, witches, ménage, spanking and bdsm - all in her books, of course.

Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.

Connect with Paloma

Paloma is offering a DAILY CONTEST during her release tour to WIN a Hold My Hand ebook. Enter to win each day by answering the QUESTION in the COMMENTS section of that day’s post. The question must be answered to be eligible. The commenter needs to provide their email address and preferred ebook format.

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