Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lies, Love and Lust. A steamy suspense romance from Maggie Carpenter

I'm happy to be able to share a great new release from Maggie Carpenter, A Country Music Christmas


Cowboy and legendary record producer Liam Taylor is furious. He has just learned the young woman he hired as an assistant several weeks before is an aspiring singer who manipulated her way into his home. He believed they were becoming close, which makes her deception even more egregious.

Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Summer Brown has never felt her heart pump so fast, nor her face burn so hot. She may have arrived on Liam's doorstep wanting to be the next Taylor Swift, and she still does, but she's crazy about him.

Liam is a dominant, and believing she's made a fool of him he deftly bends her over his knee, lands a flurry of hard swats, then sends her packing, but a short time later a fierce snowstorm sweeps down the mountain. They suddenly find themselves catapulted together in perilous conditions fighting for survival. 

He must bury his anger to battle through the treacherous blizzard, but if they make it out alive will her impassioned declaration of love be enough to win his forgiveness...?

If you enjoy an exciting heartwarming romance starring a take-charge cowboy and feisty female, you'll love A Country Music Christmas. Click the link today.

Publisher's Note: A Country Music Christmas includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. Previously released under the title, A Song For Liam).

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