Spanking Stories Book Club FAQ

What is Spanking Stories Book Club? 

Spanking Stories Book Club is just like the book club you might attend in real life, except you have to provide your own wine and we won't judge you if you haven't read the book.

Each week we discuss a different book from the spanking fiction genre.

Do I have to read the book to participate? 

No. There are usually 4-6 discussion questions each week and usually at least a couple of them are more general so that you can answer them even if you haven't read the book.

Is there a schedule for upcoming books? 

Yes. It's on the right side of the blog. If you click on the title of each book, you'll be taken to the Amazon page for that book.

How do you pick the books? 

There's no set procedure. Sometimes I'll post a request on Facebook for suggestions or people who would like to be the discussion leader. Other times I pick a book I've read or someone who has read a book they'd like to discuss will contact me and volunteer.

Can I be the discussion leader? 

Probably. If there is a book that you'd like to discuss, please send me an email at

What does the discussion leader do?

First, they should have read the book.

Next, the discussion leader needs to create a post and send it to me (after we have decided on a date and book for your discussion).

What should the discussion leader's post include? 

The post should include a paragraph with some introductory thoughts about the book, for example, why it appealed to you and why you wanted to lead a discussion about it.

It should also include 3-5 (or more) questions related to the book, with at least 2 of the questions being a bit more general so that people who have not read the book can participate.

If you can include the blurb and cover art, that's helpful, but if not, I'll put them in.

                               Note---this is a discussion, not a book review. 

Do I have to be an author to be the discussion leader? 

No! You just have to be someone who likes to read and talk about spanking fiction books.

If I'm an author, how can I get my book featured on Spanking Stories Book Club? 

One option would be to write a book that someone else finds interesting enough to want to discuss.

Option two is to find another author who would like to have their book featured and the two of you can write posts for each other. But be sure to contact me first.

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