Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chubby Girl Hot---Book Review

I follow author Michelle Fawkes on Twitter and was intrigued by the title of her book, Chubby Girl Hot. Since I've struggled with my weight my whole life, I was curious about a sexy heroine who is chubby.

This story was really fun and sexy. Katie, the heroine, is likeable and real. Because of her weight, Katie thinks she's not allowed to play in the A leagues of dating so she settles for a friends with benefits relationship with scrawny Freddie.

When Brad, a new and hot, guy turns up at work, Katie is smitten, but she assumes that she's not his type because of her size. The rest of the story follows Brad's efforts to get to know Katie and her struggle to believe that she might actually be able to attract a hot guy.

I enjoyed this book. For once, I could identify with a herione who had to struggle to get into (and out of...heehee) her jeans.

In addition to being a fun read, I think this book makes a good point about how society/movies/television/etc tell us that only thin and beautiful women are worthy of love and the chubby girls are relegated to secondary roles as the loyal and funny sidekick. The sad part is that many of us who are not model thin believe this about ourselves too and sell ourselves short.

I say, it's time for all of us chubby girls to go out and get ourselves some good lovin' just like Katie.

A second book, Chubby Girl's Vacation, about Katie and Brad is also out...I can't wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Hi Celeste! Thanks for the link; I've added one in return. I look forward to visiting here and reading your writing too.


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