Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book Review---Unexpected Consequences by Cara Bristol

If you're a fan of Domestic Discipline stories (and I assume you are if you are visiting my blog) then you'll love Cara Bristol's Unexpected Consequences.

Unexpected Consequences is the story of young bride, Melania, and her new husband, Jared. Melania is young and innocent while Jared is older and a bit more worldly. Jared is also a member of the Rod and Cane Society, an organization made up of men who spank their wives in a Domestic Discipline relationship.

Jared is very clear with Melania about his beliefs regarding Domestic Discipline and spanking, even going so far as to present Melania with an agreement to sign before their marriage. Melania vaguely pays attention to what Jared tells her and skims over the document, mostly with a "Sure, but he'll never really spank me" attitude.

Guess what? She's wrong.

This story is very well done. It's told from the point of view of both Melania and Jared and follows these newlyweds as they work their way through their expectations and assumptions. We experience Melania's shock at being disciplined for what she considers a trivial infraction followed by a glimpse into Jared's world as he struggles to determine whether his wife is cut out for this lifestyle and whether he has come on too strong in his discipline.

It's clear that these two love each other deeply and not just because of the hot sex. Even if you took out the actual spanking scenes (though, why would you want to?), this is a good story about compelling characters with very real emotions and conflicts who are trying to figure out how to be married.

For those of you who question the husband's role in a DD relationship and assume that they are all power hungry men who want to dominate their wives, this book will give you a very different perspective.


  1. Hi Celeste I've not deserted you, when I get 2 minutes I'll get a cup of tea & enjoy your last story.

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