Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday---Las Vegas Style

Since I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, I thought I'd feature Marcie's Luck Runs Out for Six Sentence Sunday. This story is part of my short story collection, The Long Arm of the Law. It's also available in the free spanking stories tab as Spanked in Las Vegas. 

In this scene, Marcie is thinking about her husband, Daric, and their marriage. 

 It hadn’t always been that way, but thanks to some changes that they’d made, starting exactly one year ago, their marriage was the strongest that it had ever been and got stronger every day. 

All of her friends had noticed and many asked what the secret was. Marcie just smiled and said that they’d been “working on some things.”  How could she explain to her friends that the secret to her happy marriage involved going over her husband’s knees for regular good old-fashioned butt blistering spankings? Would any of them understand the level of commitment and trust that was involved in such a relationship, or would they just whisper about her behind her back?  Marcie suspected the latter, so she kept them in the dark. She wished that she could tell them so that they could enjoy the same kind of closeness that she had with Daric, but she had a feeling that they wouldn’t listen. 

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  1. What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas! LOL. Realistic six!

  2. lol I like Cara's comment!

    Marcie reminds me of someone who's discovered a new hair treatment or fitness secret.

  3. I know there will be trouble ahead!!
    Thanks Celeste.

  4. Think of the "Friendly" rivalry if and when Marcie shares her secret. Inquiring spanker's want to know...

    1. heehee. Interesting idea. That's not how this story goes, but that's an idea for something in the future.

  5. LOL. If Marcie to her friends, I think they might want to hear all of the juicy details!

    Oh the angst... :)


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