Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club Announcements

Hi Everyone! 

As usual, The Spanking Stories Book Club will be meeting this Friday. We're discussing Sue Lyndon's Rules of War so come back Friday to join us. 

In May, we will be reading Renee Rose's The Devil of Whiskey Row. I might have announced a different Renee Rose book earlier but I've made a switch for a few reasons. First, it's my book club so I'm allowed to make changes. :) Second, I really liked The Devil of Whiskey Row so I want to talk about it. And third, I'm way behind in my reading and since I've read this book, I'm taking the easy way. 

In June, let's read Coming To Terms the spanking stories anthology that includes 7 stories. I thought we'd do one story per week in the order they are presented in the book. 

How's that sound? 


  1. I like that it's your book club so you are allowed to change your mind. LOL
    I am trying to be on the same page here!

  2. Yay! I finished Devil of Whiskey Row last week and loved it:) Planning to read the Coming to Terms stories this weekend:)

    1. You're such an over achiever! See you tomorrow!


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