Friday, June 7, 2013

Confession Time From Coming To Terms

It's June!
For the next seven weeks we are going to be discussing the seven stories from Coming to Terms. We're going to talk about them in the order they appear in the book, so that means story number one is Sue Lyndon's Confession Time.

Blurb: A stay-cation at their lakeside home seems like the perfect way to start summer for Lucy and James - until an unexpected houseguest arrives, spoiling their plans to explore maintenance spanking and other aspects of their budding domestic discipline relationship. Determined to make the most of summer with his wife, James surprises Lucy with a last minute cabin retreat high in the Blue Ridge Mountains. But when Lucy's sister finds out about their DD relationship, she overreacts and assumes the worst of James. Lucy's attempt to smooth the situation over blows up in her face when James discovers her missing. Will hurt feelings, embarrassing confessions, and family drama ruin their summer? Or will James and Lucy find their way through the darkness and back to one another's arms?

Some of the things that stood out for me from this story:

  • I like the way that neither James nor Lucy seem absolutely sure about how the whole DD thing works but they are willing to make the journey together.

  • I could relate to Lucy feeling guilty about how much trouble her family was, especially compared to James'. Not that my family is a huge drama factory, but I think that many people can relate to this idea of "I am always pushing the limits of his patience and I sure don't feel like I deserve it."

  • Which goes along with the next point that I liked (I liked the whole story, I'm just pointing out a couple things for possible discussion): the discussion where James basically says "do you believe me when I say you are forgiven?" What a great point. How many times do we say we're sorry, the other person (partner/spouse) forgives us, and then we don't believe them.
And of course, there was the butt plug. :)

So...what about the rest of you? What did you think of this story? Could you relate to some of the issues I pointed out or some that I didn't?


  1. Can I comment about my own story, LOL? I related to Lucy's family issues, and I borrowed a lot from real life there. My husband's family is so polite and proper, and my family is like a group of drunk circus clowns sometimes. :)

    Great questions, Celeste!

    1. I think that writing about married or established couples is interesting because you can delve into these issues which are so relatable but maybe aren't "significant" enough to play a big part in the plot of a traditional boy meets girl romance.

  2. First off, I love a story with a butt plug! Ok, with that out of the way-
    One of the main things I liked about this story was that James and Lucy were new to DD and still figuring it out. It made them seem very real.
    I related to Lucy feeling guilty about her family. My husband's family is so normal, and mine is so... not.
    It's also hard for me to accept it when he has forgiven me for something (not that this happens often, because usually I am the one who is right). Most of the time I'm still beating myself up over something and he's way past it and it's hard for me to wrap my head around it.

    1. Thanks Casey. I suppose you'd say "you had me at 'butt plug'". LOL

      Do we all feel that way about our families? It sure seems like it. Plus, I liked having it in the story because it's a subtle sort of thing, but it can make a big difference in a relationship, like it did here w/Lucy not telling James about her sister because she didn't want it to be one more thing about her family.

  3. I enjoyed the family dynamic in this story. Keeping DD hidden because one fears what family and friends will think is so real. I thought Sue's story was very "classic" and true to the genre.

    Overall, I think the anthology shows the breadth of domestic discipline fiction. We all wrote to the same theme, yet no two stories were alike. If someone thinks they might enjoy spanking fiction, this book is a great place to start.

    1. Great point Cara. The stories are so varied. I'm also a fan of shorter stories so I loved it. (Okay...and it includes my favorite writers and me).

      Who hasn't had a moment of panic when a family member drops by unannounced or you send the kids into your bedroom to get something and then you think "Oh no. Did I put everything away?" I've done that lately w/leaving my computer screen up and wandering away. Yeesh.

  4. I really enjoyed the story too. My stomach fell when her sister found out about the DD. I almost ran myself. I enjoyed how Sue showed the resolution. James was great since he was presented as HUMAN.
    Oh and Celeste...You know I get the crazy family thing!

    1. Thanks Minelle. I think that's a great point. James was very human. There was one point where he debated w/himself about whether a spanking was warranted or not and I thought that seemed very natural in the situation.

  5. What I loved about this story was the flexibility of the relationship. James expected certain things to happen, but when real life intervened he was able to go with it. I like that very much--the rules and regulations people love to quote are not always realistic when it come to the everyday lifestyle. I also liked the theme of caring and cherishing.

    Anastasia Vitsky

  6. I totally related to the family thing-- I guess my family are the more straight-laced ones, but between my mom moving in with us this past year and then thinking my brother might need to, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that my husband was more than accommodating.

    For me, my favorite thing about this story (and really it's my fave thing about all Sue's stories) is the way James talked to Lucy. The dominant dialogue just TURNS ME ON. I loved all the "lucy girl"s and all his dominance.

    And the butt plug.


  7. LOVED the dominance. I agree with Renee completely. And I also love a good story with a butt plug! Love the anal!


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