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Spanking Stories Book Club: What The Doctor Ordered by Natasha Knight.

Please Welcome Trent Evans who is here to discuss Amy's Strict Doctor by Natasha Knight, part of the What The Doctor Ordered boxed set. 

Hello Everyone! This week, I have the honor and privilege of leading the Boob Club discussion for Natasha Knight’s new medical BDSM release, Amy’s Strict Doctor. I’ve been a fan of Natasha’s for years, and I think she always writes a hot book. However, with this one? I think she’s outdone herself here with the hotness. DAYUM. Okay, fan boi eruption over.

Now to the discussion. I’ve got a few questions below regarding the book, but one of the things I wanted to say here was that though this book is medical BDSM (and wow, it’s goodJ), it’s a lot more, too. There is plenty of spanking and corporal punishment, Domestic Discipline, absolutely white-hot D/s dynamics, and a warm, endearing relationship between the heroine Amy, and her loving, yet stern husband, Dr. Cade Hollister.
So, if some of you readers out there might feeling ambivalent about a medical BDSM theme, I hope you’ll still give this one a try, as it’s got more for you than just medical BDSM.
Now, on to the questions:

1. Strict Doms –I love them (obviously), and Natasha’s Doms are often the take-no-bullshit variety – which is one of the many reasons I love her work. In Amy’s Strict Doctor though, Cade is probably one of the strictest Doms I’ve seen from Natasha yet. I loved him! Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s a doctor – and as such he’s someone used to giving orders that must be obeyed – that somehow distills and amplifies the Dom personality type? I don’t know, but damn, it worked in this bookJ
For you as readers though, at what point does a Dom become too strict? Is there some sort of line for you that dare not be crossed? A specific act? Or is it more of a general feel, the emotions that the depiction of the Dom stirs within you? (Feel free to add some examples – makes for some good book recs!)

2. In the book, Cade uses both positive and negative reinforcement to spur Amy to finish her schooling and follow the directions/instructions of her tutor. I thought it introduced good tension (of both the dramatic and sexual varieties) – and created plenty of opportunities to punish his wayward wife.
What about you? Do you like the idea of the Dom using punishment in such a way, a means to compel the heroine to act of behave in certain ways? Or is that a little too controlling for comfort?

3. Cade is significantly older than his wife, and personally, I LOVE stories where the hero is significantly older (as long as said heroine is of age, of course). For some reason that age differential not only adds a certain sexual je ne sais quoi, but it also is usually chock full of built in conflict due to different maturity and life experience levels.
Do you like that sort of differential? If so, why? If not, tell us what bothers you about it. Are there any other types of age differences that you prefer (or avoid)?
4. In the book, Amy’s tutor, professor Jonathan Brown, plays an interesting role in the story (no spoilers). I really enjoyed the dynamic Natasha set up, where Amy almost had (in effect) two Doms watching over her, and making her tow the line – or else. The fact that Amy and Cade were married, and that Cade not only approved but encouraged such a dynamic made this even more enjoyable to me as a reader.
This brings to mind a question I have regarding stories where a married couple is the focus. Sometimes readers can be very, very specific about what they will allow and what they won’t in these types of stories. When the protagonists involved are married, do you enjoy the addition of another male character to the dynamic in a fully consensual context (and no, I am not saying this happens in the story – remember, no spoilers!), whether it’s simple additional sexual tension all the way up through disciplining (and more) the heroine?
I love it – even if the book isn’t a ménage – as It adds so much to the sexual heat of a story. Add in the D/s, medical, or Domestic Discipline aspects and it’s off the charts hot. What do you think?

Celeste, thank you again for letting me blabber on your blog today;) And HUGE thanks to Natasha Knight, Casey McKay, Tara Finnegan, Sue Lyndon, and Stormy Knight Publications for allowing me to be a part of this awesome box setJ


  1. #1 Strict Doms - I have to confess I can be very conflicted about this, and how I feel about them, depends very much on the set up. Yes, Cade was extremely strict, however in this case I really liked him for two reasons -(i). he was strict on reasonable things - there was a great example on how a burnt dinner was fine in the case of an accident, but punishable in the case of Amy mucking about on the phone, and not focusing. (ii) Amy response was so very positive. She never felt bullied or that he was just down on her. He was as quick to praise as punish.

    #2 Again, this depends very much on the set up. Finishing school was very important to Amy and she didn't have the self belief and seemed hell bent on ruining it. Cade helped her realise her potential, so in my opinion, it was not only justified, but a very positive influence.

    #3 I have no huge preference on age differentials one way or the other, again as long as it is not a source of bullying!

    #4 I can read and enjoy any dynamics, m/f, f/m, m/m, f/f, m/m/f m/f/f but I confess my absolute favourite is simple m/f. By nature I am a one woman one man person. Having said that, I did find those scenes you are referring to as particularly hot. Again, I don't want to give any spoilers either, but there was just something about the dynamics that really worked. I especially enjoyed where Cade gave his approval.

    I really enjoyed this, Natasha's work just seems to get hotter and hotter!

  2. 1. I do enjoy a strict Dom in a book, but they can quickly come off as a jerk or a bully if there isn't a trusting and loving relationship demonstrated in the story. In Amy's Strict Doctor I think Natasha was very careful to show you that Cade really loved his wife and he was just being strict to help her attain the goals she wanted to accomplish. So that is where the line is for me, if there are reasons and something to back up the strictness other than just the Dom being a guy who likes to spank girls, then it is super hot!

    2. It can be too controlling if it's just about control. So this kind of plays into the first question where for me it is all about the intention. Cade was trying to get Amy to stay on track to meet her own goals. It wasn't like he was trying to change her or make her into something she wasn't.

    3. I think, especially in a book, an older man and a younger woman can be the perfect set up. It normally means he is a little more experience, she's a little more naive and because of the age difference she automatically defers to him anyway. It just creates a clever cocktail.

    4. Normally, it can kind of creep me out if there are two Doms and one girl. It almost makes me feel like she could easily be ganged up on or bullied. But again, it's all about the intention and the set up and I didn't get creeped out with this story. I think it actually helped that Cade trusted Dr. Brown so much. It made me feel like obviously neither of these guys would do anything to hurt Amy.

    Great questions Trent! I loved this book and you really hit all the reasons why I loved it so much!

  3. 1. I adore strict doms and I really liked Cade. I think a dom is too strict if he starts spanking for silly reasons or expecting the sub to be completely perfect. This sort of crosses the line and makes him seem "mean". Cade was the perfect combination of strict and loving though, IMO. He was hot!

    2. Cade's goal was to help Amy fulfill one of her dreams, so I don't think he came off as too controlling. Now, if he'd wanted her to finish school for other reasons, like for example he wanted to be married to someone who had a college degree, then it would be too controlling for my tastes. I think Cade did a great job of balancing discipline with rewards and Amy responded well to his methods.

    3. I love it when the hero is older than the heroine. Even when the age difference is ridiculously huge, LOL. If he's old enough to be her father, I love it even more.

    4. It really depends on the situation and the characters. I thought the way Professor Brown handled Amy was rather hot, and how he called Cade while she was standing in the corner gave me goosebumps. Cade trusted Professor Brown, and Amy trusted him too, so it worked really well.

    I really loved this was super hot! Great questions, Trent:) And thanks for hosting WTDO, Celeste! :)

  4. I want to say that I have not read Natasha's book yet, so my comments are general.
    1. I think if a Dom's intent is to help the heroine and his actions come from a place of concern rather than from a selfish place of serving his own needs, strict works fine.
    2. This is a source of conflict for me, and I often have to set it aside in fiction. It often bothers me more that the heroines are not more personally disciplined than the fact that the Dom takes over (SOMEBODY has to if she's going to act like idiot). But I wonder what would make someone is controlled and disciplined be attracted to someone who is a hot mess. Too much of a project.
    3. The older male trope has been around for a LONG time. I remember reading Harlequins in the 70s, where the heroine was a barely legal 18 and the hero was 40. There is a certain maturity and power that older men seem to have. As Henry Kissinger said, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac."
    4. I'll have to read Natasha's story and see how I like it!


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