Friday, March 6, 2015

Spanking Stories Book Club: Her Daddy, Her Dom and Her Doctor by Emily Tilton

Blurb: Twenty-two-year-old Natalie has three dominant men in her life. Tom, her daddy, spoils her even while making sure her bratty behavior is dealt with firmly over his knee. Dan is a doctor whose intimate examinations always leave Natalie blushing… and begging for more. And last there is Adam, the dom who gave Natalie her very first spanking and who still holds a special place in her heart. The only problem is that none of the men know about one another, and Natalie is afraid they will all leave her if they find out the truth.

When they discover that Natalie has been dishonest with them, there is only one solution: she must be taught a lesson. The men bring Natalie to a beautiful island resort, planning to give her a memorable stay. She’ll have three days of fun in the sun, but also three days of harsh punishment with each man taking his turn, and then on the final day Natalie will learn what it is like for a naughty girl to be thoroughly punished by her daddy, her dom, and her doctor, all at once.

Publisher’s Note: Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor is an erotic novel that includes spankings, age play, medical play, anal play, BDSM, sexual scenes including a foursome, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

In a world where women struggle to find one decent man, Natalie manages to corral three winners in the matter of just a few weeks. Each one satisfies a different need within her in many special ways.


1. None of the participants discussed exclusivity, so Natalie played with all three men. Once you are sexually active with a partner, is there an implied exclusivity?

2. I know this is fiction and fantasy, but in real life do you think three dominant men could share a woman?

3. Natalie has three daddies---Adam the stern professional dom, Dan the doctor who likes to perform Victorian examinations, and Tom the teddy bear of a daddy who brings out the little girl in Natalie. If you could choose only one of these men, which would suit you best?

4. Are we wrong to think that only one man or one woman can satisfy (not just sexually) all the needs of an individual?

5. How would you feel being naked in front of several former/current lovers at the same time?


  1. Great questions, Celeste! Thanks so much for choosing the book!

    1. In our culture, I think there's always an implied exclusivity unless the matter is discussed beforehand. I've come to think that that's not particularly healthy, especially now that our ideas about sexuality have come so far in the last fifty years or so.

    2. I actually think that doms who understand the nature of BDSM play could share a sub. I doubt it would be as easy as my book makes it out to be, though. :)

    3. You might be able to guess that Dan is the one who came from the depths of my heart. A sailor who gives nautical discipline who's also a Victorian schoolmaster/doctor? Swoon.

    4. I think that generally people always need a variety of others to meet their needs. I think we tend to get two things wrong: the idea that there needs to be a single "go-to" person (the traditional spouse) and the idea that sexual monogamy is the ideal. Both those things seem to me to work for some people, but not for others.

    5. I don't think I'd actually find it hot, in real life, but oh, lord, is the fantasy a hot one, IMO. :)

  2. 1. I think there is an implied exclusivity, but I'm also a few years older than Natalie and the mores of her generation might be different.

    2. I agree, Emily, I think it could be worked out, but these three were exceptionally cooperative with each other.

    3. that I think about this, I am more attracted to a Teddy Bear sort of man, though age play doesn't appeal. Hmmm.

    4. I think that if we rely on our spouse or even best friend to supply all our needs it does put an unrealistic expectation on a single person. It also helps me to appreciate what different people bring to my life if I focus on what they are good at instead of what is lacking.

    5. I'm imagining some of my former lovers being naked in the same room together...bwahaha.

  3. Great interview and q&a are fab. I thing how you look at things are different when you are older, but as fantasy awesome.


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