Friday, February 12, 2016

Spanking Stories Book Club---Bound Spanked and Loved

What better way to kick off Valentine's Weekend than with a collection of fourteen (yes, 14) steamin' hot stories all in one fabulous book.

Bound, Spanked and Loved is available now for 99 cents. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, head on over to Amazon right now and we'll wait for you. Click here. 

Bound, Spanked and Loved: Fourteen Kinky Valentine's Day Stories is the HOTTEST box set of the season, brought to you by fourteen New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM and spanking romance. Lose yourself in a whole lotta naughty with this sexy collection of ALL-NEW, standalone novellas sure to set your e-reader ablaze and leave you breathlessly panting for more.

So, let's talk...


1. This collection of 14 stories is 784 pages for only 99 cents. How much does cost and page count play into your decision to buy a book? 

2. Even within the realm of spanking fiction, there are some taboo subjects included here--- a couple stepbrother stories as well as stories with menage and a foursome (there's probably a word for that...other than HOT). Readers: Since you began reading kinky stories, have you surprised yourself by reading (and enjoying) topics that you might have once believed crossed the line for you? Authors---are there subjects that you never thought you'd write about which are now part of your writing repertoire? 

3. When you buy a collection of stories, do you read from start to finish or do you jump around? 

4. Valentine's Day---a great way to celebrate love and eat chocolate? Or just another way to make us feel inadequate for either being single or not being romantic enough? 

5. If there were kinky candy hearts, what would they say? 

Get your copy now! 

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  1. What a great question: what would a kinky candy heart say?
    Fuck, eat me, spank me...

    Thanks for sharing Bound, Spanked & Loved.

  2. I never imagined I'd write a menage story, but I have and I love 'em. Thanks for the shout out about Bound, Spanked & Loved

    1. I never thought I'd like reading menage stories...but I do. That surprised me.

  3. Thanks so much for having us today, Celeste! Great questions too!

    1. If I really want to read a book from an author I love, I'll pay anything and often won't even glance at the price, I'll just automatically one click it. If it's an author I've never heard of before, I probably won't pay more than 4.99 for their book unless I download the sample and it really grabs me.

    2. I never thought I'd write an MFM, but I've since written two and would like to write more.

    3. Hmm...usually start to finish because I like doing things in order LOL.

    4. I always feel like I should acknowledge it even though it's not a big deal to me. I'll usually get my husband a card and maybe bake him brownies, and he usually sends flowers. This year we are looking forward to snuggling on the couch together and watching the new Walking Dead, LOL.

    5. I like Cara's answer!

    1. Glad to host such a great book.

      I'm with you on #4. Of course, I'm like that with all holidays. Hmmm.

  4. Kinky candy heart, nice and simple: MAKE ME

    Theme I thought I'd never write: strangely enough, ageplay. I've always had submissive incest fantasies (there, I said it), but I didn't realize that ageplay could work for me as a kind of safe space to explore them, without the baggage of incest.

    That said, my novella in BSL is right in my wheelhouse—variations on Story of O. :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this fun discussion, Celeste! Hmm..answers...

    1. Like most people, I'll pay any amount for an autobuy author. Well, within reason. I've paid up to $15 for an ebook I NEEDED. For a new author, or a new rec from a friend, I'll pay up to 4.99 without too much trouble. Any more, and I'll hesitate...but sometimes still buy, lol. But it's really fun to offer a great deal to readers.

    2. There aren't a lot of things I consider too taboo to write about...but there are things I don't write because I worry about marketability. But I'm very open minded so I pretty much go with any idea that comes to me.

    3. I am a start to finish girl!

    4. My husband and I exchange cards on Valentines Day, and he always writes something in there that makes me cry (in a good way!). I love that more than chocolate or flowers. Although I do usually get flowers. As for him, he gets something Reeses Peanut Butter Cup related. This year it's a big peanut butter cup shaped like a heart.

    5. My fave idea for a kinky candy heart: THIS WON'T HURT A BIT

  6. Thanks for hosting us, Celeste! As for your questions, I've gotta go with the second - I never thought I'd write an anal scene, but now no naughty book is really complete without one, is it?

  7. Awesome questions! This was my first menage--well, M/f/M menage, and I definitely would like to explore the scenario some more!!


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