Friday, March 9, 2018

Papa's Desires is Now Available!

Sue Lyndon and I have been having a great time with our new Historical Age Play series called The Little Ladies of Talcott House. Book Two, Papa's Desires is now available! It's also available in Kindle Unlimited.

About this book:
Twenty-two year old Hyacinth is finally getting married. She eagerly looks forward to life with a papa who will love and care for her. She hopes he will be a patient teacher, since no one will tell her what actually happens between married people. Fortunately, her friend Cammie has sent a letter with some explanations in it. However, Hyacinth can’t help but wonder if Cammie is making up tales.
Men have what? And they put it where?
A chance encounter with the exceedingly tall and handsome Lord Grayson gives Hyacinth a funny feeling in her lady parts and she starts to wonder if there’s some truth in her friend’s rather explicit letter. But, why is Hyacinth thinking about Lord Grayson in that way, instead of her betrothed, Lord Kensington?
When a twist of fate results in Hyacinth marrying Lord Grayson instead of Lord Kensington, she is both nervous and overjoyed. Her new papa gently introduces her to the secrets of the marital bed and awakens desires she never expected. He’s as loving as she imagined a papa should be, but he’s also strict and won’t hesitate to redden her bottom cheeks when she’s been a naughty little girl, among other intimate punishments that leave her both blushing with shame and craving his touch. As time goes on, she cannot help but think that she has been truly blessed and a lifetime of love and happiness awaits her.
But what will happen when Papa discovers his little bride has been keeping secrets?
Publisher's Note: Papa's Desires is the second book in the Little Ladies of Talcott House series, however like all the books in this series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone title. This historical age play romance novel includes spankings, sexual scenes, and other delightful naughtiness. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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