Friday, May 6, 2022


Owned by the Pirate is FREE this weekend!

She yearns for freedom, he demands ownership.

Stolen out of a church only moments before her wedding, Mademoiselle Lizzy d'Campe doesn't know what to think of the huge muscle-bound outlaw who's absconded with her. She's relieved she won't have to marry her distasteful fiance, but what will happen to her now? Does the handsome, domineering pirate captain truly intend to claim her as his own? His kisses leave her breathless and his masterful touch makes her quiver with need, but she can't help but wonder--is she only trading one cage for another?

After a chance meeting with the beautiful Lizzy d'Campe, William "Sea Lord" Marshall feels an overwhelming urge to protect the headstrong young woman. He'll take her to his private island and keep her all to himself, vowing to fight off all threats to her safety. And if she proves disobedient? He won't hesitate to take the little mademoiselle over his knee. Stripped naked and blushing, her bottom bright red and freshly punished, she will have no choice but to surrender to his every command.

Storms rage, passions flare, and love prevails in this steamy historical pirate romance.

Publisher's Note: 
Owned by the Pirate was first published in the Pirates, Passion & Plunder box set, however, this edition has been lengthened and re-edited to include many new scenes and chapters for your reading enjoyment.

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  1. This sounds like an awesome, hot read, and free! Thank you :)



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