Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Corner Time---Story Excerpts---Part One

A recent post at Bright Bottom gave me the idea for a series of corner time excerpts. I hope you enjoy.
As a writer, corner time is wonderful. While it slows down the action of the story, it allows for anticipation, and sometimes, a revelation, by the soon to be spanked heroine of the story.
All of these excerpts come from my collection of short stories, The Long Arm of the Law. This one is from Dinner at the Club.

At a stoplight, Peter turned to his wife and kissed her soundly. When he finished, he said to her, "I am certainly enjoying the ride home, but you should know that no matter how much fun this is, you are still getting a spanking when we get home, and don't pretend that you don't know why."

Parker returned to her side of the car, replaced her seatbelt, and pondered her fate for the remainder of the trip home.

They pulled into the garage and Peter shut off the engine and turned to his wife, "I'm going to take the babysitter home and when I get back, I expect to find you waiting for me upstairs."

Parker knew what he meant by "waiting for me upstairs," and her already fluttering stomach started doing somersaults. She went into the house and checked on Mac, age two, before heading to the master bedroom suite.

Her steps were slow as she walked down the long carpeted hallway. Parker's stomach had calmed a bit, but her mind was racing. Maybe I shouldn't have spilled wine on Janine, she said to herself. But, it felt so good to get back at her for all her snide comments.

Parker knew that it woulnd't take Peter long to drop the babysitter off and return home, so she moved quickly around the bedroom. She tossed the red dress into the hamper for the dry cleaners and changed into what she referred to as her naughty girl uniform. It consisted of a large green Wilkins College football jersey with the number twenty on the back and pair of sensible cotton panties. Parker had acquired the jersey by stealing it from Peter's roommate's dresser when they were in college. The night that Peter discovered her thievery was also the first night that he had spanked her. Since then she'd tried---really hard---to be a good girl, but sometimes it was just too difficult.

Parker heard the garage door open and knew that she only had a couple minutes before Peter entered the room. She scurried over to the corner, lowered her cotton panties to her knees, and stood staring at the wall.

She had only been standing there for a few moments when Peter entered the room. Parker knew better than to turn around. She heard him go into his dressing area and remove his clothes, and then she heard the shower running. How much longer is he going to drag this out? Parker wondered to herself. Peter knew that, for Parker, the waiting was often as painful as the punishment itself.

Finally Parker heard Peter turn off the shower. Her feet wiggled in nervous anticipation, and her hands were clenched at her sides. The butterflies had returned to her stomach and were dive bombing her insides. Parker focused on her breathing and tried to calm herself.

Stay tuned. More corner time excerpts coming this weekend.

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