Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Release Day for Coming To Terms

Wooohooo! It's finally here! Release day for Coming to Terms

the spanking fiction anthology which includes stories by 

In honor of our big release day all the writers are sharing an excerpt from their  story, so be sure to visit all the blogs...after you finish here. 

My story, Reconnecting, is about Daisy and Reece, who you may remember from Underwear Probation, as they come to terms with Daisy's excessive internet usage. 

As you may have heard, my story includes references to some of our favorite friends here in blogland. When I decided to write about too much time spent online (is it possible?) I started making up names for blogs and bloggers and then I thought: Why should I do that when the real thing is so much better? I contacted a few folks and they agree to allow me to use their names and blogs in my story. What an honor it is that they gave me the go ahead without even asking to read what I'd written first. I hope I've done them proud. 
I'm thrilled to share with all of you my favorite scene. 

            Reece’s hand came down hard on her right cheek.  “How many blog posts did you read tonight?”
            “I-I don’t know.”  Daisy felt unsure about what or how to answer.
            “Well, why don’t you start naming them and we’ll count.”  He swatted her backside again with a resounding smack.
            “U-um.  There was ‘My Bottom Smarts’.”
            “I bet it does.”  Reece cracked into her right cheek again.
            “And ‘Redbooty Woman’.”  Daisy strained to concentrate on an answer and talk while her butt burned from the onslaught of Reece’s firm hand.
            “Sounds appropriate. What else?”
            “’B-bright Bottom’.”
            “Are you making these names up”?  Reece accused.
            “N-no.  They’re real blogs.  ‘My Bottom Smarts’ is run by Bonnie, and she’s super nice, and ‘Redbooty Woman’ is Christina, and she’s been awfully sweet to me, and ‘Bright Bottom’ is Spanky’s blog---“
            “I assume it’s not his real name.”  Daisy glanced over her shoulder at Reece and made a face.
            “What do you suppose Spanky would say about a woman who is so focused on reading spanking blogs, that she misses three phone calls from her husband?”  Reece landed three hard swats to the upturned curve of her buttocks.
            Daisy pictured the photos Spanky liked to post of women with chafed rears standing in the corner.  “He seems big on corner time.”  She wondered if she might have been better off keeping her mouth shut.
            “Spanky sounds like a smart man.”  Reece finished up with a volley of spanks to the center of her fanny, then raised her up from his lap and pointed her to a corner of their bedroom.
            With her pants and panties still around her knees, she hobbled to the corner and assumed the position. While she stood there with her hands on her head and her stinging red bottom exposed, she wondered if perhaps she might have spent just a tiny bit too much time online.

 Be sure to visit all the other writers' blogs today to read excerpts from their stories. 

And, as a special bonus, be sure to visit My Bottom Smarts, Redbooty Woman and Bright Bottom. Maybe you can get an autograph! 


  1. Boy oh boy! Yep I have spent a lot of time reading myself so I empathize with Daisy! You know I LOVED this story my dear!!!

  2. As I told Renee I will be going over to amazon soon. Congrats.

  3. Thanks for mentioning me. I'm looking forward to reading the rest too!


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