Friday, May 31, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club

Hi Everyone,

It's the last Friday in May. How did that happen? Seems like I spend all my time wishing for winter to be over and then the warm weather rushes by and I almost feel like I've missed it.

A couple of housekeeping matters. Next Friday we'll start chatting about Coming To Terms. You do have a copy, right? It's a spanking story anthology and we'll be talking about one story per week for seven weeks. We'll do them in the order they appear in the book, so that means Sue Lyndon's Confession Time for June 7.

Since May has 5 Fridays, let's use this as a bonus day to talk about some of the books we've read together and also some of the books we've read on our own. Any suggestions for future book club selections? Any books coming out this summer that look particularly promising?

In January, we read Cara Bristol's Body Politics.

February was Anastasia Vitsky's Desire in Any Language. 

Jade Cary's To Love A Woman got us through March.

Sue Lyndon's Rules of War was our April selection, followed by Renee Rose's Devil of Whiskey Row for May.

We've been busy!

We've read about feminists, prostitutes, students, older woman/younger man, and something with a dystopian flare. I'm not sure what dystopian flare means, but it's on Sue Lyndon's blog so I'm using it.

What's left?

Looking back on these books, what scenes jump to mind as memorable?


  1. Woot- exciting to discuss Coming to Terms! Thanks for your wonderful hostessing...

  2. Dystopian flare. That's mine. It's a good one. :D

  3. OooooH oooooh I am in this time!! Ana is showing off!

  4. LOL I use the word "flare" a lot. Looking forward to all the spanking story discussions:)


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