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Spanking Stories Book Club--La Forge by Rollin Hand

Let's give a big Spanking Stories Book Club Welcome to Ken Charles who is here today to talk about Rollin Hand's LaForge. 

You can find out more about Ken on his blog by clicking here. But first, let's get to the discussion of 
LaForge by Rollin Hand

 Take it away Ken....

LaForge,a trilogy of interconnected spanking stories, make up this novella length romantic tale that is in parts, a domestic idyll, a love story and a supernatural thriller. At nearly 40,000 words, LaForge is a trilogy of erotic spanking stories that collectively make up a long novella with multiple characters, plot lines and action sequences beloved of spankophiles, all layered onto an exciting story arc.

Part 1, The Farm of the Delphian Sisterhood, introduces Sam Reilly, a retired ex Marine, to the Delphian Sisterhood, a group of four beautiful but mysterious women quietly tending a farm in Western Pennsylvania. As a neighbor on an adjacent farm, Sam assumes the role of protector and guardian for the four women. But as he learns, his role entails much more. He is protector, lover and frequently, disciplinarian, for the sisters have a need for a strong man who will dispense domestic discipline in order to maintain domestic harmony.

In Part 2, LaForge, the remote alpine village of LaForge is introduced. Bridget O’Brien, a sculptress, has fled New York for a simpler life and hopes to find it in LaForge, a village known for its artist colony feel. A chance meeting with the deputy constable, Tom McRae, leads to a budding romantic involvement she hadn’t anticipated. But carrying that relationship forward may mean accepting Tom’s notion of domestic discipline, and will call for her participation in an ancient Rite, one that requires bravery and sacrifice. But the Rite itself reveals an awakening threat, one poised to strike at the heart of LaForge.

Part 3, Thermopolis Springs, brings Sam Reilly to LaForge seeking the Delphian Sisterhood. With him is Racheal Greene, a reknown physicist, searching for her lost sister, last seen in the care of the Delphian sisters. The pair must team up with Tom and Bridget, not only to find Rachael’s sister, but to defeat a dark legacy and prevent a catastrophe from destroying LaForge itself. It means going under cover into the heart of a cult of cruelty, one that employs the rod and the lash to achieve its ends.


     LaForge presents the reader with a nice assortment of M/f
corporal punishment, ranging from simple over-the-knee hand spanking to restrained ritual public flogging. As one would expect, the severity of the scenes varies with both the instruments used and the nature of the punishment being exacted. Although there are no descriptions of any blood being drawn, some of the scenes leave the victims wealed and scourged, and are harsh enough that breaking the skin could be an expected consequence of the punishment.

How severe a corporal punishment is too severe? Do you read through severe scenes or skip ahead?

    Although there are a number of strong female characters, the stories are unapologetically male chauvinistic. The men are all strong of body, mind and character. The women have different talents and inner strengths, but all share a submissive deference to male authority. Accordingly, the heroes set the rules, and heroines either follow them or ignore them at their corporal peril. When a punishment is earned, it is firmly delivered without debate.

Is the submission of the heroines credible? Why does an intelligent, talented woman willingly submit to a disciplinary spanking?

     The punishment scenes are nicely spaced. The lead up to each punishment is sufficient to build the reader’s anticipation without losing the reader’s attention. The descriptions of the punishments are of sufficient detail and duration that the reader is satisfied that justice has been met.

What elements do you look for in a satisfying corporal punishment scene? Do you want to witness the misconduct, or can the author get away with indirect action and merely recite the reasons for discipline? Scolding or lecturing—before? During? After? Should a spanking start over clothes, or go straight to bare bottom discipline? How often should a spanking scene end in sex?

     If you are looking for an enjoyable MF spanking tale, I recommend LaForge with two caveats. First, some of the punishment scenes are fairly heavy. Be prepared to gloss over these scenes if heavier punishments are not to your tastes. Second, the story would benefit from good proof-reading and editing. If you are easily distracted or annoyed by a missing word, spacing or punctuation issue, then you might have a harder time enjoying the story.

Even major releases from top publishers have errors. But how much does the editing and physical presentation of a story affect your enjoyment?

KC 2/28/14

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  1. Great intro and questions. I have to say that I have not read this book yet. In general, the severity of corporal discipline depends on the story and setting. In a historical or futuristic fantasy setting, discipline can be harsher than in a contemporary novel. I do want to see the misconduct because that sets the whole tone for the spanking. Generally, I do like spanking to lead to sex, but again, it depends on the story and the dynamic between the characters.

    1. Well, let me weigh in here on behalf of those who have not read the book. The "harsh" scenes are perpetrated by the villains of the story, a cult that practices ritual magic. When you have bad guys, you make them bad. The spanking scenes between the romantic leads are of the romantic DD variety and do lead to sex.

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  3. Good questions today, Ken. I agree w/Cara that settings other than "today" lend themselves more to harsher punishments. I'm not sure why, I suppose because it's hard to imagine a "modern woman" tolerating harsh discipline.

    I like the combo of spanking and sex, but it depends on the circumstances too.

    I think the question of why a woman submits is hard to explain and probably part of why people like reading spanking romances. And it's probably different for each character.

    1. So, Celeste, do you believe that the interest in spanking romance is fueled in part by readers' lack of courage of their convictions and an unwillingness to take the plunge in real life?

    2. I don't know that I'd accuse anyone of not having the courage of their convictions unless I knew a bit more about each individual.

      I do think that people read to escape, to fantasize, to experience something that might not be in their real lives. It's not necessarily a lack of courage to do those things themselves but maybe the fantasy is better.

  4. I read this book a while ago and I really enjoyed it.
    As for the severity of a punishment and the process of a spanking in a book- I think it varies. I do remember some of the punishments in this book being a little harsher, but I don't remember it bothering me. I think a lot of it is wrapped up in the set up for me and then the aftermath. If a punishment starts out seeming unjust then I am uncomfortable the whole time. It could be a pretty light punishment and I would feel a little outraged because it just doesn't seem fair. Also, the after effects- did the heroine seem to come to terms with the punishment, or is she feeling distraught?
    I think it is the mark of a good author when all of the spankings seem justified and I think that was the case in this book.

    I like for a spanking to be followed by sex, but it doesn't always have to be the case. If it follows the story and helps the characters to develop in some way and moves the story along then I am usually along for the ride, sex, no sex, whatever.

    I personally like a good non-consensual punishment spanking scene, but at the same time don't like it to seem unwarranted. We are a fickle bunch- the spanking romance audience. It's a fine line to walk and I think Rollin does a very good job of it in LaForge.

    Thanks for hosting Ken, very thought provoking questions!


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