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#Spanking Stories Book Club: Playing With Fire by Ruth Staunton

Please welcome Adaline Raine...Take it Away Addy! 

Hi! I am super excited to be leading the discussion on Ruth Staunton's latest release Playing with Fire.
Stacey Reinhardt is a 22-year-old small town girl - the quintessential rebel. She loves to party and is a serial dater. Most of her relationships, if they can be called that, are one night stands or casual flings. No commitment, no strings. She meets Sheriff's Deputy Cade Dawson in a bar and is immediately intrigued by him, but Cade wants nothing to do with her. He's attracted to her, but knows she's the type of woman he doesn't need. She's a flirt and a partier used to a string of one night stands, and he's an old-fashioned man with old-fashioned ideas. He believes in respecting and protecting women. He demands loyalty and faithfulness, and he spanks. As a joke, he dares Stacey to try dating only one man for a month. She accepts and chooses him.
Much too both their surprise, they quickly find their joke relationship turning into more. Cade makes no bones about the fact that he believes in protecting women and in old-fashioned values and won't hesitate to enforce his expectations by way of a sound spanking if necessary. At first, Stacey dismisses this as an occasional thing and no big deal, but then her old ways begin to resurface, and she suddenly comes face-to-face with the fact Cades expectations and methods are very real. He will hold her accountable and spank her, and he honestly expects her to change her behavior.
Will the wild child be able to change her ways for an old-fashioned spanking man, or will her rebel spirit and the pressure and rumors of a small town tear them apart?

Thoughts for Discussion:
  1. Most of the books I read in a M/f relationship the male is the one who introduces domestic discipline as a lifestyle. Usually it starts out as a threat and is enacted after choices are made. (Irrational, rash, or otherwise)
Do you like this type of dynamic? How would you feel if the disciplined partner requested it?

  1. This story mainly involved Cade holding Stacey accountable via spanking but also has him in charge of a child who needs to be watched and disciplined. Do you think it matters if a sub-plot involves actual parental discipline? In my opinion it just made Cade more of a respectable family man. Thoughts?

  1. More than once Stacey's wild ways get her into trouble. Do you like when the more submissive partner is tamed or keeps a spark? I love her personality and the fact that she pushes makes for great sexual tension.
  2. There is a nice balance of romance and spankings but how much is too much? Would you rather have a ton of romance with only a few sessions sprinkled in or lots of spanking with less focus on a relationship?
  3. Any other thoughts? I enjoyed these characters immensely and I hope to see them in the future.

Thank you Celeste for having me over! 

Thank you, Addy! 

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May 30---Sweet Salvation by Maddie Taylor
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  1. I have not read this book, but you know I like to throw in my two cents anyway! Good questions Addy, you have also made me want to read this book.

    I have read books where both the male and the female character bring the spanking into it and it really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. As long as the guy doesn't come off as domineering then it doesn't bother me.

    As far as heroines go, I like a sassy heroine and I would rather she stay that way even after her man has 'tamed' her.

    I like a balance between spanking and story, if there is too much spanking and not enough story then it doesn't hold my interest. I like it to seem like the character's relationships are being formed organically, not like they are being written to some formula.

    This seems like a fun book! Thanks for hosting, Addy!

    1. I don't think Cade is overly domineering but it is a fine line in some stories. I love a spunky heroine. Bratty is okay with me too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. 1. I must prefer it when the man brings the discipline into a relationship, because that's what I write. Never really thought of it that way before. It seems natural to me because that's what I've encountered in my own life.

    2. While it's realistic to include parental discipline, I don't think it should be emphasized in an adult book. Hints are best.

    3. It's more fun if the heroine keeps her spark, but isn't trying to top from the bottom. As my husband describes these books, "Books where men are men and women are nervous."

    4. I would definitely choose a book with the emphasis on the romance rather than the spanking. I love the spanking parts, but they cannot be the focus of the book in total.

    5. I read this book. What attracted me to it was the fact that Stacey is not a brat, she's a woman with a past and she's not afraid to be who she is. It takes courage to write a heroine like that. Good for you, Ruth!

    Good job with the questions, Addy!

    1. I must have a strong preference for men bringing it up too, Patricia. I'd never thought about it either, but I just went through my WIPs and in all but one the man brings it up.

      I went round and round on Cade spanking Nicky (parental spanking). Frankly, I tried several times to leave it out, but Cade wouldn't let me. He is who he is, and that's his way. He's also freakin' stubborn.

    2. Thanks for stopping by Patricia! I really really liked Stacey and she did keep up that spark.

  3. Awesome Questions, Addy. Thanks so much for doing this!

    1. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for writing the story. :)

  4. I guess I have a preference for the other way-- the female being into it (in contemporary romance) otherwise it smacks (heh) of abuse or sexism, but I certainly write both because it's hotter when she doesn't want it... :)

    1. Every way you write is hot. LOL

      So far all I've written save a WIP have the female not wanting it first.

  5. In books, as long as both parties end up happy after the discipline, it's okay with me.

    I like the female character to retain their spunk, it speaks to me of a more equal relationship.

    I agree with Patricia on the parental discipline. It's like spanking in general, in goes on IRL, but not publically. I think it's generaly not acceptable.

    I like a story that includes spanking, but I want the story and characters first.

    1. Thank you for coming over Leigh! I'm happy as long as a book has a balance and this one totally does.

  6. This sounds like a great book, Ruth, and your questions are wonderful, Addy.
    1. I prefer the man to be the one who introduces domestic discipline into the relationship, but I've read and enjoyed books where the woman introduced the concept. In those cases, it's usually a marriage in trouble and the couple is seeking solutions.
    2. Parental discipline is tricky, since a lot of readers are totally opposed to the idea of spanking children. However, Ruth, I admire your decision to allow Cade his way in this respect. Staying true to your characters is paramount, although certain things should probably happen "off screen" rather than "on."
    3. I like heroines with a bit of bite. I'd hate to see a confident, though slightly sassy woman turned into a biddable sort who's afraid to make a wrong step for fear of incurring the hero's displeasure. Actually, the reverse is what appeals to me. A story about a shy, uncertain woman who slowly blossoms with self-confidence under the hero's tutelage reflects a healthy relationship in my opinion. However, a bratty woman who enjoys taking others down does need to learn a lesson or two about respect. Those are fun stories, too.
    4. I prefer stories with tons of romance and conflict and a few spankings sprinkled throughout. Stories where he's upending her for the slightest mistake make me uncomfortable. She's human, not a robot programmed to be perfect. Give the lady a break. A lot of spankings can also become a monotonous case of "here we go again," and that's not good.

    Loved the comments, and I look forward to reading the book.

    1. Thanks for coming to visit! I LOVE the way you explained what you prefer in the relationship dynamic. I am still toying back and forth with both. I do like non-con as long as it is done respectfully or as a major deterrent out of concern.

      I have seen a few who did not want the mention of a child being spanked in the book but honestly it completes Cade for me so I didn't think much on their dislike.

      I have read one or two where it's oops I scowled at you - spanking, oops I cursed once - spanking, oops I smacked you across the face - and then no spanking? I hear you! :)

  7. 1) As a reader of spanking books I prefer when the man is the one that brings the discipline into the relationship. To me it just seems natural for it to be that way.

    2) I’m not a fan of discipline books where the man treats his woman like a child at all. When it’s written in the story real subtle I don’t mind it as much.

    3)Absolutely, I love it when the submissive keeps their spunk. I think it makes the book more fun to read. Especially when that Dom is a Deputy Sheriff and plays by the rules. Oh...the sexual tension that brings when the Sub keeps the Dom on edge. HOT! I like the way Patricia’s husband describes it:)

    4)I want a book to have more romance to it. While I love the spankings, I really enjoy watching the characters form a relationship with one another with the help of an occasional good ol fashion spankin to reinforce who the man is.

    5) I have not read this book but I will be heading over to buy this one. I am a fan of spanking books that have the heroin all feisty and spunky, but also has a take charge attitude and the man is exactly that-a man. When he cares so much and just wants to help and keep his heroin safe. Even if that means a spanking or two or three.

    Great questions Abby. I’m heading over to Barnes and Noble now to buy this book:)


    1. Hi Rhonda! Thank you for visiting. :)

      I know what you mean - I love reading it that way too!

      I happen to have a WIP where the heroine is stuck in the corner but honestly she stomped her feet and realized at the last second how childish she is acting. If you act like a child.... LOL Other than that I like stern but not degrading.

      Sexual tension is palpable throughout - you will enjoy it!

      The spanking/romance line is a tough one to walk but it's so much fun.

      I had a great time today. :)


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