Friday, July 11, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club: Eddie My Love By Patricia Green

I did so much blogging in June and I'm sort of slacking off in July, but thanks for stopping by today.

I thoroughly enjoyed Patricia Green's Eddie My Love, the third in her ROMANTEK series.

Blurb: Willow Camber wants to get away from it all. Her business has taken over her life, and none of the men she's dated recently want her as a person rather than as a mega-corp. Her vacation plan is a time-travel, virtual reality trip into a film noire mystery--Bogie and Bacall writ large and in color- -so different from the twenty-second century life she currently leads. 

Eddie Reston needs a break from his hectic life, away from his nagging ex-wife. His passion is old novels about hard-boiled detectives of the 1950s. A Romantek virtual reality vacation is just the ticket for a guy like him, more an early Charles Bronson than a Cary Grant. 

When Willow and Eddie meet to solve a murder mystery, their attraction is instant, even though Willow sometimes needs active correction. But Romantek forbids them to give away their true names during the vacation, so they can't pair up in their own century. They struggle to find a way, but it remains elusive. Can Eddie and Willow cheat the Romantek system and set up a real life meeting, or will their new found love be lost when reality intrudes? 


  1. It sounds like a really interesting book! My TBR list keeps growing.

    I've noticed many participants of A2Z have slacked off since the blitz! You're not the only one to be blogging less now. Time for a vacation?

  2. I agree that my TBR list grows and grows!

  3. Thank you for featuring my book today, Celeste!

  4. This is a great book that brings back the golden age of the private eye detective. With mystery, romance and lots of spankings, what more could you want?


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