Friday, October 31, 2014

Spanking Stories Book Club: Marry Me In Montana

Hi Everyone!

I thought we'd get into the Christmas Spirit on Halloween by discussing Sue Lyndon's Marry Me In Montana---which is FREE today. Cick here to get your copy.

Blurb: Marry Me in Montana is a short story of approximately 8,500 words .Amy and her fiancĂ©, Jake, are on their way to Florida for their destination wedding when a fierce snowstorm leaves them stranded in Montana. Not only will they miss their wedding, but they'll be spending Christmas over two thousand miles from where they're supposed to be spending the holidays. Even worse, Jake won't bend his old-fashioned rules and consummate their marriage before they say their vows, leaving Amy beyond frustrated. Of course, that doesn't mean she won't try to change his mind...even if the attempt gets her in trouble with her firm handed fiancĂ©.

Jake knows Amy is upset that their carefully laid out plans have been ruined, but he's not about to let her spend the whole time pouting. A good spanking--especially a bare bottom one--will help her settle down. He's not happy their wedding is postponed, and it's taking all his strength to resist the naughty little temptation who keeps winding up over his knee. It's too bad they can't just get married in the middle of the snowstorm...or can they?


1. Althought Jake and Amy are not virgins, Jake is determined not to conummate their wedding until they take their vows. Is that a sexy quality in a modern man? 

2. What is more appealing, actually reading a sex scene or the anticipation of "will they or won't they"? Of course we know they will, but is the waiting as much fun as the act? 

3. Would you marry someone without "sampling the goods"? 

4. Weddings---if you had yours to do over again, would you do anything different? 

5. Christmas---the most wonderful time of the year or something you just grit your teeth and hope to get through without hurting anyone?

Did I mention this book is available for FREE today? Click here. 


  1. As soon as I finish this post, I'll be off to get Marry Me in Montana.

    1. In fiction, I think abstinence can be sexy. In real life, I think it's a mistake. Marriage is such a huge, huge commitment. You need to enter into it knowing as much as you can about your future partner, and that includes sex.
    2. The anticipation is great fun--provided there's a payoff too!
    3. No.
    4. Nothing major. I had a perfect wedding, fancy enough to be memorable, low-key enough to be meaningful. But I'd do my hair differently, I'd would pick a smaller bridal bouquet and I'd go with my original choice of wedding photographers. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. Oops. Forgot No. 5 -- Christmas to me is not that big of deal. It's very low-key.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cara. A low key Christmas sounds nice!

    2. In fiction, abstinence always leads to great sex. In real life, maybe not so much.

  3. Thanks for hosting MMIM today, Celeste! Great questions!

    1. What Cara said. In fiction it can be hot, but in real life it's more important to know what you're getting before you actually get married.
    2. I think both are fun, but the sex scene will be even better for me if there's a big lead up to it.
    3. No way! LOL.
    4. I'd keep pretty much everything the same. Loved the wedding and the reception and I think we invited the perfect mix of friends and family. BUT I'd go to a different hair salon and order the cake from a different bakery. That's it, no biggies!
    5. I tend to get pretty stressed out around the holidays and I usually can't wait for Jan 1st to roll around. Luckily my husband knows this about me and he does everything he can to help me get through it, including cooking the big Christmas dinner!

    1. It's funny how at the time of the wedding. all those decisions like cake and hair salon can seem like a huge big deal, but afterward, it's more like "sure, I'd do it differently, but nothing major."

  4. Nice, Sue! I have a few of your stories on my Kindle and love them all. I must add this one to my library :)

    1. Thank you so much, Mary! I hope you like this story too:) Have a great weekend and eat as much Halloween candy as you want! :)

    2. I'm sure you'll enjoy it Mary. BTW, I see you have a new book out today. Congrats!

  5. 1. I think it's a great quality in fiction because we all know that first time will be hot, hot, hot! In real life not so much. While I might admire a man who is willing to wait until he gets to know her I think that building compatibility is very important and knowing if you are compatible at all.

    2. I love sexual tension in books. It is HOT! Nothing is sweeter than the moment they give in.

    3. I wouldn't. Sexual chemistry and compatibility is very important to me. I do believe this grows along with your relationship, but it's too important of an aspect to go into without some knowledge of the other person.

    4. We were so eager to get married that we rushed it. It was perfect in every way, but one. We rushed so much that we didn't have time to give ample notice to out of town guests. A big portion of my Dad's side of the family didn't make it and I know now that feelings were hurt. It was a special day that I wish all of my family could have celebrated with us. Other than that it was perfectly us in every way.

    1. Well...what's a wedding without someone in the family getting their feelings hurt? LOL. Or is that just in my family? :)

  6. 5. Christmas---the most wonderful time of the year or something you just grit your teeth and hope to get through without hurting anyone?

    I LOVE Christmas! Thankfully, I gave up perfection a long time ago. Once I started going with the flow it became the magical holiday it was meant to be. I have the best family and love every minute that I spend with them.

  7. This story really captured my interest, Sue, so I've downloaded it, but haven't had a chance to read it, yet.

    I agree that marriage is a huge commitment, but I probably would have been a virgin when I married, if I'd married at a younger age. As it was, I was determined not to die in a virgin, so I stopped saying 'no' after I reached the age of 25. What I find interesting about that was the fact I did end up marrying the man who took my virginity, though three years later and after living together for two years.

    I think each individual needs to decide for themselves if they wish to remain a virgin until they wed, or not. Sex is an important component of a happy marriage, but I didn't marry my husband because he rocked my world in bed. So many of his other qualities were far more important to me than his physical prowess.

    I wouldn't change anything about our wedding. It was a small intimate affair with only close friends and family members, and I loved that.

    As for Christmas, it's one of my favorite times of year, and hubby's birthday is the 24th, so I try to make it special each year. We do have a few traditions we follow on Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day is a family time, where we usually end up in the family room, watching one of the new movies Santa brought and eating popcorn as we snuggle beneath warm comforters. Cozy and relaxing.

    1. Some good points Kathryn. It should be up to each person to decide. It wasn't that long ago that sex before marriage was shocking (at least if acknowledged publicly) and now the bigger shock is if someone is a virgin.

  8. I think building up to the wedding day with lots of foreplay, but maybe only a a week.
    I think it depends on your mood and how the author set up the scene. There been times just knowing the had sex and not reading about it. Was hot. So like said it has lot to do how the writer presence the store.

    I would differently need to have sex. Before marrying. The is lot of marriage ruined because the were not compatible in intimacy.

    Oh yes I would have a different groom. I disliked my ex husband even on our wedding day. Great party thou. Long story.

    Christmas is a sad time for me. I like reading and watching or doing lots of family christmas activates to bring up my spirit.
    Now I am off to read. Hugs :)

    1. I agree. I've read some books where there was a great lead up to sex but it wasn't described, yet I still felt satisfied as a reader because I could imagine that it was awesome due to the chemistry and the build up the author created.

  9. Firstly, thank you Sue for the lovely giveaway :)

    1. I think that that is sexy in a man. The fact that they care enough to want to make the wedding night special makes him special if that makes any sense.

    2. I think both. I do love the 'will they or won't they' but I also love the sex scene that follows...eventually.

    3. No, I don't think it's a good idea. In saying that I don't think it;'s a good idea to jump into bed with everyone you meet either, I'm a bit of a prude that way lol

    4. I did do mine again. I was getting my third child christened and stupidly mentioned that we had been married at home. The Catholic priest then insisted that our union was not recognised by the church and insisted that we marry again in the church. We did.

    5.I love Christmas, although the cooking while dealing with the heat here in Australia can be a trial.

    1. Yes, it does seem like there should be a happy medium between being slutty and being a prude. Maybe just being more discriminating before you hop in the sack?

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you back here again soon. ;)


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