Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spanking Fiction Writer Sue Lyndon Spills Her Guts

Hi Everyone! I'm pleased to have author Sue Lyndon here for an interview about her adventures as a writer of spanking fiction.

Celeste Jones:  What is it that you like about being a writer, particularly a writer of spanking fiction?
Sue Lyndon:   Writing is my creative outlet and it allows me to work from home – two big bonuses in my book.  I enjoy reading spanking fiction, as well as BDSM romance, so naturally I like to write those kinds of stories.  You can never have too many spanking and BDSM stories!

Celeste Jones: What do you consider to be some of the challenges of writing spanking fiction and domestic discipline stories?
Sue Lyndon:  I think the biggest challenge is dealing with people who are appalled by this genre of erotic romance, mostly because it’s usually a man spanking a woman – and that’s wrong and unequal in their eyes.  I’ve seen some authors get bad reviews on their book based on this argument.  It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I know it’s a possibility I’ll have to deal with someday.

Celeste Jones: Tell us a little about your latest release. 

Sue Lyndon:   My latest release an erotic spanking romance novella called Dark Without You.  Here’s the blurb:

Total Love. Domestic Discipline. He takes her world firmly in hand...

Alice Grove owes her brother a lot. After all, he adopted her after their parents died and worked several jobs just to keep food on the table. When he asks for her help keeping a musician from the band he manages happy until the end of their tour, Alice is more than willing. She'll do just about anything to please the enigmatic drummer she's had a crush on since they were kids.

Andy Steel detests life in the limelight. Touring for weeks on end with no company besides his fellow band members, trashy girls, and an endless supply of booze doesn't suit his old-fashioned ideals. He aches to have a long-lasting relationship with just one woman--but not just any relationship. He expects obedience inside and outside of the bedroom, and he won't hesitate to enforce his rules by giving his woman a good spanking. When he meets up with his childhood friend Alice in Chicago, all grown up and aiming to please, Andy knows the heat they generate is something special. Until he hears about Alice's real reasons for joining the tour, and until she skips town without so much as a good-bye. Andy has no qualms about chasing after her, but he may not like what he discovers along the way.

 Celeste Jones: What is your writing day like? Do you have a set schedule for writing?
Sue Lyndon:   Writing first thing in the morning is my favorite thing to do.  I grab some breakfast and a big cup of coffee and open up my laptop to my latest work-in-progress.  

Celeste Jones: Are you a panster or a plotter?
Sue Lyndon:   Most of the time, I’m a panster.  On the rare occasion that I decide to jot down a plot, I always veer away from it before I even reach the middle of the story.  No matter how much I like the idea I plotted out, something I like better always pops into my head as I’m typing away.

Celeste Jones: Who in your life knows about your career as a writer of spanking fiction? Do you find it challenging to keep that part of your life a secret?
Sue Lyndon:   I tell anyone who asks what I do that I write erotic romance, and if someone asks about my pen name, I pull a business card out of my purse and say, “Sue Lyndon.  Here’s my card.”  If they dig further and discover I write spanking fiction and BDSM romance, I’m not embarrassed by it.  I wasn’t comfortable admitting what I write a year ago, but I’m pretty much out of the closet now.  It’s amazing how much you can change in a year. 

Celeste Jones: Do you consider yourself a feminist? If so, how do you reconcile feminism and submission?
Sue Lyndon:   Yes, I consider myself a feminist.  I don’t think there’s any reason why women shouldn’t have the same rights as men.  I think women should have the right to seek out the kind of relationship that fulfills their emotional needs, whether that relationship is one in which they are submissive, dominant, or something else.

Celeste Jones: What tips or advice do you have for people who might be thinking about writing spanking fiction?

Sue Lyndon:   There are many subgenres of spanking fiction.  Get to know them and decide which subgenres you are best suited to write.  Katerina Kinsley of Bottoms Up Book Review nails these subgenres down well in an interview with Cara Bristol.  If you’re not familiar with spanking fiction, you’d be surprised how many different subgenres are out there, from western to christen domestic discipline to fantasy.  Check out the interview here.

Celeste Jones: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sue Lyndon:  Red wine and pretzel M&MsJ 

Celeste Jones: Anything else you’d like to share?

Sue Lyndon: I love to connect with readers and other authors.  Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter – I promise not to bite!

Thanks for having me today, Celeste.  I had a blast visiting you! 

Blog Link: www.suelyndon.com 

Buy Links:  Dark Without You is available on  Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance.


He ignored her whimpers of protest as he guided her over his lap, but was pleased she didn’t resist physically.  Her sweet, albeit reluctant, submission was a precious gift, and it moved a previously unaffected place in his soul.  The profound depth of his feelings for Alice at this moment caused his heart to skip a beat as he rubbed gentle circles on her back.  “I’m going to take your temperature first,” he said, his voice thick with emotion and lust.

“Um, what do you mean?”  Her innocent question brought a smile to his face.


  1. Hey Sue & Celeste - I just dropped by to say hi. It's interesting how many spanking fiction authors (myself included) identify themselves as feminists!

    Glad you mentioned Katerina and Bottoms Up Book Reviews. What she does is truly unique -- NO ONE else to my knowledge exclusively reviews spanking fiction.

    Congrats on the release of Dark Without You. I really enjoyed it. Happy sales to you!

  2. Thank you Celeste for an excellent interview. And, thank you Sue for sharing your insights with us. Good luck.

  3. Thank you Celeste for hosting another great interview. I read Dark Without You and loved it. Sue was the first Spanking Author I started following:) Just getting home from work and settling in and so this was great way to start my blogland cruise. Also, enjoying a glass of red wine now-a guilty pleasure Sue has listed above! Thanks, SNP

  4. Celeste, another great interview. I mentioned on Sue's blog that I read Dark Without You and it was great.

  5. Great interview, Celeste. Sue, I can't wait to read Dark Without You!!

  6. Hi Everyone---Thanks for all your great comments. And a special thanks to Sue Lyndon for getting on the hot seat. I feel certain that the folks from 60 Minutes will be calling me soon to do some of their no holds barred interviews. :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by, everyone:) And thank you again, Celeste, for kindly letting me visit you today;) This was a fun interview!


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