Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday from The Birthday Wish

In my new erotic spanking novella, The Birthday Wish, Mimi blows out a lone candle on a cupcake and finds herself transported from her kitchen to the home of the sexy and mysterious Paolo. Is it a dream or reality? 

“W-what’s happening?” Mimi forced herself to break the silence.
“I am seducing you, can’t you tell?” Paolo teased. He knelt next to her lounge chair, gave her hair another tug and pressed his lips to the tender spot on her neck just below her left ear.
“N-no, I’m pretty clear on the seduction part. What I meant was, how did I get here? Is this a dream?”
Paolo’s teeth nipped her ear. “Does that feel like a dream to you?” 

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  1. Well, this would be rather disconcerting. Who is this Paolo anyway? But, I bet she doesn't care.

  2. Sounds like things are about to get hot! I love the hero's name...Paolo just oozes sexiness:)

  3. Must not be doing a good job seducing if she can't tell. giggle. Fun story as always. :)

  4. Very seductive six, Celeste!! I need to read this book! :)


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