Monday, February 11, 2013

Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

For Love Spanks, I asked readers to describe their best (or worst) Valentine's Day. Since I bet some of you are still trying to figure out just the right way to say "I Love You", I thought I'd share a few of the suggestions from my readers.

My best valentines day was the first one with my husband. He left gifts and a card for me on the kitchen table before i went to work. One of the gifts was a Hershey chocolate heart that when you broke open the chocolate heart there was also a little bag of hershey kisses inside. I did not open the chocolate until much later in the day, but when I did i discovered that he had somehow opened the chocolate heart at the seems, slipped a diamond necklace inside, melted the heart back together, and re sealed the box closed very carefully. The whole thing did not look like it had been tampered with at all! I almost missed seeing the necklace at all! (His First Mate)

My best V day involved the bed, chocolate and the ol man. Nuff said. (Jade Cary)

Two years ago at V-day my dear Dev, brought allllll (5) of my friends each their own box of chocolates because we were all together working on our new home. He is always sweet like that. (Patty Devlin)

My favorite valentines day was my husband and my first Valentine's day together. I awoke to two dozen roses and lots of mushy gushy newly in love romance. (Sassy Chassy)

My best Valentines day would have to have been last year where I was fortunate to be able to celebrate it on my first ever vacation to Orlando Studios in Florida. I never had a real wedding I married my husband a year after high school in my pastors home (not very romantic). To help make up for it for our six year marriage anniversary and valentines day (we combined them for cost purposes) my husband bought me a new wedding band set and reproposed to me in Orlando Studios, and in our true geek fashion we were both in full Harry potter robes he had bought us standing in front of Harry potter ride and rings were on my new "official" wand! Although most of my family just found it humorous it was most romantic act my husband has ever done, and thus making it my best Valentines day ever.(Kelly Adams)

 I think the best year was the first year we were married. We’d only been married for a couple of weeks. We didn’t have much but my husband made heart shaped pancakes, that weren’t very heart shaped lol and gave me a single long stemmed red rose :)  (Constance Masters)

My best Valentine Day was last year. We spent the day doing little things for each other and exchanging cards and small gifts. I remember that LD loved the mixed roses that were delivered to her in the afternoon. 
I cooked chicken marsala for her on top of risotto and placed a candle on the diner table. We had a glass of Cab with the meal. Afterwards, we made love to each other. I remember it was a perfect day. (Joeyred51)

I remember a good Valentine's in Grade 12 my boyfriend and I at the time, were together 2 years. I over heard him talking to someone about a Valentine Day stuffed animal he bought for me... I went out and bought him the same one... so he would think we were kindred spirits... the look on his face was priceless... his mom even asked if I didn't like it and gave it back to him, he was like actually we are so connected we got one another the same gift... she hated me, so she was furious... hahaha It was awesome...(Natalie O'Connor)

We celebrated in grand style each year of our marriage and would usually go to a resort and just bask in each other's love and desires. We were engaged on Valentines day and made it a celebratory anniversary of sorts, scheduling it into our lives... (Joseph McNamara)

My best Valentine would be a boring tacky dinner and a cheesy movie which lead up to a wonderful night laying on the wet grass at a park, under the clear sky....cuddling and just talking and wondering how our future will be and what will we become (was in my late teens back then)...and lots of making out.  (Chuenn)

My hubby is pretty romantic, more so than me, so I would have to say my best was probably our first one together, but it was a long time ago and I can't remember all the details, but it was the day he first told me he loved me. (Sunnygirl)

My best Valentine's day was spent in Dominican Republic with my husband. Sun, sand and chocolate covered strawberries + room service...I'm pretty sure my daughter was conceived that night : )  (C Munro)

My best V-Day was when my husband and I were dating. He'd sneaked into my house and left a 100 roses all over my house. I went from room to room to find them all. (Cara Bristol)

We are usually pretty low key but he always brings me flowers which is sweet.(Zoe)

Best Valentine's day - being a human tray for the sushi. It was pretty sexy being objectified in that manner. (La Crimson Femme)

I was pregnant and so ill from the pregnancy that I slept 20 hours a day, cried because everything tasted horrible, cried because I had no energy...I had NEVER been so miserable in my life.
The doorbell rings on Valentine's Day and a woman walks in with a huge basket of goodies from Jared, chocolates, fruits, even even a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. Then she said, "I hear you've not been feeling well, but your husband asked me to give you a message. This is from him."
She began singing a love song...and to this day I couldn't tell you what it was. I remember falling to pieces, tears rolling down my face, she got choked up was horrible and hilarious and wonderful and unforgettable.
She even gave me a hug. :) 
I still have that unopened bottle of wine, too.  (Rogue)

Most fond memory was first Valentine's day 20 years ago i was in high school & he planned a rommantic getaway to beach city complete with dinner, flowers, a bracket my sister helped pick out & my favorite musical. Very sweet for an 18 year old boy.(SassyTwatter)

I'm hoping my best Valentine's Day will be the one five days from now. Hubby is taking me to see Spank! The 50 Shades of Grey musical parody. (Kenzy Cameron)

My most memorable Valentine's Day was in a graveyard in New Orleans. I love to photograph headstones that contain personal epitaphs of love, so my husband packed a picnic lunch and wandered through cemeteries with me all day. (Karri in SF)

I guess my best Valentine's Day was the first VDay when my husband and I were dating. I had a big organic chem exam the next day, so I had to study all night, so he set up a "study area" in his house, and every so often I would get "study breaks" if you know what I mean. LOL. (Sue Lyndon)

my favorite Valentine's day was actually a few days after the actual holiday, while at a themed spanking party. Cookie and I took part in a "spank the heart" contest to spank the shape of a heart on a bottom. We won first prize, with each of her cheeks being one side of the heart. The hardest part (for both of us, probably) was the diagonal edges of the heart, which ran down each thigh to the center. :)  (Thomas III)

Note: There were a number of people who  mentioned having children or grandchildren born on Valentine's Day but that probably involves a little more advanced planning than can be accomplished between now and Thursday. 

Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! I was so inspired that I wrote my husband a *slightly* fictionalized version of our first date. He'll be out of town on Valentine's Day so I'm going to tuck it in his suitcase for a surprise. Usually I leave all these things til the last minute, but thanks to all your suggestions, I'm prepared. 


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