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It's finally here. Love Spanks!

This will be a long post, but it's full of good info.

Welcome to Love Spanks 2013!  Would you like to win a Kindle Fire or Nook Color (donated by Blushing Books), a $40 gift certificate to Loose Id (donated by Loose Id and Cara Bristol), a $15 gift certificate to Amazon (donated by Stormy Night Publications), or a book bundle (donated by Stormy Night Publications)?

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As an extra treat, all Love Spankers are eligible for free books!  (Donated by Lazy Day Publishing)

  • Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley
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  • Rules of War by Sue Lyndon
  • Deep in the Heat of Texas by Amy le Blanc, Melissa Ecker, and Alta Hensley
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Whew. And now, here's my part:

I'm so excited to share this story with you. It's a follow up to my book Twenty One Days to a Better Attitude. In the original story, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Darcy Hughes has her life tightly under control, at least until Ben Dawson moves in next door. Ben’s attempts to be friendly are quickly rebuffed. He calls her out on her rude behavior and suggests that a good spanking will cure her bad attitude. 

This story picks up a few weeks later.

A Better Valentine's Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Darcy!” Mindy, the administrative assistant and staff wrangler called out.
Darcy paused and looked around the central area of the county prosecutor’s office. Red, red, red. Everywhere was red: streamers, hearts, balloons. Fortunately a big bowl of red foil wrapped chocolates sat on Mindy’s desk. Darcy took a handful and stomped to her office.

Valentine’s Day. Damn. First, she’d forgotten all about it, which was good because that saved her from spending more of her day pissed off, second, it was the most annoying work day of the whole year.

In a job that saw the worst of humanity on a regular basis: drug dealers, child abusers, thieves and murderers, you’d think that Valentine’s Day would be a highlight. Not for Darcy Hughes, Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and all around grouch.
She made a mental note to schedule the day off next year. Maybe she’d make an appointment for a colonoscopy. It would be an improvement.
For her this day would be a marathon of reminders that she'd failed at love. Every office in the building from the board of elections to the dog catcher would have flowers delivered to some lucky lady who would blush and giggle and parade them through the office, or the whole courthouse if she could figure out a way to do to it, to show that she had a Valentine.
Valentines: the universal sign that you were spoken for.
Darcy couldn’t remember the last time she got a Valentine, though she suspected it probably was deposited into a foil covered shoe box on her desk in the third grade. Even the few dismal adult relationships she’d had seemed to always go down in flames before February 14.
Most people would try to bury themselves in their work in order to avoid the constant reminders of romance, but even if Darcy tried that tactic, which she was prone to do, it wouldn’t help. You see, courthouses have courtrooms and courtrooms have judges and judges perform marriage ceremonies.  
Much as it annoyed Darcy to watch brides on TV competing with each other for the best wedding, while acting like spoiled self-centered brats, at least they didn’t interfere with getting her work done. Although she applauded the practical aspects of a quickie courthouse ceremony, on Valentine’s Day the volume of giddy brides was nearly puke-inducing.
Darcy needed a judge’s signature on a document she’d spent several days preparing, but in order to get to him, she had to wait behind three couples who wanted to be amongst the first married this Valentine’s Day.
The whole thing made her skin crawl. She was a professional, after all. Her business should come first.
She scowled and took her place in line.
Ben Dawson grabbed his bag from the airport carousel and hurried to his car. His flight had been delayed which put his plan several hours behind schedule. He’d have to make a couple of adjustments, but it could still work.
He smiled to himself as he pulled onto the highway.
He had a feeling that Darcy didn’t like surprises. No, it wasn’t just a feeling. It was a certainty. Darcy was a control freak who liked everything her way and planned out in every detail.  Adaptability was not her strong suit. Bossiness was.
But damn, she turned him on. He loved her feistiness. When she got on a roll of self-righteous indignation, it was all he could do not to bend her over the back of the couch and screw her until she stopped talking and started moaning.
He hadn’t done that…yet. He knew she wanted him to and often she went out of her way to provoke him. 

Other times, she provoked him without even trying.  
When he’d first spotted Darcy stomping across her driveway to his house on moving day he’d had one overwhelming thought: “She needs a good spanking.” His second thought was another thing he’d like to do to her that was also stress relieving. And no, it wasn’t yoga.
That had been six weeks ago. And every Saturday night since then, he’d gone to her house and spanked her naughty bottom. 
He wondered what the folks down at the prosecutor’s office would think if they knew that every week Darcy “The Dominator” Hughes got  her butt reddened by her new neighbor.
Maybe they wouldn’t be so surprised. Darcy thought she had the whole world fooled into thinking she was tough and independent, but to him it was obvious that she was simply afraid of being hurt so she’d put up some pretty high walls and wrapped herself in a cloak of law and order.
She’d let her guard down a few times during their Saturday night spanking sessions, but he longed to see her in the wild abandon of passion.
Darcy finally got the judge’s signature, scurried back to her office and closed the door. How many more hours until this day would be over?
She opened her email and found a message from her friend Rhonda. Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you and the new neighbor be steaming up the sheets later?
Darcy chuckled and shook her head. There was nothing subtle about Rhonda, which explained why they got along so well. They both shot from the hip. What you see is what you get.
Which is why Darcy had no idea what to say in response to Rhonda’s message. You see, Darcy had fibbed. Stretched the truth. Lied.
Well, what else could she do?
She could hardly tell Rhonda, or anyone, that the reason she couldn’t go to the movies or out to dinner or to see the latest play on Saturday nights was because she had a weekly appointment to get a spanking from her sexy neighbor. Could she?
So she told Rhonda it was date night. It was sort of true. They had a date for a spanking. Usually they had pizza and wine beforehand, though sometimes Darcy was in such a mood and there was so much bickering that clearly the spanking needed to be administered first.
She still had trouble wrapping her head around the fact that spanking made her feel better. There was just something about laying herself across Ben’s lap that began the process of draining away her stress. She felt safe.
Yep, bare assed across a man’s lap while he prepared to administer a spanking made her feel safe.
It made her feel a lot of other things too.
And that explained why she was extra cranky today.
She’d thought---hoped---that she and Ben would be in a relationship by now but it sure didn’t seem like it. And, according to all the dating advice books, if you aren’t sure if you’re in a relationship or not, you aren’t.
Would it have killed him to send some flowers or a card or even, heaven forbid, make a call to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day? She rarely heard from him during the week, though he showed up every Saturday night with a smile on his face and discipline on his mind.
She hated to admit how much she looked forward to Saturday nights.
Maybe Ben would bring her a Valentine Saturday night. It would be late, but it would go along with their weekly schedule.
To hell with that. It was Valentine’s Day and if he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her then she was going to put an end to the whole thing. No more spankings. No more anything. In fact, she looked up the number for a local realtor, printed off the flyer from the website and put it in the pocket of her jacket. She’d sell her house and the neighbor problem would be solved.
Who did he think he was? Showing up when it pleased him just to spank her with no intentions of having a real relationship with her. She’d show him.
Originally, Ben had planned to leave a Valentine for Darcy on the windshield of her car so she’d get it when she left for work.
Although the chemistry between the two of them was evident, he’d never acted on his desire for her. He wanted a woman who was willing to submit to him and follow his rules. He’d been burnt in the past and didn’t want to repeat that mistake. He was taking things slowly with Darcy, but the arrival of a holiday devoted to love and romance seemed the perfect time to take things to the next level.
Now that he had missed his chance to set his plan in motion this morning, he had to re-think his strategy. Should he wait until she got home or go to the courthouse and find her?
It would be fun to see the look on her face when he showed up unexpectedly. He liked keeping her on her toes.
“Overruled. The defendant is released on his own recognizance.” The judge’s voice boomed through the courtroom.
“Your Honor,” Darcy stood to address the court “A five thousand dollar cash or surety bond is completely reasonable in this situation.”
The judge leaned forward and peered at Darcy over the bench. “Are you implying, Ms. Hughes, that I am being unreasonable?”
Darcy clenched her fists in frustration but kept her tone measured. “No, Your Honor, I am simply----"
The judge interrupted her. “We stand adjourned.” The gavel rang down on the bench and everyone in the courtroom, including the half dozen couples waiting to be married, stood while the judge exited.
Great. What’s better than losing a pretty simple argument in court? Doing it in front of an audience.
Darcy glanced over at the spectators which included two women in full bridal regalia, one in a lovely short white dress, two in jeans and one woman who looked very excited wearing  shorts and a Mickey Mouse T-shirt. She had a veil attached to a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and when she turned Darcy saw the name “Ana” embroidered across the back.
Oh for Pete’s sake. Will this day never end? Darcy pushed through the door of the courtroom and nearly knocked over a bride, this one carrying a pink suede flogger as a bouquet. “Mimi, are you alright?” the man in a tuxedo whom Darcy assumed was to be the groom said to his intended in a sexy voice that distracted Darcy causing her to bump into yet another woman in white.
That was the final straw. “Move it, bitch. Real woman working. Get out of the way.” Darcy elbowed the soon-to-be-Mrs. forcing the other woman to take a step backward to keep her balance. A misplaced step on the long train of her dress sent the woman tumbling, veil flying and flowers flinging.  
Ben made it to the third floor of the courthouse. He was new in the area and had not visited the historic building with its winding marble staircase and wide hallways divided by pillars. The long line of couples waiting to be married made it easy to find the courtroom.
Maybe he could sneak in and see Darcy in action. She was probably a real spitfire in the courtroom.
The idea of Darcy pacing the courtroom, arguing her case to a jury, pointing an accusing finger at the defendant, played through Ben’s mind like a geeky porn movie. He tucked the box of chocolates under his arm and went in search of his naughty neighbor.
“Move it, bitch. Real woman working. Get out of the way.”
The voice. The tone. The words. It could only be one woman.
Eyes flashing, feet stomping, the object of his desire strode toward him like an angry bear.
He stepped behind a pillar. The click of her heels on the marble floor helped him time is actions and at precisely the right moment he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his secret hiding place.
The sudden halt to her momentum combined with the height of her heels sent Darcy toppling into Ben who had no choice but to wrap his arms around her to steady her. Her chest pressed against him and her mouth was mere inches from his. Instinctively he leaned forward to claim her lips in their first real kiss.
“What the hell are you doing here?” The mouth that he’d intended to ravish hissed at him.
Darcy pulled herself out of his arms and tugged at the hem of her jacket to straighten it. When she finished righting her clothing she glared at him. “I have work to do. Are you spying on me?”
Man could she get under his skin. “No, I am not spying on you.”
“Spies hide behind pillars in courthouses and nab people. That’s what you did. Therefore, you’re a spy.”
“Wow. That’s some hefty legal reasoning right there.”
“Oh shut up.”
By this time two newlywed couples and a floral delivery person had stopped to watch the Ben and Darcy show.
“Darcy,” Ben looked meaningfully over her shoulder to signal that they were not alone, “maybe we should finish this conversation in private.”
Darcy ignored his hint. “There’s no more conversation to have. Get out of the courthouse before I call the bailiff over and have you escorted to your car.”
“That seems like a good use of taxpayer money.”
“Bite me.”
“Maybe later.”
Ben took a firm hold of Darcy’s elbow and walked her toward a darkened room. “Let go of me,” she growled.
Ben nodded to a couple of the new husbands who had a distinct look of pity in their eyes.
The heavy wooden door clanged shut behind her and she heard Ben turn the lock. Oh crap.
Late afternoon sun shone through the windows at the back of the room and once her eyes adjusted to the low light she recognized her location. The law library.
Now that everyone did their research online, the old law library was rarely used other than for local bar meetings and occasionally for some research that was just easier to do the old fashioned way. It was a majestic, manly sort of room with antique bookcases lining the wall. Wooden chairs surrounded substantial tables and amongst the stacks there were old leather wing chairs tucked away for quiet reading.
“That was quite a show you put on out there.”
“You’re not supposed to be here.”
“If a woman is a brat and the man who spanks her doesn’t see it, is she still a brat?”
“You’re not the man who spanks me.”
“I sure thought I was.” He reached around and gave her butt a quick smack. “Yep.  Seems familiar.”
He was the most aggravating man Darcy had ever met, and in a profession heavily populated by jerks, that was saying something.
Maybe that was the problem. He wasn’t a jerk. He was always calm and caring. He paid attention to her and made her feel special.
But he’d never even given her a real kiss. Sure, he’d spanked her bare butt a number of times, and he was always caring and gentle with her afterward, often kissing her forehead or her temple in a way that soothed and calmed her.
Damn it. She was tired of being soothed. She wanted to be fucked.
“You’ve got some nerve.”
“I’m not the one accosting brides.”
“Who do you think you are? You come strolling into the courthouse where I work like you own the place and like you own me. But you don’t. You’re just mean and selfish and all you want to do is use me for your own kinky spanking pleasure.”
“Is that what you think? That this is only for me?”
“And you get no enjoyment or benefit from the ‘arrangement’ we have.”
“No, I don’t. In fact, I think that our ‘arrangement’ is a complete failure and I don’t ever want to see you again.”
Darcy turned on her heel and reached for the doorknob but the lock was old and hard to turn. Her shaking hands didn’t help the situation. Finally, she kicked the door in frustration. Dumb idea. Despite comments written in the courthouse men’s room, Darcy did not wear combat boots. Pain shot through her big toe.
Ben rushed to her side but she pushed him away. The pain in her toe quickly subsided. The pain in her heart continued to throb. “Just let me out of here.” She worked the doorknob with the persistence of a yappy dog on a pant leg, ignoring the tears of frustration that pricked the corners of her eyes.
Strong arms wrapped around her waist and Darcy found herself lifted off the floor.  “Put me down.” She windmilled her arms and kicked her feet like a kid having a tantrum.
And like a wise parent of a child having a tantrum, Ben did not give in to her bad behavior. He managed to get seated on a hard wooden chair, where he grasped Darcy’s arms together behind her back and trapped her flailing legs between his thighs.
“So,” his hand cracked down on her skirt-clad bottom, “you don’t like our ‘arrangement’.” Four quick swats landed on her right cheek before he continued. “You think you don’t get anything out of it.” He peppered the left side of her butt with rapid spanks. “Is that right?”
Darcy continued to kick her legs. She wished her hands weren’t trapped behind her because her nose was starting to run and tears of anger and frustration were flowing freely. In addition to the indignity of a spanking, she was also a snot covered cry baby.
Definitely getting a colonoscopy next Valentine’s Day.
A hard swat to the curve between her thigh and butt got her attention. “You haven’t answered me.”
“Yes, you haven’t answered me or is ‘yes’ your answer to my question about our arrangement.”
Just when Darcy’s aggravation started to fade, it came back in full force. She inhaled and then let her thoughts, and words, fly. “I think this is bullshit. Spanking does nothing for me and you are a selfish jerk who only thinks of himself.”
“Really?” Ben punctuated his words with a hard crack to the top of her thigh. “Do you think that’s why I came to the courthouse today? To satisfy some selfish urge to spank you?”
“Well, why else would you be here?”
The spanking stopped and Darcy wasn’t sure if she was relieved or annoyed. Was that it? He didn’t even care enough to give her a decent spanking?
In an impressive display of female clothing removal Ben unzipped her skirt and pulled it down to her knees. Her still kicking legs managed to fling the skirt so that it landed on the top of a stack of books.
Her panties followed and ended up hanging off the corner of a portrait of an old judge.
Ben’s hands rubbed across the curves of her ass and the Darcy started to relax. Her legs stopped kicking, but she knew the spanking wasn’t over.
The crack of Ben’s hand on her bare skin echoed around the large room.
“You,” sniffle, “haven’t answered my question.”
“Why am I here?”
“Right now I’m here to help you relax a bit before you find yourself escorted out of the building by a bailiff.”
“I don’t need to relax.” Now that she’d stopped kicking, Ben had fallen into a familiar rhythm. Left cheek, right cheek, left thigh, right thigh and back in the same circuit. Silly as it sounded, the pain and the rhythm were comforting to Darcy.
“Really? You always call the people in the courthouse hallways ‘bitches’ and try to push them down?”
“N-no.” Had she really done that?
“Seems like you’re having a tough day.”
“I hate Valentine’s Day.” Ben changed up his pattern and worked on reddening the tops of her thighs in a stingy assault to her tender flesh.
“You hate it?” His hand cracked against the curve where her thigh and rear end met. Darcy winced. Valentine's Day wasn't the only thing she hated at the moment. 
“Can’t get my work done. The whole building is full of florists and brides and people acting all mushy. This is a courthouse. We administer justice, not hugs and kisses.”
“Oh. I think I see the problem.”
“I’m right, aren’t I?”
“No, you’re not.”
During their conversation Ben ended the spanking and rubbed Darcy’s butt and back in gentle circles. Now he turned her over and set her in his lap. He pulled a starched white handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped the tears and other bodily fluid from her face. He returned the cloth to his pocket then smoothed Darcy’s hair away from her face.
“Maybe it’s time to have more hugs and kisses in the courthouse.” His finger outlined her lips. Blood pounded in Darcy’s ears. She stared at his mouth as it moved toward hers.
In all the hours she’d spent fantasizing about what this moment would be like, and there had been many, it still paled in comparison to reality. His lips were soft yet insistent, gently teasing her to respond. When she kissed him back, he tightened his hold on her and deepened the kiss.
The pain in her butt was forgotten. The pain in her heart disappeared, along with most of her self- control. Her hands wound their way into his thick hair and gripped his head like she feared he’d run away.
By the time Ben finally lifted his mouth from hers, they were both bright eyed and breathing hard.
“I think you’re right,” Ben said.
“About hating Valentine’s Day?”
“No, about our ‘arrangement’. I think it’s time to make some changes.”
Darcy’s breathing became shallow. Did he mean what she hoped he meant? She wasn’t sure what to say, so for once she kept quiet.
“Just like the courthouse, we still need to administer some justice and punishment, but maybe we need more hugs and kisses too.”
Darcy’s toes curled and she felt a dopey grin spread across her face. “Really?”
Ben’s mouth lowered to cover hers again but before he claimed her lips again he asked that all important question.
“Darcy, will you be my Valentine?”
The End. 

Question: Please share either your best Valentine's Day (without too many lurid details) or your worst. One commenter will be chosen at random to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Please include your email address in your comment.

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  1. My best valentines day was the first one with my husband. He left gifts and a card for me on the kitchen table before i went to work. One of the gifts was a Hershey chocolate heart that when you broke open the chocolate heart there was also a little bag of hershey kisses inside. I did not open the chocolate until much later in the day, but when I did i discovered that he had somehow opened the chocolate heart at the seems, slipped a diamond necklace inside, melted the heart back together, and re sealed the box closed very carefully. The whole thing did not look like it had been tampered with at all! I almost missed seeing the necklace at all!

    1. Wow. That's quite a gift. Good thing you didn't chomp into the big chocolate heart (like I would have) and bit into the necklace.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a great story, Celeste. But I do NOT wear Mickey Mouse ears! :P

    The best Valentine's Day that I am willing to share publicly involves a little girl born on February 14th. :)

  3. Great story, Celeste.


    My best V day involved the bed, chocolate and the ol man. Nuff said.

  4. Great story, Celeste. I love reading your stuff. Worst Valentines day ever was at the middle school valentines dance. It was awkward.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Oh...middle school. Wasn't everything awkward then? I might complain about getting old, but I sure wouldn't want to be in middle school again.

  5. Two years ago at V-day my dear Dev, brought allllll (5) of my friends each their own box of chocolates because we were all together working on our new home. He is always sweet like that.

  6. My favorite valentines day was my husband and my first Valentine's day together. I awoke to two dozen roses and lots of mushy gushy newly in love romance.

  7. My best Valentines day would have to have been last year where I was fortunate to be able to celebrate it on my first ever vacation to Orlando Studios in Florida. I never had a real wedding I married my husband a year after high school in my pastors home (not very romantic). To help make up for it for our six year marriage anniversary and valentines day (we combined them for cost purposes) my husband bought me a new wedding band set and reproposed to me in Orlando Studios, and in our true geek fashion we were both in full Harry potter robes he had bought us standing in front of Harry potter ride and rings were on my new "official" wand! Although most of my family just found it humorous it was most romantic act my husband has ever done, and thus making it my best Valentines day ever.

  8. I've had some good, great, bad and downright horrible Valentine Days but my absolute best was in 2010 when my precious granddaughter was born! Tops all others!!!!

    1. There's something special about Valentine's babies! Congrats. :)

  9. Still waiting for the best the worst every year so far I live in hope.

  10. I loved this story Celeste. I think the best year was the first year we were married. We’d only been married for a couple of weeks. We didn’t have much but my husband made heart shaped pancakes, that weren’t very heart shaped lol and gave me a single long stemmed red rose :)

  11. Terrific story. My best Valentine Day was last year. We spent the day doing little things for each other and exchanging cards and small gifts. I remember that LD loved the mixed roses that were delivered to her in the afternoon.

    I cooked chicken marsala for her on top of risotto and placed a candle on the diner table. We had a glass of Cab with the meal. Afterwards, we made love to each other. I remember it was a perfect day.

  12. I am going to be honest, and say, I have never really had a moment that has shaped my Valentine's Day memories (bad or good). They have been perfectly normal. Nothing big and exciting. But also, nothing dramatic and horrible either. This is probably my fault. I live in a state of fantasy- dreaming of the perfect "what if" moment. It is hard to live up to those kind of fantasies. poor guy. :)

  13. Cant really say I have had a best valentines day since I have never been in a relationship yet on valentines day. But I have hope for the future! :)

  14. I do not really have good or bad Valentine's Day memories... they were sweet in high school... now that I'm married we do the 'promise' you don't get me anything and I won't get you anything... I remember a good Valentine's in Grade 12 my boyfriend and I at the time, were together 2 years. I over heard him talking to someone about a Valentine Day stuffed animal he bought for me... I went out and bought him the same one... so he would think we were kindred spirits... the look on his face was priceless... his mom even asked if I didn't like it and gave it back to him, he was like actually we are so connected we got one another the same gift... she hated me, so she was furious... hahaha It was awesome...

  15. A great story Celeste and a bit of sentiment personally. My best "Valentines" Day would be the last with my wife who died later that year. We celebrated in grand style each year of our marriage and would usually go to a resort and just bask in each other's love and desires. We were engaged on Valentines day and made it a celebratory anniversary of sorts, scheduling it into our lives... "VIP

  16. Chuenn ( 9, 2013 at 10:05 AM

    My best Valentine would be a boring tacky dinner and a cheesy movie which lead up to a wonderful night laying on the wet grass at a park, under the clear sky....cuddling and just talking and wondering how our future will be and what will we become (was in my late teens back then)...and lots of making out.

  17. Aww, dopey grins and toes curling. I'm never in a relationship on Valentines so it's a normal day for me.

  18. I've never really celebrated V-day. I guess I thought we should be romantic every day of the year. But now I'm inspired. I'm going to do something very memorable this year. I just got to think of something. Great story! Great question.

  19. My hubby is pretty romantic, more so than me, so I would have to say my best was probably our first one together, but it was a long time ago and I can't remember all the details, but it was the day he first told me he loved me.

  20. Thanks for all the great ideas everyone. I'll have to see if I can come up with something good before Thursday.

  21. I love that she gets all dopey! Really enjoyed the follow up story. :D

    My valentine's day usually suck so I don't have anything to share. :(

  22. My best Valentine's day was spent in Dominican Republic with my husband. Sun, sand and chocolate covered strawberries + room service...I'm pretty sure my daughter was conceived that night : )

  23. I loved this story! Thought it was your best one yet. It was funny and sweet. Very well done.

    My best V-Day was when my husband and I were dating. He'd sneaked into my house and left a 100 roses all over my house. I went from room to room to find them all.

    1. Thanks Cara. Glad you liked the story. I just love Darcy and Ben and writing about them makes me laugh, so I'm glad others like them too.

      I'm really going to have to step up my game for Valentines Day this year. I can't say "I couldn't think of anything to do" now that I have all these great suggestions.

  24. I love these stories and this blog hop. Thanks so much for participating.

    I have two best Valentine's Day. The first was 14 years ago. I was pregnant with my first child and there were some complications. I had an amnio. I got the results on Valentine's day that everything was OK. A few months later our beautiful baby girl was born.

    The other best Valentine's Day was the day that I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. It was completely unexpected, but I was feeling kind of iffy. I took a test that day and it was positive.

    I've had plenty of romantic valentines (after 20+ years with hubby), but those were the best two Valentine's Days.

  25. Great story! We are usually pretty low key but he always brings me flowers which is sweet.

  26. My hubby really doesn't do much for Valentines poor baby is not a romantic. But its been almost 25 years so I guess I've learned to adjust.

  27. Best Valentine's day - being a human tray for the sushi. It was pretty sexy being objectified in that manner.

    Worst Valentine's day - good childhood friend killed in a hit and run. I stopped celebrating Valentine's day after that. It's rare that I will do anything on that day except remember her death.

  28. My best Valentine's Day is always the one coming up. Every year, my husband tries to outdo the last year, and so far, through 20 years of marriage, he's never disappointed me. :)

  29. I was pregnant and so ill from the pregnancy that I slept 20 hours a day, cried because everything tasted horrible, cried because I had no energy...I had NEVER been so miserable in my life.
    The doorbell rings on Valentine's Day and a woman walks in with a huge basket of goodies from Jared, chocolates, fruits, even even a bottle of non-alcoholic wine. Then she said, "I hear you've not been feeling well, but your husband asked me to give you a message. This is from him."
    She began singing a love song...and to this day I couldn't tell you what it was. I remember falling to pieces, tears rolling down my face, she got choked up was horrible and hilarious and wonderful and unforgettable.
    She even gave me a hug. :)
    I still have that unopened bottle of wine, too.

  30. I have never like Valentines day because my husband is so not romantic about this day. He always uses that stupid line about that there shouldn't be only one day that you share your love or some stupid stuff like that. More than one Valentines day has passed without any kind of loving gesture from him. If it wasn't for the kids having parties at school, one would never even know that it was the 14th of February. I would love for him to take time to do something special for me, romantic with candles and great sex. I don't need a dozen roses. I just want him, alone, and to have all of his attention. I want to explore each others bodies like we use to. I want to make love to him. Oh well, even if he isn't romantic - he is all mine and he is a good man.

  31. Mine finest V day came a few days later...2/18... 21 years ago... when my only child was born. "PARENT" still has a nice ring to it.

  32. Never really had a Valentines day stand out for me. Hopefully I will get one to stand out in the future.

  33. My husband is an accountant and Valentine's Day falls at his busiest time of the it's not big on his list otherwise. He isn't the most romantic man anyway, but he will definitely go along with any romantic ideas I come up with.

  34. Loved the except! Going to go read 21 days now love the story of these two. Most fond memory was first Valentine's day 20 years ago i was in high school & he planned a rommantic getaway to beach city complete with dinner, flowers, a bracket my sister helped pick out & my favorite musical. Very sweet for an 18 year old boy.

  35. Good story, and humorous!
    I'm hoping my best Valentine's Day will be the one five days from now. Hubby is taking me to see Spank! The 50 Shades of Grey musical parody.

    1. I hope you'll come back and let me know what you thought of the show.

  36. Our Valentine's Days have never been anything too extravagant. We're kinda mellow and low-key with it. But any Valentine's Day spent together is great (or any time for that matter). His current work schedule is quite different from mine, so we sometimes go days without seeing each other in person.
    72violets (at) gmail(dot)com

  37. My most memorable Valentine's Day was in a graveyard in New Orleans. I love to photograph headstones that contain personal epitaphs of love, so my husband packed a picnic lunch and wandered through cemeteries with me all day.

  38. Funny and sweet story! Valentine's Day has not been that big of a deal for us. My hubby gives our children candy every year, even now when they are grown, and this year he gave our new grandbaby his first Valentine present :)

  39. Forgot my email
    houston_switch (at)yahoo (dot)com

  40. Love the story! I guess my best Valentine's Day was the first VDay when my husband and I were dating. I had a big organic chem exam the next day, so I had to study all night, so he set up a "study area" in his house, and every so often I would get "study breaks" if you know what I mean. LOL.

  41. I hate Valentine's Day. It has been the worst day of the year for too many years. I skip the whole day and hide inside, away from disaster.

  42. Aw! I'm not a big valentine's day me it's one of those things that matter more when you're not in a relationship. I'm not a flowers person and I don't like fighting the crowds for a nice dinner, so the significant other and I usually just stay in and have a quiet night to ourselves. Which is, of course, very nice.


  43. Until I was 31, I had dated not even a single time, so Valentine's was meaningless to me. It was only when I had started to actually get out into the spanking scene that I even had any confidence with women (not counting strippers). Since then, the holiday has meant more for me, though I still don't put a lot of stock into the idea, as it's mostly a commercial holiday as I see it. If I show my love for the rest of the year, I don't need a specific day to showcase it. That being said, my favorite Valentine's day was actually a few days after the actual holiday, while at a themed spanking party. Cookie and I took part in a "spank the heart" contest to spank the shape of a heart on a bottom. We won first prize, with each of her cheeks being one side of the heart. The hardest part (for both of us, probably) was the diagonal edges of the heart, which ran down each thigh to the center. :)

    1. Forgot to add in my email. Guess I should do that.

  44. My husband and I just spend the night dining at a nice restaurant without the kids. That is very nice.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  45. One of the most fun valentines days was when my hubby took me to a rodeo. very different and fun!

  46. One of the most remembered valentines day is around the time my father died before valentines day and since the family was together already my brother and now sister-in-law decided they would get married and then have another wedding ceremoney with the rest of thier family later when the orginally planned to have the wedding. We ended up getting a wedding cake and found a paster that would do the wedding for them and I ended up being my new-sister-inlaw's bride's made and my other brother was the best man and we had flowers that we broght home after my dad's funeral to decorate my other borthers house where we were all staying due to the weather and had the wedding on Valentines day. This made an other wise sad event end in a positive note in which I am sure my Dad would have wanted us to go on with our lives and not be so sad to not go on with our life plans.

    1. Sorry I forgot to add the following to my responce to the question.

  47. Great story! I love these guys!
    I always have a great Valentines Day since its my birthday.

  48. I wish I had more time to read these now! Great story Celeste, as usual. I'm not here for the contest, just really enjoying this blog hop!! Well done!


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