Friday, March 29, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club---March Madness Free For All

Hi Everyone,

There are five Fridays in March this year. There's some name for when this happens that's more fancy than "hey, there are 5 Fridays this month", but I don't feel like looking it up.

So, since there's an extra Friday I thought I'd use this post for a general discussion about books and what's coming up.

First, any final thoughts on To Love A Woman? I really enjoyed it. I've found that I read books pretty quickly in order to prepare for my posts but I'd like to go back and read all of them again.

Second, next week we'll start our discussion of Sue Lyndon's Rules of War.

Can her greatest fear become her sweetest desire?

Emma Conrad's worst nightmare is realized when a bomb strikes her building and she awakens to discover she's been taken captive by a Free Island enemy soldier. Tensions and passions rise as she rebels against the man who has claimed her as his wife, whisking her away to a settlement in the mountains. 

Unit Commander John Rousseau insists he's a good man Emma need not fear, but he does promise to spank her if she misbehaves...and he has lots of rules. Will she lose her heart to the stern stranger, or will a ghost from her past take away her last chance at happiness? 

I'm looking forward to this book and I hope you are too.

Third, in May we'll be reading Renee Rose's The Knight's Prisoner. 

Danewyn, a tavern prostitute, has always been cursed with the Sight--the ability to see into the unknown. It is a trait she has learned to keep hidden from others, but a moment of anger finds her blurting out a prediction about the Red Fox, the rightful king of Britain. Unfortunately, her prediction is overheard by one of the Red Fox's men, putting her in grave danger.

Captured and carried off for questioning, she finds herself prisoner to Sir Ferrum, an enormous knight who bears the scars of an old injury upon his face. She finds Sir Ferrum to be firm and unyielding, but his treatment of her also reveals a gentleness which she has difficulty reconciling with his harsh discipline. To her dismay, her feelings for him continue to grow, and Dani must decide whether to continue her plans for escape or accept her new role as Sir Ferrum's woman and Seer to the Red Fox.

Publisher's Note: The Knight's Prisoner is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Finally, let's talk a bit about the sorts of things that make a story appealing and the things that don't, particularly w/in the realm of spanking fiction. 

And, any suggestions for future reads? 

Thanks everyone. Wishing you all a blessed Easter and Happy Spring. 


  1. I've already read Rules of War, so I feel like I have my homework done for April! And The Knight's Prisoner is on my TBR list.

    I just read a book that I would recommend because it's different: Withdrawing Consent by Holla Dean, in which a wife agrees to try DD, then calls a halt when her husband goes overboard. (I reviewed it on my blog on 3/28). I haven't ever read a spanking fiction book in which dd was tried and found wanting.

    1. Interesting Cara. I read a Holla Dean book that sounds similar except that I stopped reading halfway through (sorry Holla) because it just wasn't doing it for me.

      I'll check out your review.

      It's nice to feel like you've got the homework done, isn't it? I need to get busy reading.

  2. Excellent choices. How about underwear probation?

    Happy Easter.


    1. Joey you are so sweet.

      Actually, I'm planning to feature Coming To Terms in June/July which is a spanking fiction anthology. My contribution, Reconnecting, is a new story about the characters from Underwear Probation, so we can talk about the original and the sequel then.

      Happy Easter to you too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Well I have so many suggestions....The ones you have are great now too. I cannot wait for Coming to terms! Exciting times here...I am beginning to feel like I can contribute more again!

  4. Love both of your choices. For a little bit of a different kind of category, I just finished reading a story called A Little Training by Abbie Adams. I am not usually one who reads role play but a friend suggested it and I think most readers might enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised. The author did a great job in explaining and exploring a subject that was new to me. Fell in love with the main character.

  5. Ooh, doing Coming to Terms in June will be so fun! I'm so excited to read all the stories! I love that you're providing this spot for book discussion-- so fun!


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