Friday, March 8, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club: To Love A Woman

Welcome back everyone (and an extra warm welcome to newcomers). Last week we talked in general about the dynamics of an older woman/younger man relationship.

This week, let's talk about the hero, Keaton. He's 30 years old, knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it.

What do you think of him? What about him appeals to you? Is there anything that doesn't appeal? What makes a good hero?

What about his relationship with Marissa's son? Does that add an extra complication? What do you think of how he handles that friendship?

A couple of announcements:

In April we'll be reading Sue Lyndon's Rules of War, so get your copy and get reading!

Also, I'll be away from my computer most of the day today so I won't be responding right away to your comments, but I'll be checking in when I can. I'm sure you guys can carry on without me.


  1. The thing about Keaton is that he's mature for his age, and he knows what he wants. He's not intimidated by an older woman, and he's a dominant man. He's the kind of man a woman of any age could be attracted to.

    I did like the complication of Marissa's son. It felt realistic.

  2. As I said last week, the beginning part when Keaton goes after Marissa is my favorite part of the book. He's not needy, he's not stalker-ish, but he likes Marissa and is willing to make that clear. It's a gutsy move for a person of any age, but he does it well.

  3. Well damn. Cara and Ana said exactly what I was thinking. There were a few moments when I thought Keaton was a tad high and mighty...but I think that makes a good alpha. I actually stopped thinking about his age really early on. It didn't become an issue for me.
    Excited about Rule of War!

  4. Hi, all, and again, thanks, Celeste, for featuring To Love a Woman this month.

    Regarding Keaton, don't we all fantasize about that man who KNOWS what he wants and won't take no for an answer? I wanted Keaton to be that guy, and then to have the confidence to go after an older woman. It's one thing for an older man to seduce a younger, or an inexperienced woman. But Marissa has been married, and she had a lover she is happy with when Keaton comes along. None of that intimidated him, and that was FUN to write.

    Marissa's biggest hesitation in getting together with Keaton was how she thought her children would react. That Keaton and her son, Tom, are friends and coworkers added another wrinkle. I went right for that conflict, and I wanted their confrontation to be really uncomfortable. There's a scene when Tom is really upset, after he finds out about his mother and Keaton, and he talks about how Keaton would talk about his wonderful weekends with this 'woman' and it turns out the woman is his mother. I really wanted that to be an uncomfortable moment for them, and for the reader. It was the fall-out Marissa feared. For Keaton, it was a small wrinkle. THAT was the other conflict: Marissa's and Keaton's individual and very different reactions to 'getting caught'.

  5. I am about to read this. I wish I could participate in the discussion.

  6. I am about 2/3 of the way done with this, and am loving it!
    I agree with the rest of the gals. Keaton is so much more mature than the typical 30 year old man.

    I felt so badly for Marissa when all her fears came to life around her.

    Her son did not handle the "coming out" as well as he could have. Even his younger sister handled it better. Which just goes to show that women are more mature than men (and better and smarter... :) )

    I'm sure it was more difficult because of their friendship. It was awkward enough when Tom had to confront his friend about "sleeping with his sister". But to have it be his mother, completely threw him off balance. I love how Keaton reacted both to Tom and Marissa. (Her spanking was very well deserved and well done). I am hoping to finish the rest of the story tonight.
    I love these two as a couple. They are perfect for each other. :)


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