Monday, September 23, 2013

Take The Real Writer Quiz

The Real Writer Quiz

I’ve been thinking lately about what it takes to be a “real” professional writer.  Of course you need the basic skills of being able to tell a decent story and use there/their/they’re correctly. Typing is also key (look, a pun!). These are some of the additional skills that I have observed in writers that I believe take their craft and their business seriously. What do you think?
Give yourself one point for each yes answer.

1.      Do you have your books read by writers whose opinion you respect and not friends or family members who might not want to hurt your feelings? 

2.      Do your books have professional looking covers? 

3.     Are you willing to consider the vague and far out possibility that some changes might need to be made to your manuscript before it is ready for publication? 

4. Do you buy and read books in your genre? 

5. Do you know which books are selling best in your genre? 

6. Can you explain the difference between an Amazon ranking of 1500, 15,000 and 150,000? 

7.  Do you spend at least some time each week learning about the craft of writing, whether by visiting blogs on that topic, taking a class or workshop, or reading books on the topic? 

8. Do you network with other writers on social media? 

9. Do you support other writers by offering encouragement, support and promoting their books? 

10. Do you think and talk about writing---almost too much? (gasp!)

11. Do you consider yourself a professional and work hard to maintain a good reputation with readers, other writers, and publishers? 

12. Are you constantly, whether intentionally or not, thinking of new story ideas or ways to promote your books, your blog or others? 

13. Are you welcoming and encouraging to new writers and make a point of reaching out to them to offer support and answer questions? 

14 Are you humbled and grateful for every sale and every good review? 

15. Although you are serious about improving and doing well, do you try not to take yourself too seriously? 

Post your score in the comments. Are there any qualities of a real writer that I left out?


  1. It looks like I'm a real writer. I got a perfect score!

  2. I got a 21, I'm trying to move in that direction.

    1. PK---how did you get 21 when 15 was the highest score possible? LOL. You're good!

    2. Good question, I'm going back to look!

      Okay, I got a twelve. Maybe I shouldn't take quizzes in the mornings before waking up.

  3. Nice post Celeste. I think those are some great questions for authors both seasoned and just starting out. I scored a 15.

  4. Well, most of it. But I'm still doing the DIY cover thing with MS Paint. Workshops are something I'd like to do but time is the enemy. You raise a lot of good points, Celeste.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rollin! I think a DIY cover can be fine, I just said covers that look professional. ;)


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