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Spanking Stories Book Club: Leading The Way by Constance Masters

The lovely and talented Maren Smith is here today to discuss Leading The Way by Constance Masters which is Book Four of the Corbin's Bend Series.

Let's see what Maren has in store for us....

Leading the Way by Constance Masters is the story of Erin and Zach, newly moved to the DD community of Corbin’s Bend, and their family. Everyone it seems is fitting in except Erin, and although she does her best to hide it, she’s miserable. When her husband discovers just how miserable, he forces her to do what she’s been putting off…and that’s to join the rest of the community. As it turns out, making friends isn’t as hard as Erin first thought it might be and the next thing she knows, she’s invited along on “bowling” Wednesday, which quickly becomes “living young all over again” Wednesday. To say the ladies get into trouble, is as much an understatement as it is hilarious to watch unfold. The end result is a public penance in the Corbin’s Bend community center, a happily ever after that brings Zach and Erin even closer together, and between (the women) friendships truly forged in fire…in more ways than one.

I am a big fan of Constance Masters and it was a real pleasure to be picked to host her story on this site, especially considering the content of the stories. In the last twenty years, I’ve moved six times. I know exactly how Erin felt to be new lady in a group that seems to have been friends forever. Admittedly, the groups I end up don’t get into anywhere near as much interesting trouble, but after reading Leading the Way, I think I might make some colorful suggestions the next time we get together. J

How difficult was it for you to identify with Erin in the beginning of the book? Or has there ever been a time in your life when you felt this way?

How justified do you think she was in feeling this way, despite the fact that she so obviously created the problem  via her own reluctance to open up to the community around her?

If you had a chance to do “living young all over again” Wednesday with the ladies of Corbin’s Bend, what would you suggest they do?

What were your feelings on the public punishment scene?

Confession time (and this is optional):

Erin and Zach hosted a let’s-get-to-know-one-another dinner party with their neighbors in Corbin’s Bend as a way of helping Erin makes friends. Just before dessert, they played a game in which each submissive took a turn confessing the details of their last spanking. If you practice DD in real life and would like to play, then take a turn at the ‘party’ and share the details. If you don’t practice DD in real life and would like to play, you can still take a turn and share the details of the last spanking you should have received. The details of the game are: How long has it been since your last spanking, what was the spanking given for, and what was used?

August 15 - "Where They Both Belong" by Thianna D. - Discussion Leader: 


  1. hey ladies! great questions!
    I love this story. It was so much fun!!
    I don't have time to answer all of them because I am over my head catching up from our return from our beach trip.
    Which does lead me to one answer:

    My last spanking was yesterday late afternoon.
    I was snarky and tired (and grrrrr, bc I didn't want to come home :( )
    hubby bent me over the counter top, and went to town :)

    He also said if I couldn't be nicer after a vacation, he might not take me on anymore vacations!
    mean man!
    I have to get back to acclimatizing to non beach life again.
    I'll come back later after I get unpacked and caught up :)

    1. Thanks Tara, glad you had such a great time at the beach. I don't blame you for being snarky and tired when you got home. It's the pits after a break :)

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  3. Wow, great questions Maren - you're really putting it up to us!
    1.Erin captured my heart straight away. I felt every bit of her agony. In my "real" life, I constantly feel like Erin. I'm incredibly shy. I try to have a stock of questions to ask when I meet people such as "have you been on holiday yet" etc just so I can think of something to say, but even those don't come when I need them half of the time.
    2. Justification and rationality don't come into it! That's how Erin felt, whether it was valid or not, it was her reality at that time.
    3. A roller disco - for no reason than that they were such good fun :)
    4. If it was me I think I would have preferred the criminal record! However,all of residents of Corbin's Bend know the rules, and are supposed to be law abiding citizens - and the ladies were lucky not to have criminal charges against them.
    5. I'm not in a DD relationship, but if I was I should probably be spanked every time I hit publish without proofreading first!

    1. Love your answers Tara! When I could relate to Erin too. When my eldest child started school I made new friends and I got a little silly sometimes. Not THAT silly though lol. I found the public spanking hard to write but like you say, they knew what they were getting into when they moved there. lol at the fifth one.

  4. I usually feel the way Erin did, although if you ask those who know me they wouldn’t believe it. I can put on a great comfortable act – you’d think it would eventually become true. I don’t feel disliked, I have just always felt no one would know or care if I wasn’t there.

    Corbin’s Bend is an unusual community. I would think that there should be a welcoming committee of sorts in addition to the mentors. They need people to drop by for friendly visits and to invite shy new people to join in things.

    That I don’t know what I’d want to do in ‘living young all over again.’ I had a fine youth, but it’s been so much better as a full adult I can’t imagine going back. The things I remember enjoying then I don’t want to do again.

    The public spanking scene didn’t bother me, but neither am I a fan. Spanking is too intimate for me, it’s personal just between the spanker and the spankee. When it loses that for me it just doesn’t feel right – too controlled, to regimented and no longer real.

    I got my last spanking this morning when Nick noticed I hadn’t recorded my weight this morning as I’m supposed to each Friday. I got extra for reminding him it was consensual spanking day 8-8. He used the wide leather strap with the holes in it.

    1. You're right. There should be a hospitality committee or welcome wagon. Maybe one of the authors will create it.

    2. LOve your answers PK. Like Cara, I think a welcoming community is a great idea. It would stop people from slipping through the cracks :)

      I don't think I would have the time or the energy either for young again Wednesday although it would be nice :)

  5. Thank you so much Celeste and Maren and thank you ladies for commenting. I will come back later and answer everyone, I have an early hair appointment :)

  6. I think Erin did create many of her own problems, but it's hard to be new to a community. I thought the pot scene was hilarious -- the best part of the book. For their next girls' day, I think they ought to TP Brent's home.


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