Friday, January 9, 2015

Spanking Stories Book Club: A Christmas Starr for Carolyn by Mary Wehr

Welcome to 2015!

I know Christmas is over and you've put away all the decorations, but there are so many fun Christmas themed spanking stories out these days, I thought I'd feature one here. Keeping the Christmas spirit alive!

A Christmas Starr for Carolyn by Mary Wehr is part of Blushing Books 12 Naughty Days of Christmas series.

 Divorced, Carolyn Winters couldn’t wait for the holidays to be over. Both the joy and warmth of the season only reminded her of how alone she was in the world. When the house across the street had been sold, her first encounter with the new neighbor ended with her over his knee for a sound spanking. Nick was a firm believer in old-fashioned discipline. Carolyn had thought such a man ceased to exist in this day and age. 

Nick’s authoritative manner made Carolyn weak in the knees, but she was all too familiar with the pain of a broken heart and severed trust. Her ex-husband had seen to that. Could she trust Nick not to do the same? 

Discussion Questions: 

1. Many Christmas themed stories come out every year. Are you a fan or would you be just as happy to read a spanking romance without the holiday theme? How many Christmas books is too many? Would you like to read spanking stories based on other holidays? 

2. Carolyn, the heroine, works at the Dollar Store. What do you think about a heroine with a pretty ordinary (and possibly undesirable) job? 

3. Celia and Jim are Carolyn's friends who have an "old fashioned" marriage. There are a couple references in the story to Jim spanking Carolyn, once in the past and also that he intended to spank her when she got locked out of her house, except Nick took care of the task for him. What do you think? Would you want your husband to spank your friend? Or how would you feel about a friend's husband spanking you? 

4. This story takes place over a very short span of time, two or three days, yet Nick proposes at the end of the story. I know we all like a happy ending, but can you have a happy ever after without marriage?  

All this month I am going to be featuring books that are available through Kindle Unlimited I am not a spokesperson for Amazon and I don't get a kickback from them for promoting their services. Kindle Unlimited is a relatively new feature on Amazon so I wanted to let people know about it and they can decide for themselves whether they want to join.


  1. Thanks so much for showcasing my Christmas story with Blushing Books, Celeste.
    Hugs, Mary

  2. I'm going to answer my own questions. Does that mean I'm talking to myself?

    1. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas in general, but I did read a few Christmas stories this year and they did help me feel more Christmas-y, which was a surprise. For me, I don't think there are too many since there seems to be so many spanking books coming out each week, there's always something to read even if you don't want a Christmas story.

    Other holidays---maybe Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day, but only one or two short stories.

    2. I loved that the heroine worked at the Dollar Store and liked her job. It made her seem so much more relatable.

    3. The idea of Jim spanking Carolyn caught my attention (which is why I asked about it). I can't imagine my husband spanking any of my friends (though I'm sure he'd agree that several of them could use it). I sure wouldn't like it if he did.

    4. It's a fantasy, so it was sweet that he proposed, but it did strike me as a little quick. I might have liked it better if he'd given her a key to his house (or his heart) since the key to her house played a role in the story.

  3. 1. Celeste, I haven't read many Christmas stories myself. Maybe one or two, but it was a pleasure to be included in the box set from Blushing Books :)

    2. I wanted to give the heroine a job where a lot of people could relate. After working in a convenience store myself for 7 years, I have a lot of respect for cashiers. They deal with a lot of crap. Also, one doesn't have to have a professional career to be considered important :)

    3. I'm happy that Jim spanking Carolyn caught your attention :)

    4. Perhaps a key to Nick's house would have been a better ending, but like you stated, it's a fantasy, a fiction story.

    1. You know what, Mary? I've been thinking about this, and I think you were right in the first place. Giving a woman a key to your house is disrespectful, like she's just a booty call. Nick was an old fashioned man, so he'd "put a ring on it".


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