Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kindle Unlimited Month---Cara Bristol's Rod and Cane Society Books

The Rod & Cane Society is a creation of Cara Bristol. There are four books (number five, Reasonable Doubts, will be out January 13) in the series and three of them are available through Kindle Unlimited. If you don't know what Kindle Unlimited is, click here for my blog post about it.

False Pretenses is Rod and Cane Society Book 2

Aspiring journalist Emma Dupree needs a blockbuster story to boost her career into the big leagues. When she learns of a secret organization of men who spank, she goes undercover at the Rod and Cane Society to expose the organization and give her career a needed boost. Unbeknownst to Emma, her new boyfriend Dan Tanner is a member of the society and itches to get his hands on Emma’s bottom. When his secret comes to light, Emma will have to decide…will she choose the story… or love? 

Click here to be taken to False Pretenses on Amazon. 

The next book in the series (though each can be read as a stand alone) is Body Politics

Feminist Stephanie Gordon knows the instant she meets blind date Mark DeLuca it’s not going to work. Sure the deputy chief of police is criminally sexy, but he’s arrogant, domineering and sexist. Thank goodness after the evening ends, she’ll never have to see him again. 
A member of the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of men who spank, Mark DeLuca is attracted to Stephanie like a paddle to a well-rounded bottom. He sees beneath the shield of feminist militancy to the soft, sensitive woman she tries to hide. When she storms away in a snit, the chase is on. Can a spanko convince a diehard feminist her true strength lies in submission? 

Click here for the Body Politics page on Amazon

Disciplinary MeasuresLinc Ellison has reached his wit’s end. His wife’s overspending threatens to drive them into the poorhouse. Worse, he doesn’t feel he can trust Regina because of her string of broken promises. When he learns about the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives, he decides to implement some disciplinary measures to save his marriage. 
Sure Regina shops a lot. And she’s broken some promises. But she’s trying to do better. What hurts most is that Linc no longer trusts her. So she consents to domestic discipline on a trial basis. 
Neither is prepared for the ripple effect the disciplinary measures will have on their love life. 

Click here to be taken to Disciplinary Measures on Amazon

If you were to buy these books individually, it would cost $8.97. A whole month of Kindle Unlimited is just $1.02 more.

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