Friday, January 23, 2015

Spanking Stories Book Club: Little Katelyn's Diary by Leena Darling

Today's book is Little Katelyn's Diary by Leena Darling. This book, like all the other books this month, is available on Kindle Unlimited. Click here to buy or borrow the book.

Blurb: Katelyn’s husband informs her that their weekends will be different from now on. He plans to dress her up in girly dresses and take extra special care of her each Saturday morning through Sunday night, and he expects her to be a most obedient little lady for him. Of course, if she’s naughty, this man of the house knows just how to handle her—by scolding her soundly and taking her over his knee for a proper spanking. 

Take a peek at Katelyn’s sooper-sekrit diary entries from her first special weekend with her loving husband John, a weekend that includes lots of cuddles, naughty shenanigans, bare bottom spankings, thorough bath times, intimate punishments, bedtime stories, and more. 

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Age play pushes people's buttons---either their "yum" button or their "yuck" button. Which category do you fall into and why? If you're a "yuck" have you read any age play or is just the idea of it problematic? 

2. This book is really a short story, about 24 pages total. Do you prefer short stories or full length novels or does it depend on your mood? 

3. The book includes diapering---because Katelyn's panties are often soaking wet from her arousal. What do you think? If you're a fan of age play, is diapering a plus for you? 

4. Many non-age play books include "bratting", which is basically pretty childish behavior. Do you think there's much difference between the two? 

5. Katelyn's husband takes complete care of her during their special weekend. If you could have a man take care of everything for you for an entire weekend, but without the age play elements, would that be appealing? 

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  1. 1) I used to be on the 'yuck' team because, in my 2% racional part of the brain, the idea of ageplay could not associate with the sexual intercourse act without screaming 'sickness!!!' and I felt really nauseated. Nevertheless, since I found a real nice Sugar Daddy, who treats me with age play vocabulary most of the time, and gives me both orders and advice always with my best interest at heart, I changed to the 'yum' team and never thought of it again.
    2) If it's just about the play, I do prefer short stories. However, if it's a Historic Drama, such as Renee Rose's Pleasing the Colonel, for instance, I go for above 100 pages plots.
    3) No, diapering is one step ahead, I think it's too much. Not sexy.
    4) I strongly beleive any adult person behaving like a child should be treated like one. Non consensual spankings based on that are my most powerful turn on.
    5) Absolutely not. It could be consensually agreed for one single occasion, or seldom, but if it was every weekend non-stop, I would feel useless and it would impact negatively my self steem.

    Thank you for sharing your work with us! It's very entertaining!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Carrie M! :)

    2. Thanks for stopping by Carrie M! Is this your first time commenting? Welcome. Hope you come back often.

  2. Thank you so much, Celeste, for hosting Little Katelyn's Diary this week! Great questions too! Here are my answers:

    1. Yum button! :) I've had spanking fantasies for as long as I can remember, and my earliest fantasies always featured one of my friend's fathers or an older movie star, so I think this might be why I love age play so much.

    2. I like both and it just depends on my mood. I always have to read before bedtime, but if I'm really tired I will usually pick a short story, something light to pass a few minutes before I turn my Kindle off. Other times (like if I've had way too much coffee that day), I'll stay up late reading a full length novel.

    3. Diapering used to ick me out, but I like to read about it (and write) in certain if the heroine can't control her naughty thoughts and keeps soaking her panties. I think it's a combination of the humiliation of having to wear one plus the act of surrendering to a "daddy" while he puts it on just pushes my yum button (by the way, Celeste, yum button sounds very naughty).

    4. I see bratting as a way to get a spanking when you don't exactly want to ask for one, or maybe you're just so grumpy that you don't care...and that can happen in both age play and non-age play books.

    5. Nope! It might be nice at first, but I'd start feeling like a bum after a while... :)

  3. Here are my thoughts

    1. I'm more in the yuck than yum camp, but I did enjoy this story. I don't think there was any vaginal intercourse or even much talk of anything related to breasts or other things that I associate w/"adult sex", so maybe that's why I didn't bother as much as I might have expected.

    2. I agree. Sometimes I just can't commit to a long story.

    3. Are the diapers cloth or disposable? I'm getting a mental image and if it's a woman w/a My Little Pony diaper, that's just a little too much for me.

    4. Bratting is an attention getter, that's for sure.

    5. Every weekend would be too much. Though I might get used to it pretty quickly. :)

  4. 1. I’m really in between on this. My head says it should be a ‘yuck’, I would have always assumed it would be a yuck. But what I’ve read didn’t feel yucky. I don’t know if I’m to ‘yum’ yet, but I’m intrigued.

    2. I think I really prefer a longer book. I like to really get into what I’m reading.

    3. It doesn’t bother me to read about it.

    4. For me the idea of mild bratting as an adult is normal. I don’t think it has much to do with age play.

    5.No, I honestly think it would bug me.

    1. Isn't Cassie the queen of bratting? :)

    2. BTW---I am like you on #1, my head says "I shouldn't like this" but I sort of did.

    3. Thanks for stopping in, PK! :)

  5. 1. For the most part, I fall in to the "yum" category. I really like age play. It's a great concept where someone can just regress and be able to relax and not have to worry about anything.

    2. I really prefer full length novels, but that goes for any genre of stories. I hate getting attached to characters and then having their stories end too quickly or else, with short stories it always feels like the story moves too fast for me.

    3. For me, I could take or leave the diapering. Honestly, it's not really my thing. However, in my first book, it had a lot of diapering in it, yet I wrote it that way because I had read SO many books where diapering was used as a punishment, so I wanted to show that if both people in the relationship are okay with diapering, it can work out great in a relationship.

    4. I do think that there's a really big difference. Bratting is when the character is in need of some attention, whether they know it or not. Yes, it sometimes causes the character to act childish, but the character doesn't act childish intentionally. Where as with age play, the character is acting childish because they want to and during this time, they're normally able to act childish and not get a spanking unless they misbehave.

    5. This is going to sound funny. In my head, it sounds so wonderful. The idea that someone else could make all of the decisions and I could just lay back and relax and just accept whatever is decided...that sounds great. However, in reality, if someone tried to make every single one of my decisions...I think I'd have a problem. I'm not good at giving up control.

    This was a really good post! :-)

    1. Hi, Meredith! Thanks for stopping by! I really liked Learning to Be Little Again! :)

    2. Hi Meredith, thanks for stopping by.

      Isn't part of submitting giving up control? Maybe that's why we all think we'd have a problem letting someone else make the decsions. :)

  6. 1. I'm still not sure where I fit. I like the nurturing and accountability, and depending on how it's written (and my mood), I sometimes like the sexy play. But it has to be exactly right, otherwise I'm still kind of in the icky category. But I do like the overall premise behind it. I

    2. I like stories to have a full characterization and plot written out. If that can be done short- fine. as long as it has some depth

    3. Diapering is not mu cup of tea. While I like the idea of playing and regressing a little, diapering just takes it a bit too far, and I'm unable to find that line where the sexy starts.

    4. I love bratting (both in stories and IRL, LOL ;) ). I don't think it has to be an AP thing. It can be found in both.

    5. hmmmm, for one full weekend? To have all my needs and desires met by the man I love and trust? And if I wanted to incorporate other stuff like AP, we could, but we wouldn't have to , and it would be my call?
    Yes, I think I would like to do that. For just one weekend , though.
    If it became a long term thing, or every weekend, I might not appreciate it very much. I'm actually very independent and don't like constant direction. I just need it every once in a while if I am losing it. ;)

    Great questions.
    The book sounds interesting. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Katherine!

      Looks like lots of independent woman here today. :)


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