Friday, April 17, 2015

#SatSpanks from Willful Miss Winchester

Happy Saturday! Willful Miss Winchester is now available!

“Why did you not inform your brother that you were going to visit?”
“I like surprises.”
“Then you’re going to really enjoy this.” He tugged at the ribbons holding her undergarments in place and yanked the flimsy fabric down to expose her punished flesh.
She gasped and reached back to try to cover herself.
“Oh no. There will be no covering yourself.” He pinned her hands at the small of her back. “You asked for this, in more ways than one.”
His hand landed in the center of her crimson buttocks, leaving a white hand print against the scarlet background which slowly faded away. He repeated the action and watched his mark appear and disappear.
Though he had a good grasp on her hands and legs, Charlotte continued to struggle against him. Her movements did nothing to impinge his discipline…until the writhing opened her legs and revealed a glimpse of her sweet pink sex, glistening in the lamplight.

Rash, brash and low on cash, Miss Charlotte Winchester sails across the Atlantic ready to partake of all London had to offer the favorite sister of Lord Thomas Winchester.
What a shock for our impulsive adventurer when she arrives at her brother's London townhouse to find he and his wife sailed for America weeks before.
Reclusive widower Lord Lucas Tanner wanted nothing more than to live in obscurity while continuing to mourn the loss of his wife and infant son. When his house burns to the ground, he accepts the invitation of his friend, Lord Thomas Winchester, to reside at his home while Thomas and Lady Katherine visit America. All goes well for him until Charlotte shows up.
Cultures and passions clash when these two unlikely roommates are forced to share a home. Will they draw a chalk line through the center of the parlor, or will their acrimony turn to matrimony?


  1. Love this snippet Celeste. Not sure she really enjoyed that particular surprise lol


  2. I think her 'sweet pink sex' gave away how much she enjoyed that! I just added it to my 'buy' list so I can exceed my book budget once again this week. That book budget needs an increase!


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