Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday Spanking Six Sentences

Welcome Sunday Sixers! 

This week I am featuring my current work in progress (hopefully not too much more work), currently entitled Birthday Spankings. It's the story of Mimi who finds herself alone on her 40th birthday and makes a wish----and what a wish it turns out to be! She's transported to an exotic location and wined and dined (and other things) by a man named Paolo who knows all about Mimi's wishes and fantasies. 


Although she didn’t resist his efforts to dance with her, her feet were none too cooperative. After the third time she stepped on his foot, Paolo stopped dancing, turned her around and gave her five firm swats on the ass before returning to their dancing position. “I am perfectly capable of leading this dance, Mimi, if only you will let me.”
It took three passes in front of the pool before Mimi’s mouth stopped hanging open. Had he just spanked her? His hand at the small of her back dipped low and gave a squeeze. The sting reassured her that Paolo had, in fact, spanked her. 

By the way, I'm having trouble with a title for this one. Any suggestions? 

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  1. Oh, that is too funny, Celeste! I can just picture him swatting her behind and appearing completely innocent about it.

    Thanks for the chuckle on this rainy Sunday :D

  2. I hear you about the hopefully not too much more work thing.

    I bet she's better at letting him lead while she's preoccupied with her thoughts about the spanks...

  3. Birthday spankings isn't a bad title..though you could play on the wish or birthday wish.....
    like the preview!

  4. Dancing with the proper "spanker"! Wondering if he kept the swats in step with the music ? Title: Birthday Wishes: "Spanking can come true"

  5. More to this lesson than just dancing? Like how she's not sure to respond to that.

  6. LOL! DH and I took dancing lessons -- we never did learn how. One of his complaints was that I kept trying to lead. Don't think I would like this kind of motivation though!

  7. I am absolutely loving this book. You are an amazing writer!

    I also have trouble with the letting the man lead - 37 years of dance classes screwed me up for partner dance, unless it's being lifted...

  8. I love it, esp the line about how long she was in shock!

  9. Thanks everyone! I'm excited about this new book and hope it will be available soon. Stay tuned!


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