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Call Me Yours By Casey McKay

The fabulous Casey McKay is here to share from her latest book, Call Me Yours. 

Thanks for letting me come visit, Celeste! I'm trying to share interesting snippets from Call Me Yours, but as it is a spanking romance, I am always most interested in the spankings.

Caitlin was attempting to make Simon dinner, but she started a grease fire and subsequently almost burned down the house. Simon came to her rescue, but now he feels like he needs to prove a point...

"You need working smoke detectors."

She scoffed, "Obviously. But it's not something you think about until something like this happens."
He gave her a dubious look, "No, I think lots of people think about having smoke detectors. You just don't think."

He was insulting her now? She rose to her feet.

"Sit, we aren't done."

She was done listening to his orders, "We are done. Sorry I almost burned the house down, it won't happen again." She had taken on an impatient tone, making her comment sound sarcastic and flippant even to her own ears.

It must have sounded that way to Simon too, because before she could take another step he grabbed her wrist.

She opened her mouth to protest, the embarrassment and disappointment that she thought something long-term might happen between them turning into anger and resentment. She couldn’t even get a word out and she was facing the floor. He had flipped her over his knee before she knew what was happening.

Simon's hard thighs supported her torso. She looked over her shoulder at him in shock.
He shifted her forward, making her squeak in surprise, and she threw her hands out in front of her to brace against the floor.

"What are you-"

Her question was cut off by his hand smacking against her ass. It seemed to echo off the walls. She laid across his lap in stunned silence, causing him to get three more smacks in before she started protesting.

"Simon! Stop!"

He spanked her over her jeans, it sounded loud, but her backside was well protected. After half a dozen spanks she was feeling a residual sting, but her shock at the situation was the only thing she felt at the moment. He brought his hand down harder and she reached back to protect her butt from his hard hand.

He pulled her up, standing her in front of him. Her face was on fire and her ass was stinging, but she had a fleeting thought that this spanking thing really wasn't all that bad after all. Hadn't he said it would be different than an erotic one? She should clue her libido in on that.

What should she do now? Isn't this the part where he should pull her into his arms and apologize for being so hard on her, then they would make mad, passionate love? That's how it always happened in the books she read.

She was frozen, overwhelmed from the events that just took place. She searched for something to say.
Simon stood, coming close to her body, her face now inches away from his hard chest. He tilted her chin up with his finger.

When her eyes met his, she noticed he still looked angry.

"Do you know what your problem is?" he asked.

"What?" Her question came out raspy, her voice thick with desire.

"You can't admit when you're wrong, and you don't take direction very well."

His comment almost made her smile. She thought he was teasing her, but his eyes said he was serious. She furrowed her brow. She wanted to ask what this meant, why had he spanked her, and was he still mad? Her mind raced.

She almost didn't realize when he stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. He pulled her back into his front and she could feel his erection straining at his jeans. It pressed against her buttocks as he pressed her into him. She looked down and watched him unfasten her button. Then he slid her zipper down. He tugged at her pants, trying to get them down over her hips and she gave a wiggle to assist him.

Her jeans bunched at her knees and she thanked her foresight to wear her cute, new, lacy panties as they were still in place.

Simon took a step forward, making her shuffle a step, her legs hobbled by her pants. She moved to turn to face him, wanting to kiss him before their subsequent lovemaking. But then Simon propped his foot on the couch cushion and dragged her over his knee.

Then she finally realized his intent. "Wait!"

"I've waited long enough. You've been begging for this." He yanked her cute, new panties into her crack, putting pressure on her pussy. The action simultaneously embarrassed her and kicked her desire up a notch.

Caitlin comes from a privileged upbringing and has the reputation of being a bratty, spoiled princess. Her father cuts her off financially when she refuses to enter law school. Now she needs to figure out a way to make it on her own, with no help from anyone. When her friend mentions taking on a job as a phone sex operator, Caitlin has her misgivings, but when her rent gets hiked and her bills start piling up she figures she has nothing to lose.

Simon is the boy next door, literally. He's a few years older than the recent college grad and he has no time for immature girls who don't take life seriously-- especially ones full of sass. But when Simon finds Caitlin in a dangerous situation he is not above rescuing her, then scolding her, and threatening her with a spanking.

Despite his old-fashioned ways, Caitlin is head over heels for Simon, and the feeling is mutual. Can she come to terms with Simon's methods for dealing with disobedience? Can Simon curb his high-handed ways enough to not lose the girl he is hopelessly falling in love with?

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Beause I now have an earworm of a certain song, I've included this video. :) 


  1. I read this and loved it. Caseys' books are always sexy sexy and spanking sexy but also just full of her personality and humor. I love them.

  2. Great snippet Casey, very sexy and I loved her thoughts. Thank you for sharing ladies :)


  3. Thanks for having me Celeste! And thanks for another song to get stuck in my head. Etta Stark posted on facebook yesterday that she wanted a sequel called Call Me Maybe, so I have been singing that...

    1. Too funny about Etta's song suggestion. Showing my age that I thought of Blondie instead of Carly Rae Jepsen.

  4. Loved the snippet, Casey! Congrats on your new release! :)

  5. He seems like a man pushed to the edge of his patience! Great excerpt!

    Enjoyed the trip down memory lane with Blondie. Energetic, fun song, although Deborah Harry looks high throughout the video.

    1. I find writing about pushing people to their edge of their patience second nature... not that I have any experience or anything.

      And Deborah Harry probably was high.

  6. Not reading the excerpt as the book is on my kindle waiting for me and I don't want to spoil it but wanted to wish you all the best with the release :)

    1. Okay Tara, this excerpt was supposed to convince you to buy the book, but since you already have it you are excused :)

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  7. Being aman who specializes in dealing with diva like ladies, I enjoy the heroine's personality, and, of course, the hero's resolve to teach her a much needed, long overdue, lesson. Nice song, as well, thank you.


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