Friday, September 5, 2014

#SatSpanks from Laying Down the Law

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Today is release day  Tomorrow is release day for Laying Down the Law, my contribution to the School's In Session Boxed set. Click here to buy the boxed set and here to buy Laying Down the Law. 

Now it looks like today is release day. Here's the Amazon link

“Do you know why you are being punished, Ms. Allison Stewart?”
His tone, the use of her full name, standing naked in the corner with her backside on display. Her heart thudded a cadence in her chest.
She had no idea what to expect and even less idea of how to explain why she was even at his apartment in the first place. But damn it, she was a woman in her prime, at least that’s what all the magazines told her, and she was tired of sitting on the sidelines.
No, she wasn’t on the sidelines. She was in the corner with her nose pressed to the wall. Eyes closed, she concentrated on maintaining her composure. 

Blurb: Newly divorced and returning to law school after a twenty year absence, Ali Stewart has just one class to complete before sitting for the bar exam, becoming a lawyer and moving on with her life. She feels out of place with her much younger classmates, but she's determined to succeed and put her ex-husband far in the past. 
When she is paired with Griff for the semester, she learns that he even though he is younger, there is much he can teach her, in and out of the classroom.
Laying Down The Law is an erotic romance which includes spanking, anal sex and graphic sex.  


  1. Congratulations on the release Celeste, loved the snippet!


  2. I really want to get to this one - I like the idea of an older woman/ younger man. I want to see how this goes.

  3. You've hooked me. I'm super curious now about these two. Fabulous snippet and happy release day! :)


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