Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Spanks Hop

Summer is officially over....and another school year has begun.

I'm excited to share a snippet from Laying Down the Law, to be released September 6 as part of the School's In Session Boxed Set which will include stories by Dinah McLeod, Maggie Carpenter, Kate Richards, Renee Rose and me.

Update: Now available on Amazon. Click here. 

In Laying Down the Law, Ali is 45 and recently divorced. She left law school 20 years before to give birth to twins and never finsihed the one last class she needed to graduate.

Much has changed in those twenty years, particularly technology. Here's a snippet where Ali learns about sexting.

He picked up the assignment and read aloud, glancing up at Ali to enjoy her flush of discomfort as the words sunk in.
A young woman comes to your office and reports that her now former boyfriend has posted explicit pictures of her online. The pictures have caused her great embarrassment and might have cost her a job she applied for. She wants the pictures taken down.
How do you proceed?
“Uhoh. She’s been sexting. What do you think of that, Ali?” He knew he shouldn’t tease her, but she was so adorable when she was embarrassed.
“Sexting? What’s that?”
Griff tried not to show his surprise. “Sexting. It’s when people use their phones to take sexy pictures of themselves and then send them to their boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or both.”
Ali gave him a skeptical look. “Are you making this up just to embarrass me? Let me see that assignment.”
He laughed. She might be shy but she wasn’t stupid. “Sure, now you read it out loud.”
Her eyes scanned the piece of paper and a delightful flush started at her neck and moved upward.
“Why would anyone do such a thing?”
“Oh come on. You’ve never sent a naughty picture to your husband or a boyfriend?”
“I’d be mortified. Besides, look what happened to this girl. That’s why you should never act that way. You can’t trust anyone.”
Something in her demeanor changed when she said ‘you can’t trust anyone’. He already knew she was divorced, so that probably wasn’t a big discovery.
“You can trust some people, you just need to select them carefully.”
“I disagree. Everyone is just out for themselves, no matter how much they might try to tell you otherwise.”
“Well, we are partners for the next fifteen weeks. I hope you’ll eventually learn to trust me.”
She looked chagrined. “I’m sorry. We’ve just met. I don’t have any reason not to trust you, though your thinking must be a little addled since you said you were happy to have me as a partner. I will do my best to at least not distrust you. How’s that?”
“Excellent. Does that mean you’ll send me a sexy picture of yourself?”
“That’s impossible.”
“You mean it’s impossible for you to ever trust me?”
“No, it’s impossible because no picture of me would ever qualify as sexy.”
“Every woman is sexy. Just not all of them believe it.”
Ali sipped her coffee and appraised him with her eyes over the rim of her cup. When she finished, she changed the subject. “Maybe we ought to work on the assignment now.”
“Good idea.” He smiled. “What are some questions you think we ought to ask her?”
“Besides, ‘what were you thinking?’”
“Yes, we’re here to help our clients. Not judge them. I bet she’s getting plenty of that already, probably mostly from herself.”
“Okay, Mr. Smarty. What would you like to know?”
“I want to know what she means by explicit.”
Ali rolled her eyes. “You just want to have her tell you what she did.”
“No,  the assignment only says they were explicit. Maybe we need to clarify her definition of explicit. If they were just shots of her in a bathing suit, that’s hardly the same as photos of her pussy.”
Ali nearly fell off her chair. “You can’t say that in public.” She stage whispered like a shocked mother, which he assumed she was, and glanced from side to side to see who might have heard what he said.
“I’ll agree that’s not an appropriate word to use in court, so I apologize, but you need to lighten up. Are you Amish or something?”
“No, I am not Amish. I just don’t use words like that.”
“What sort of law do you plan to practice after you pass the bar?”
“I thought I’d like to do something to help the poor. Maybe abused women and children.”
“That’s great. I bet you’d be good at it. Now do you suppose in that situation your clients would say ‘vagina’?”
He really wasn’t trying to make her blush, but he wasn’t trying too hard not to either.


Ali finally dumped her backpack on the kitchen table and poured herself a glass of wine. It had been quite an eventful first day of school and all she really wanted was a long soak in the tub.
But before she did, she went to the computer and looked up sexting.
Some of the photos shocked her. Bare breasts, glistening vaginas. Women touching themselves. But she kept looking. She wondered how many women had sent similar pictures to Griff.
Then she wondered why the idea of it made her jealous.

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  1. haha! That was a fun little story and I can't wait to read more!! Oh god if I went back to school now I think the hardest part would be focusing on the school work and staying off social media sites... or fantasizing about the hott teachers ;) My email is! Thank you for participating!

  2. My biggest challenge would be maintaining a close relationship with my daughter while managing a job and keeping my grades up. Thanks for the chance!

  3. This was such a great story! Um...if I went back to school now I think the biggest challenge would be finding time to study and do homework. I'm not sure if I'd have time to sleep! Happy Summer Spanks!

  4. Haha, I loved that she looked around to see if anyone heard him say the word pussy. Ali sounds very sweet and I hope Griff can find a way to make her trust him!! I can't wait for tomorrow :)

  5. This was really cute! I love that she didn't know what sexting was! I'm looking forward to the release of this boxed set! I think the hardest thing about going back to school now would be keeping from airing all my dirty laundry on social media. I'm so grateful none of this was around when I was in school!

  6. I want to read more, can't wait for the boxed set to come out.

  7. Nice snippet, sounds interesting.

  8. He said pussy. Out loud. In a public place.
    I'm scandalized. :)

    The most difficult thing about going to school NOW would be tryng to get homework done. Should I do mine first or help the kids with theirs? ;)

  9. I can't wait to read this story!
    Good luck!
    As far as school? I would probably have the most difficulties with the technology. I am so slow in all of this stuff!

  10. Neat story. Something different. The hardest thing for me to return to school would be time.

  11. Loved snippet. Waiting to order book on The 6 th...
    The hardest thing about going back to school would be doing geometry once again. I am in 4th year Med School now and can't even imagine even going back to 2nd year med School much less High School.

  12. I loved your post! I am glad that I stopped by. =)

    I have been out of graduate school for four years. The difficulty would be trying to fit school while holding a full-time job and wanting time for myself. I would have to do a part-time online degree. Commuting would take me forever to get to a campus, let alone trying to pencil in the time to study!

  13. Ooh, I loved this Celeste! "Are you Amish or something" LoL. I think the biggest challenge going back to school for me would be getting into the habit of, and finding the time to research and complete assignments.


  14. This sounds like a great story cant wait to read it. I did go back to school in my few years ago in my mid 30's and it was not easy. I had a full time job and 2 kids in grade school. They were also involved in sports and my husband was against me returning to school. It was the hardest thing I did. My employer was very helpful and let me work around my school schedule. The hardest part was school work while transporting kids to cheer, football or baseball. I did graduate with a AAS in chemical technology after 3 very long years.

  15. Great premise for a book. I look forward to reading it. Without a doubt, going back to school now would be so hard just because I feel like I barely sleep now some days. I know I would start dropping some of the many balls I keep in the air so the time management would be the hardest part for me. I actually love school work though so that part doesn't scare me.
    Thanks for the great post.

  16. I really enjoyed this story Celeste! Griff was one sexy hero!

  17. Well it seems the educator to eliminate some of her innocence has begun in a big way. She has much to learn. thanks for sharing.

  18. Terrific story, I really enjoyed it - really want to read more.

  19. Great snippet, I can't wait to read more of all of these stories! I'm actually in school right now, the hardest thing is paying for it
    bluemascara22 at gmail dot com

  20. I think it's going to be a long fifteen weeks for Ali :)
    I really enjoyed the excerpt, Celeste.
    I did go back to school after I had kids - for one year to take my finals. It was bloody murder and mayhem because study comes bottom of a long list of immediate needs.

  21. If I did go back to school now, the hardest thing would be taking stats.

  22. No please don't make me go back to school, I've been out for 38 years already. Love the excerpt and can't wait to read the story and learn more. Just please, please don't make me go back. I graduated from high school and got married a few months later. I don't think I could keep up. Not only that, it would take away from my reading time. I've read (and reviewed) over 230 books already this year. You would be punishing me.

  23. I actually just finished my master's after 13 years of classes, I am ready to be done. The hardest part was staying focused on the required work.

  24. I thought sexting was just sexy messages not photos and videos as well. How much I have to learn! Going back to school hardest? Definitely homework!


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