Friday, July 19, 2013

#SatSpanks Regency Stress Relief

I'm going to be out of town this weekend with limited access to the internet. That means I probably won't visit all the other Saturday Spankings Blogs, so please pick up the slack for me and make the rounds of all the great spanking writers. Also, I probably won't respond to comments right away, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them.
This week we are spending more time with the characters from Lady Katherine's Comeuppance, a Regency spanking story that will be released August 14 by LazyDay Publishing.
Set up: After Thomas' unexpected arrival and intrusion on her dinner party, Lady Katherine has resorted to self-help to relieve her stress. When Thomas, whose bedroom adjoins hers, hears her moans, he assumes she is under attack and charges to the rescue. 
 Eyes closed in ecstasy, Katherine bit her lip in an effort to stifle the erotic sounds escaping her mouth. The pleasure her fingers created in her loins grew from warm to hot to steaming hot and she welcomed the climax building within her like a summer storm on the horizon.

Just as she was about to cross over to a place of utter rapture the covers of her bed were ripped away. As though she had been pelted with cold water, her eyes flew open and her mouth formed an astonished O as she looked up to see Thomas, her bedcovers in one hand, staring down at her. His face showing as much shock as she felt.

“So, this is how a proper English lady behaves?”

Although she had stopped pleasuring herself, her hands remained in place and to her amazement,  despite a lack of stimulation, her clit began to throb lustfully at the look of desire on Thomas’ face.

“Who said I am a proper English lady?” she replied and slowly began stroking herself again, well aware of his watchful gaze.
Blurb: The House of Winchester is set on its ear when Thomas, a distant cousin of the recently deceased earl, arrives to assume his role as Lord Winchester. In addition to an elegant London home and a luxurious country estate, Thomas "inherits" Lady Katherine, the widow of the former earl. Lady Katherine, herself the daughter of an earl, is horrified that a barbaric American will not only be the new lord of the manor, but also responsible for her future support and livelihood. Lady Katherine is determined to maintain her position in society and equally determined to ignore the brash American. That is, until their passions override their good judgment.

     When a scandal erupts and forces them to marry, Thomas uses both tenderness and discipline to prepare his wife to face society and regain her good name. Will this fine English Lady surrender to the American?


  1. The lady is brazen, I'll give her that. I think I would have screamed and yanked the covers back over me, but she's a cool one, so I admire her spunk. Great snippet, Celeste, and I look forward to reading the book when it becomes available.

  2. Simply shocking! I can't believe a proper English Lady would touch herself... down THERE!!!

    this is an awesome book!

  3. OOoh. Now I really can’t wait to see what he does about that little show of bravery :)

  4. Poor Lady Katherine, I know how she feels, I was really enjoying her pleasure until he so rudely interrupted it! And something tells me that his interruption won't be the only punishment she gets. I really have to buy this book.

  5. Now we're talking! Here are some fantasies from my youth coming right out at me. I will defiantly be buying this one.

  6. Loved it - every word, and with his eyes on her she continues the rapture here leaving this reader wanting so much more... ❉

  7. Oooh! Caught in the act. Love it:)

  8. Well, good on the gal! Rude American, barging in her room and flinging away her bedding. He may have the final "word" ;-) , but I suspect the lady will render him speechless more than once.

    Didn't ladies keep tiny daggers under their pillows for uninvited intruders? ;-)

  9. I love it! Yes, definitely brazen, as Kathryn said. I already love Regency, so I'm sure I'm gonna love this one, Celeste :)

  10. I'm shocked that she's so brazen...NOT! Fantastic snippet.

  11. This is so naughty! I love it, of course:)

  12. Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement. Sorry I didn't respond individually, but I'm trying to get caught up on things. So great to have you all stop by! xoxo


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