Thursday, December 26, 2013

Spanking Stories Book Club: Getting Ready For 2014

Can you believe it's the last Friday of 2013 already?

That means it's time to get ready for 2014. So fire up your eReaders and get ready for some good reads.

Friday, January 3---Winter Spanks Hop

Friday, January 10---- Swift Justice by Dinah McLeod. Discussion by Maddie Taylor.

Blurb: Twenty-nine years old and still without a husband, Maggie Swift does her best to be happy living on the family ranch. Now that her brothers are both married, however, she cannot help but feel she is being pushed out of her own home by her sisters-in-law… especially Libby. Her brother does his best to keep his bride in line—often with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom—but Maggie cannot seem to reconcile with the beautiful, feisty shopkeepers-daughter. 

She has all but resigned herself to miserable spinsterhood, until an absentminded stroll through town leaves her standing unexpectedly in front of a rough-looking saloon. It is there that she is confronted and scolded by the imposing, ruggedly-handsome Clayborn Callahan. Offered a ride with him, Maggie accepts, promising that she will not be missed for a few hours though she knows her brothers will be worried sick. 

When her lie is found out, Maggie discovers that her new suitor is more than ready to take her out back and make her cut a switch. In spite of her sore bottom, Maggie feels something for Clayborn that she has never felt for any man, and she is excited when he asks to come calling again. She wonders, though, if she can be the well-behaved woman he expects, or whether she will find herself over his knee more often than her pride and her tender bottom can handle. 

Friday, January 17---Marshal's Law by Maddie Taylor. Discussion by Dinah McLeod

BlurbWhen Janelle Prescott is thrown from her car as it careens off of a slippery road, she expects to wake up in a hospital. Instead, to her utter disbelief, she wakes up in a jail cell which looks like something from an old western movie set. It is there, hurt and alone, with no idea what happened or how she will get back home, that Janelle first meets Aaron Jackson. As she regains her wits, however, Janelle realizes that something is terribly amiss, and her worst fears are confirmed when she learns that Aaron is the marshal of Cheyenne County, Wyoming… and the year is 1878. 

When an injured, apparently addle-headed woman falls into his lap, Aaron takes it upon himself to keep her safe and nurse her back to health. Truth be told, he is instantly attracted to her despite her sharp tongue and her bizarre story—a story which he is quickly forced by the evidence to accept as genuine. After Aaron takes her under his wing and into his family’s home, the two clash frequently, but Aaron is more than ready to lay down the law… even if that means a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking for this feisty brat from another era. 

Having little choice, Janelle must learn how to live as a woman in 1878, including submitting to the firm-handed marshal who, in spite of everything, seems to have laid claim to her heart. 

Friday, January 24---A new release from Renee Rose. More info soon. 

A thistle is a prickly beautiful thing, dangerous when your skin is bare and soothing when seen on the Scottish hillsides. Astraea is beautiful and dangerous as well - dangerous to Cal Chesterfield's peace of mind. She's been a wild child for years, delving into things foreign to Cal's more conservative nature, but she appears to want to change. She needs to learn some self-respect and acknowledge that she's more than a pretty plaything. 

Cal wants to change, too. He's too staid, too conventional, and he's been a failure at making relationships work. It is time for Cal to step out of the square box he's built for himself and try something different, someone different. Astraea is a perfect change of pace. But can Cal really change and loosen up? More importantly, can Astraea calm down and find a way to love herself so she can love another?


  1. I'm definitely going to try to join the book club more often this year, Celeste. I'm always reading, I just never have my poop in a group so to say.. I've go it now. Or at least that's my resolution ;) we'll see how it goes.

    1. I'm not sure what that means, but it made me laugh. Hope you and your poop will join us.

  2. I'm more than ready and now thanks to Ana and Penelope Hasler, I have a gift certificate for $25.00. Yeah.

    1. Just in time with the gift certificate. Books do get pricey, don't they? I think these books are some good ones to consider.

  3. LOL, sorry to not have my full info yet. I will get it to you ASAP! Thanks for featuring me!!!!

    1. Sure. If you don't send something soon, I'll just make it up. :)

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  5. Yay, I've already read Swift Justice, so I'm ahead in my homework, LOL. Need to read the other two books though...good thing Santa brought me Kindle giftcards for Christmas:)


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