Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Naughty List Week Concludes with Saved by Renee Rose

What a fun time it's been with all the ladies from The Naughty List sharing personal Christmas stories as well as naughty excerpts from their books which make up this boxed set. I hope this week has put you all in the Christmas spirit, or at least in the mood for something..... 

Today, Renee Rose shares from her story, Saved.

Jack could not sink lower than working as a rent-a-cop at the department store during Christmas, but with the injury to his leg during his tour to Iraq, his preferred careers are closed to him. The only bright spot of the job is watching Melinda, the vivacious brunette behind the cosmetics counter. When she takes off after a shoplifter, needlessly endangering herself, he threatens a spanking and to his surprise, finds she is amenable to his punishment.
Enamored with the dominant but wounded warrior who comes to her rescue, Melinda lets Jack take her in hand, but finds herself repeatedly shut out emotionally. Not understanding it results from self-loathing over his injury rather than a lack of interest, she writes him off. But when real danger threatens, Jack steps in again.
Can he reveal his true feelings this time? And if so, will her submission to his discipline help him feel like a man again?
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This scene happens the day after Jack first spanked Melinda in the security office, but failed to ask her out afterward.

Melinda’s kick landed precisely on his titanium-plated bone, sending shards of pain shooting up his leg and down his foot. He ignored it, the agony of Melinda’s distress far outweighing it. He caught her around the waist before she reached the door, spinning her back to him and pushing her up against the wall, where he pinned her with his larger frame. He cupped her jaw, holding it so she could not look away.
“Melinda, it’s not like that. I’ve been dying to ask you out. I just--I didn’t do it yesterday because you wouldn’t look at me, and I thought maybe you were giving me the brush-off. Today when you looked mad, I realized I’d screwed up. I’m sorry. Truly. Will you go out with me? Please?”
She studied his face as if considering. Her eyes were big--chocolate brown with gold flecks, expertly made up, of course, without being overdone. She smelled sweet, like citrus or watermelon.
“You gotta cut me some slack,” he wheedled, “I haven’t dated much over the past ten years. I’ve been living with a bunch of soldiers and just hooking up with girls here and there at bars. I’m out of practice.”
She gave a wry smile. “What was your method there, grabbing them around the waist and throwing them up against the wall?”
He immediately relaxed his grip but did not release her jaw. “I’m sorry, did I scare you?”
“No, I kinda liked it,” she murmured.
He moved in closer. “I think I’m starting to get your number,” he said, leaning forward and tasting her glossy lips. They were soft and giving, answering back by parting and allowing his tongue entry. He licked into her mouth, tangling his lips over hers, invading her as his hand dragged down her throat.
When he pulled away, her eyes were shining. “Was that a yes?”
She shrugged. “You had me at the wall-pin.”
He chuckled and stepped back, ready to usher her to the door but his damn ankle was still in a spasm from her kick and he lurched, stumbling to catch himself. He swore inwardly. Nothing like a gimp leg to impress a girl.
“Oh God, did I do that? I kicked your bad leg didn’t I?”
He was about to snap it was nothing when he realized his opportunity. Trying to pivot as gracefully as he could, he raised one eyebrow. “Yes, you did. And you know, little girls who throw kicking tantrums get spanked,” he said firmly. “And it’s going to be a bare bottom spanking this time.”

Favorite Christmas Memory:

Children make Christmas very special--their excitement makes it joyful for everyone. Our first Christmas with our first baby was really beautiful. She was too little, of course, to care about presents, but not too little to enjoy crinkling the wrapping paper or trying to pull the ornaments off the tree. It was a beautiful day so that afternoon we dressed her in a little red onesy Santa suit (with the hat, of course) and went for a hike in a popular canyon. Many others had the same idea and everyone was in the Christmas spirit, greeting the baby and wishing us a Merry Christmas.

Hiking on Christmas? Ahh, to live in a warm climate. Thanks, Renee! 


  1. Awe. you made me think of my daughter enjoying her first Christmas. My hubby shopped for her by himself so I could be surprised, since she wouldn't care. LOL She had WAAAAAY too many presents for any six-month old. It was quite silly, and to look at the pictures now are other children give us a hard time and wonder why it has changed...

    I loved this scene! so glad it's the one you picked. I think I'm going to read the whole book again the couple days after Christmas when everything slows down....

    1. I know, the baby christmases are sooo sweet!! I was just watching old videos. Precious!

  2. I can't wait to dig into the Naughty List!!! Thanks Ladies!!

  3. I really enjoyed all of the stories! These are definitely worth reading!

  4. Celeste, thank you so much for hosting us this week-- you are the bombsauce.

  5. Sounds like such an awesome story. Happy Holidays to you Celeste and Renee!


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