Sunday, December 1, 2013

November New Release Round Up

Looking back on the month that was...a few new releases to share.

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Her Cowboy Knight by Johnna Maguire 

Gabby McGrath has spent her life travelling the country with her family and their Renaissance festival troop, and she has found
happiness and a sense of belonging among the other performers. At
twenty-eight, however, the one thing she has not found is a man to
call her own… until she takes a short-term job at Cooper Harris’ ranch
and her world is turned upside down.

From the moment Gabby sets foot on his property, Cooper can tell there
is something special about this feisty, beautiful girl. He’s sure
he’ll have his work cut out for him keeping her in line… and keeping
his hands off of her. His instincts are proven correct on her first
night at the ranch, when disobedience earns her a trip over his knee
for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Gabby doesn’t know what to make of Cooper. He is unlike any man she
has ever met, and though her embarrassing chastisement leaves her
furious, it also arouses her like nothing ever has before. Can she
tolerate his dominant personality, his strict rules, and his firm
discipline long enough to prove to him that she is not a silly,
helpless girl?  Even if she does, how will this brash cowboy fit in
with her unusual family? Will the unlikely couple be torn apart by
personality and circumstance, or can Gabby and Cooper make their story
a tale worthy of a ballad.

Sara White is outwardly a good girl; she follows the rules; works in a professional office; has a boyfriend who treats her with consideration. However, deep inside her, there’s a craving for pain, a desire to be spanked and whipped, to be submissive, to be controlled. 
One day, she walks into the House of Pain, a sex store in Toronto that also does shows in the back, where women are whipped and spanked in front of an audience. Transfixed by the idea, she signs up. 
Doug Patterson has met Sara at work, but discovers a whole new side of her when he sees her at the House of Pain. He approaches her and suggests Sara become his submissive. Sara is attracted to Doug; but afraid of complication. 
Will Sara surrender to Doug, and yield to her desire to be submissive? 
Contains BDSM, flogging, anal sex, and much more... 

And then there's this one---

She's back and she's in trouble. 

After a summer in the country Lady Katherine and her husband, Thomas, return to London to participate in all the festivities available to a Lord and his Lady. The scandal that forced them to marry is long forgotten and they are at the top of the social ladder. 

In addition to the pleasures of an active social life, Lady Katherine is thrilled to learn that the friend who abandoned her in her time of need, Lady Lorena Arnold, is now the subject of a salacious scandal. Katherine can hardly believe her good fortune when she observes Lady Arnold en route to a tryst. But, before she can share the juicy tidbit with the other ladies of the ton, her husband lays down the law: No Gossip. 
Will Katherine be able to keep her tale to herself? And if not, will her tail be at risk of a brisk spanking from the stern but loving Lord Winchester? 

Note: This book is a sequel to Lady Katherine's Comeuppance, but can be read on its own.

Further note: This book contains hot sex, erotic and disciplinary spankings.

If I've missed any other new releases this month, please feel free to add them in the comments. 


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