Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sue Lyndon's New Release: Daman's Ward

Sue Lyndon is here today to share a steamy excerpt from her newest release, Daman’s Ward.

In my brand spanking new release, Daman’s Ward, the heroine, Shana, is secretly in love with her guardian, Daman. In the book, she has just turned eighteen and she’s having a hard time staying out of trouble. To further complicate her feelings for her guardian, he starts spanking her for misbehaving. Determined to make him see her as an adult and more than his ward, she fashions a new dress with a low neckline in hopes of getting his attention. In the following scene, she’s succeeded in gaining his attention, but the outcome isn’t quite what she hoped…

“Look at me, Shana.”

His stern voice pulled her gaze to his, and she wrapped her arms around her body as she stared up at him. She tried desperately to utter a proper apology, but her words weren’t intelligible. Her throat constricted and her mouth went dry, and she concentrated on taking deep breaths to calm her racing heart.

Uncle Daman’s dark eyes burned into her with a fierce, penetrating gaze. She wished she still had the shawl on so she could hide the swell of her breasts from his scrutiny. Two whole inches off the neckline? What had she been thinking? Oh right, she’d been thinking about seduction and love and other silly things that apparently Uncle Daman wasn’t interested in. At least not with her. The anger shielding her heart cracked, leaving her vulnerable and forlorn.

“Unbutton the front of your dress,” he said, not blinking once. “Don’t think, Shana, just do it. Now, or this will go even worse for you.”

Her fingers shook as she worked the buttons down to her stomach, careful not to let the fabric fall away to reveal her chemise underneath. It dipped lower than the neckline of the dress, and its white sheerness made it nearly see through. Her nipples decided on that moment to tighten, as if conspiring to give her more to worry about. Surely her firm tight peaks would be clearly visible through the chemise.

“Good girl. Now since you disobeyed me in the kitchen, I’m going to dress you every day for a week. I’ll pick out your clothing to make sure you don’t try to wear anything as revealing as this dress, and any argument from you will result in a spanking. Just like before. Bare bottom with you bent over the desk in my study.” He stepped closer and parted the front of her dress, slipping it over her shoulders and pushing it down past her hips, until it pooled beneath her and she stood in nothing but her in thin chemise and a pair of equally flimsy undergarments.

Shana has never given her guardian, Uncle Daman, a bit of trouble . . . that is until she turns eighteen and decides she’s an adult and can therefore do as she pleases. After getting caught drinking and transporting illegal alcohol, the council in Jackson Settlement lock Shana and her friends up. Uncle Daman comes to her rescue, but she soon discovers she hasn’t escaped punishment entirely. He gives her a spanking – her first spanking ever. He also insists turning eighteen doesn’t change a thing. She’s still his ward, and she’ll remain subject to his discipline as long as she lives under his roof.

Daman is shocked by Shana’s sudden rebellious behavior, and he’s determined to curb it by whatever means necessary. One spanking isn’t enough, and his little niece soon finds herself back in his study, bent over his desk with her bottom bared for another lesson. Daman disciplines her with love, and as time passes, he realizes his feelings for her have changed drastically. White hot jealousy consumes him at the thought of another man taking her away, and now he’s reluctant to set up a marriage match for her even though she’s come of age. She’s his niece by marriage, not by blood, and he wonders if she could ever see him as more than her strict uncle.

Now that she’s come of age, Shana worries she’ll have to take a husband soon. But she doesn’t want to leave Uncle Daman. Not ever. She loves him, though she worries he will forever see her as a child and as his ward. Neither of them are ready to confess their true feelings, but will a little honesty be enough to repair their changing relationship?
Note: Daman’s Ward is the prequel to Shana’s Guardian, however both stories can be read as standalones.

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