Sunday, January 26, 2014

We Can Do It! Mary Wehr Shows Us How To Get It Done

Say hello to Mary Wehr who is here to share her secrets to writing success.

Celeste Jones: Are you a full time or part time writer?

Mary Wehr:  I’m a part time writer, Celeste.

Celeste Jones:  What other responsibilities do you have to juggle along with writing? Children? Aging parents? Exercise? A disturbing number of pets? Critiquing for other writers?

Mary Wehr:  I do a daily exercise routine, then it’s the usual housework. I have two pets and lots of critters outside that I feed. I’m an avid animal lover so my yard is usually full of birds, chipmunks and squirrels. Deer visit toJ

Celeste Jones: Do you have a set schedule for when you write? If so, what is it?

Mary Wehr:  This may sound weird, but my best time to write is in the evening and during winter. In the warmer months I spend a lot of time outdoors.

Celeste Jones: Do you have particular productivity goals for each day or week or just go for it?

Mary Wehr: Since I’m a part time writer, I just go for it. I’d like to set a goal, but sometimes family things interfere and I can’t keep to the schedule.

Celeste Jones: What is a typical day (if such a thing exists) like for you?

Mary Wehr: Seeing my husband off to work and taking care of the house. My mother doesn’t drive so I pitch in and take her where she needs to go if one of my four brothers are busy.

Celeste Jones:  Do you work on more than one manuscript at a time?

Mary Wehr:  I have three WIP’s started, but I like to complete one before I bury myself in another.  If I have an idea that’s about my other stories I make sure I type it or write it down as soon as possible because if I don’t I know I’ll forget.

Celeste Jones: Do you use any special writing programs like Write or Die?

Mary Wehr: No writing programs for me at this point, but it’s certainly something to look into.

Celeste Jones: What about promotion? Do you have particular time when you visit blogs or use other social media? How do you monitor your time?

Mary Wehr:  I do try to visit blogs and join in some weekly blog hops that I enjoy with my group, Spanking Fiction. I’ll post the blurb and links to my books, maybe once or twice a week and promo post on WTRAFSOG (What to Read after Fifty Shades of Gray) and Korner Kafe Exposed once a month. They’re two sites on facebook that help authors promote their books.

Celeste Jones: What about your blog? Do you have a set schedule  or just blog when the mood strikes you?

Mary Wehr: *sigh* I’m not a blogger. I’ll post once in a while or when I’m in a blog hop. I like to promote my fellow authors and their books.

Celeste Jones: What tips or pointers do you have to share to help others be more productive?

Mary Wehr:  Writing is a lifelong learning process. You need to keep writing in order to perfect your style. The more you write, the better you get at it, even if it’s a few lines a day. I’m guilty of not writing in the warmer months as I stated earlier. If I needed to depend on my books for an income, then I’d have to write 24 hours a day. lol.

Celeste Jones: What books are you working on now? What are your goals for 2014?

Mary Wehr:  I have three that I’m working on.  The first two are working titles ‘Just Right for Me’ is almost finished and “Wild Heart’ is finished in my head I just need to get it typed…lol. The last one isn’t titled yet. My goals in 2014 is to make sure to enjoy the writing process and not get so frustrated when I have the dreaded ‘writer’s block’.

Celeste Jones: Anything else you’d like to share?

Mary Wehr: I don’t have anything else to share at the moment, but I’d like to thank all of our readers for their support and reviews.


Her Heart’s Desire
Will the shame of her mother’s betrayal prevent Sara from having her heart’s desire?
Sara Martin spent her life longing for two things—less responsibility and the boy next door. When Cade Dalton finally noticed her, she was thrilled. But when he suggested a threesome with his brother, she knew the rumors she’d heard were true—Cade and Reese Dalton shared women, something Sara despised. Her mother had chosen a life of sordid sex with two men over her marriage, leaving a broken ten-year-old girl behind. No way was Sara going down that road. She was happy to comply with Cade’s dominant tendencies, but she would not stand for any “sharing” in the relationship.
To her surprise, Cade agreed to give up his lifestyle in order to be with her. He swore to never again bring up the idea of a threesome, insisting that having Sara as his wife—and the Head of Household arrangement they’d come to—was more than enough to make him happy. 
But six months into the marriage Sara’s brother-in-law was beginning to look mighty fine. She regretted passing on the chance to be between the two sexy Dalton brothers, but after her violent reaction to Cade’s suggestion she was too ashamed to admit she had changed her mind. And too ashamed to admit she wanted the same sordid lifestyle her mother had chosen.  
Content Warning: strong language, spanking, and graphic sex, including anal sex






  1. I enjoyed reading your answers Mary. I love that you're an animal lover. I'm the opposite of you, I do most of my writing in the summer when I'm off work. But I sometimes look up and realize that I really should be outdoors.

  2. 'Writing is a lifelong learning process' - so true and important to remember.
    thanks for sharing Mary.


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