Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Can Do It! Jade Cary's Secrets To Productivity

I'm happy to have Jade Cary here today to share a bit about her writing life with us. Welcome Jade!

 Celeste Jones: Are you a full time or part time writer?

 Jade Cary: Part Time 

Celeste Jones:  What other responsibilities do you have to juggle along with writing? Children? Aging parents? Exercise? A disturbing number of pets? Critiquing for other writers? 

Jade Cary  I’m married with two kids, one college age and one in middle school. They both play baseball and when we’re not at a weekend tournament for the younger one, we’re watching the older one at college out of state. All of that and just keeping up with family, trying not to neglect myself or friends, and that leaves little time for writing.

Celeste Jones: Do you have a set schedule for when you write? If so, what is it? 

Jade Cary:  I try to write from 8-3pm when I don’t have scheduled appointments (three times a week) that interrupt the flow. I tend not to begin if I know I’ll have frequent interruptions.

Celeste Jones: Do you have particular productivity goals for each day or week or just go for it? 

Jade Cary:  I go for it, and I’m grateful for every word I get out of myself. I find that pressuring myself to do a set amount is counterproductive.

Celeste Jones: What is a typical day (if such a thing exists) like for you? 

Jade Cary: Wake at 6, make breakfast for my son(s), take the younger one to school, go to the gym or walk, see personal trainer (3 times a week). On days when I don’t see the trainer I sit and write. Once my younger one gets home I generally don’t write anymore, but instead do things that don’t require as much concentration, like catch up on emails or phone calls. Make dinner, spend time with kids and The Ol Man, then get the little one to bed. Whew.

Celeste Jones:  Do you work on more than one manuscript at a time?

Jade Cary:  Yes, I often do.

Celeste Jones: Do you use any special writing programs like Write or Die? 

Jade Cary:  No. Don’t need the pressure.

Celeste Jones: What about promotion? Do you have particular time when you visit blogs or use other social media? How do you monitor your time?

Jade Cary:  I get on Facebook every day and mostly read, and I do some promoting. I don’t like it and I’m not particularly good at it.

Celeste Jones: What about your blog? Do you have a set schedule  or just blog when the mood strikes you? 

Jade Cary:  I blog when I have something interesting to say, hence the echo.

Celeste Jones: What tips or pointers do you have to share to help others be more productive?  

Jade Cary: Do what you can and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s supposed to be fun and it should not land you in divorce court. Pay attention to the important things while you write the next great novel. You can do both, and do it well, just perhaps not on another’s timetable. Acknowledge that and be strong in your priorities.

Celeste Jones: What books are you working on now? What are your goals for 2014? 

Jade Cary:  I am working on the sequel to The Point of it All, and I am going to start the third book in a series I’m writing under another name. I might also spiff up one I’ve been working on and get that out.

Celeste Jones: Anything else you’d like to share? 

Jade Cary: Unless this writing gig is putting food on the table for you and your family, don’t stress. Have fun with it but don’t lose sight of life.

Hook Up With Jade Cary! 

This is the city.

Murder and violence is all in a day’s work for Lieutenant Vincent Girardi. But there is something about this murder that doesn’t add up. When a piece of paper with an address written on it is found at the crime scene, Vince believes that perhaps this victim wasn’t the intended target.

Dr. Rowan Delaney is biding her time. In less than a week she will give testimony that will rid her of a painful past once and for all, and grant her and her two children the freedom she has been seeking for years. When Lieutenant Vincent Girardi and his partner show up at her door to question her about the murdered woman across the street, and then suggest that she may have been the intended target, she refuses all help or protection, intending to fulfill her obligation in front of the Grand Jury without interference from anyone—including the handsome cop darkening her doorstep.

But the Lieutenant has other plans. He is convinced the pretty doctor was the intended victim, and he is determined to find out why, starting with Rowan’s absentee husband, head of a notorious drug cartel. Vince is determined to see the woman and her children safe; Rowan is determined to start her life over—after her testimony.

Can Vince protect her without his feelings for her getting in the way? And can Rowan accept his care, along with a heavy dose of hubris and alpha dominance, without losing herself in the process?

And will their growing love be enough to save them from the evil that will not take no for an answer?


  1. Good tips for writers with kids at home.

  2. It's refreshing to see someone else take their time between books. Sometimes I stress out, thinking I ought to have another one out by now. Good luck in your writing!

    1. Yeah, Angie. Don't put that kind of pressure on yourself. YOU shouldn't have more books out because others do. You do what you can.

  3. That's a good point, Angie. Sometimes when I see writers who are publishing every few weeks, it makes me feel like I'm way behind and that's never a very helpful feeling.

  4. Thanks for having me, Celeste. The best advice is stay true to yourself and your capabilities. It doesn't matter what others do. I don't answer to them, I answer to myself and my publisher.

  5. If you haven't read 'Bella Rosa' yet, do it! You won't be disappointed. Love the book, it had it all, murder and mayhem, suspense, romance, hot sex and spanking. A real page turner for sure.

  6. I love hearing how other are doing this writing thing! And I so agree about remembering to enjoy what we're doing. Sometimes it can overwhelm.


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